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Assistant driver: training, duties and functions

You decided to become an assistant in the futurethe driver or the machinist? Then this article is for you. Here is given exhaustive information about who is taking in this field, what kinds of rolling stock are.

Assistant Driver Training
We will discuss the main points concerning the profession of "Assistant Engineer":

  • training;
  • professional selection;
  • medical examination;
  • types of locomotives;
  • field of activity;
  • duties;
  • errors;
  • average salary;
  • schedule.

Let us dwell on each point and consider everything in detail. But still, let's start with what kind of profession and take you.

Medical commission

Why did we suddenly decide to start with her?But because it will be so: first you will be sent to the clinic for its passage. Below, we cite the most common diseases, because of which, unfortunately, the assistant does not take the machinist. A couple of years ago, an assistant driver worked training in a railway college. Currently, the education system is completely different. But already then, before the young man passed the entrance examinations, he passed a medical commission. Currently, almost in any depot of the newly arranged future assistant, the driver is sent to the polyclinic. So, what are the main doctors? Let's enumerate:

  • therapist;
  • ENT;
  • oculist;
  • cardiologist;
  • neurologist;
  • surgeon.

Not all specialists are listed. In addition, you will be sent to the regional polyclinic for a card, to a psycho-neurological and narcological dispensary. It is very important that you do not register there.

training for assistant engineer

The therapist listens to you, asks if there are any complaintson anything. Next, you measure blood pressure. It should be normal. Do not take any medication at all in order to feign a good condition. Remember that accidents with transport workers happen precisely for this reason: silence about the disease.

In Laura, you will have to check your ears, nose, throat,mouth. A slightly lowered hearing on one ear is already the basis for writing in conclusion: "Not good". Therefore, if you have problems in this area or at least a regular ringing in your ears, you will not be missed as assistant drivers.

Your eyesight should be one hundred percent.There should be no deviations in color perception. The oculist very carefully checks your eyes. If you wear contact lenses or laser correction, then you can not hide it. In any way, you will not pass medical examination.

The cardiologist should see only the ideal cardiometry on the ECG without any deviations.

The surgeon examines you to make sure that you have all the limbs and there are no abnormalities in the posture. Coordination of movements is also important.


Congratulations, if you passed the medical commission!Do you think that now you can count on the future position of "Assistant Engineer"? Training is not for you tomorrow, believe me. You still need to pass a professional selection. If you have successfully passed all the doctors, then the psychologist, unfortunately, can lose.

Assistant train driver

You will be imprisoned for a monitor, you have to find the point just appeared on the screen with dexterity. If you have a great reaction and increased attention, then you will succeed, it is important not to be distracted.

You may have to go through other types of testing. Everything depends on the company: Metro or Railways. And also a big role is played by the kind of locomotive.

Field of activity

Choose in advance where you want to work:in the metro or on the railway. Although it is planned in the near future on the Moscow metro to completely abandon the work in two persons, that is, do not need an assistant driver. Training is currently conducted with a bias, that you will then work only as a machinist. In other subways, perhaps, while working in two persons, but not everywhere.

On the railroad, on the contrary, both are required. Assistant driver of an electric train RZD training takes place in the training and production center and directly from the driver, to which it is fixed.

Types of locomotives, electric trains and features of training

In the subway there are electric trains, locomotives and trolley (household trains). On whom you learn, choose yourself. You need to contact the electric depot, which is closest to your home.

 training assistant electric train driver

There are more locomotives on RZD:

  • motor-car rolling stock (commuter trains);
  • electric locomotive (passenger or freight);
  • locomotive (passenger, cargo, main / shunting);
  • economic trains and recovery equipment.

Practically at all (except for shunting) work is conducted in two persons.

Electric train

Training assistant electric train drivertakes about 3-4 months. During this time, he must learn all the basics concerning duties, the structure of wagons, learn about possible failures and how to determine them.

Electric locomotive

Do not want to work on trains, you moreattract electric locomotive? Then you need to go not to the motorcar (locomotive) depot, but to the electric depot. Training assistant electric locomotive driver is much easier. It is worth noting that many railway universities and technical schools for summer practice send students (volunteers) to work for RZhD. Time will be spent only on the passage of medical commission. Then, if you go through it (and the psychologist too), you are put an understudy. That is, there will be three of you in the cab: the machinist, the assistant to the machinist and you. Your task is to observe, ask questions about the topic, learn. If you successfully pass the exam / test to the instructor, then you are allowed to work.


Approximately the same system of training on the locomotive.But I want to warn you that it is much more harmful to work with such a kind of locomotive, as there is an emission from diesel fuel into the atmosphere. Many heat-carriers, who have worked for a dozen years, suffer from diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Assistant driver locomotive training passes in the same way as an electrician.

Duties and mistakes

It does not matter what kind of locomotive you chose, the subway or RZD, you have to learn the three most important books:

  • PTE (rules of technical operation).
  • ISI (signaling instruction).
  • IDP (instruction on the movement of trains and shunting work).
     assistant locomotive driver

You can ask any question from these books. Therefore, on the first day of work, purchase them and start reading, studying. In principle, training for an assistant driver (RZD) is reduced to three tasks:

  • treasured books: PTE, ISI, PID;
  • Basics on the device and repair of the locomotive (including the coupler and the disengager);
  • attentiveness.

Your task while the train is moving is to monitorfree path, traffic lights, speed. You have to control the actions of the driver, including checking: does it exceed the speed where you do not need to do this. In emergency situations, the assistant must disengage the stopcock if the driver does not take any action.

Errors of the assistants to the machinists:Russian "maybe" and "nothing will happen." Unfortunately, due to the distraction of the locomotive crews on RZD, major accidents occur. Often, the duty switchman mistakenly translate the arrows not along the route. Assistant's task: to watch how the arrow is located.

Salary and work schedule

The average salary of an assistant driver at RZD is about 20,000 rubles. Everything will depend on the region, length of service. On the Moscow road, payment is much higher.

training of electric locomotive driver assistant

As for the schedule, the mainline machinistsand helpers do not have a stable. They are given a regulated interchange interval (from 16 hours), as well as a monthly clock rate. When will be called the next time, the locomotive team may not know. Therefore, if you are a free man in all senses, then safely choose this profession. It is worth recalling: the assistant to the driver of the electric train of RZhD, the training takes place in the training center, and he receives a scholarship.

Here we are with you and studied the profession of assistant driver, reviewed all the nuances. And you can only answer yourself to the questions: do I have good health and do I have a desire?