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Obstetrician-gynecologist: description of profession, job duties

Obstetrician is a specialist who observesThe state of health of a woman during pregnancy and participates in taking birth. In medicine, this profession is divided into two types: an obstetrician with a secondary special education and an obstetrician-gynecologist with a higher education. The duties of an obstetrician include caring for newborn children and providing patients with moral support. The gynecologist-obstetrician performs surgical surgeries, supervises the process of birth, imposes stitches on the parturient woman.

The history of the profession

Newborns in the hospital

In ancient writings, scientists found references toon the processes of the birth of children, as well as the actions of healers at the time of delivery. Until the XIII century, this process was not studied in detail by medical personnel. Only Hippocrates first studied this process in detail, devoting a whole section to it in his book.

Over time, midwifery is almost notwas studied. During the Middle Ages, when almost all areas of science were subordinate to the church, any attempts to treat people ended in bad shape. The ancient healers were burned at the stake, calling them the ministers of the devil. As assistants for delivery, midwives, who acted incompetently, led to various injuries and even to the death of the mother and baby.

For many years, the role of obstetrician was performed by women,however, in Ancient Greece, births were received by men. For the first time, books describing the profession of the obstetrician-gynecologist were published in the 16th century, when this specialty in Europe was recognized as an important and necessary industry. At that time, the first teaching aids with drawings were created. It was at this time that the profession of an obstetrician became a separate component of medicine and later began to develop actively. In modern times, labor activity has been studied in full, medicine has made considerable progress in this field.

The newest technologies and knowledge of doctors made birthas safe as for the woman in labor, and for newborn children. Profession obstetrician-gynecologist became popular and very respected in society, as these specialists help to appear to a new person, and also greatly alleviate the torment of a pregnant woman during childbirth.

Description of profession

The work of an obstetrician-gynecologist is considered one of thethe most difficult in medicine. Despite a limited range of activities, the doctor is constantly confronted with potentially dangerous processes. Specialists in this field can choose to work in two areas:

  1. Obstetrician (average medical worker).To work in this position, you need to graduate from a medical college. The duties of the obstetrician include the psychological and physical preparation of the pregnant woman for childbirth. Also, the health worker must accept the newborn baby, while the doctor performs other work during the delivery.
  2. Obstetrician-gynecologist is a specialist with highermedical education. This specialist is obliged to know not only the physiology of the woman and the fetus, but also all possible pathologies and complications arising during the child's bearing, as well as during childbirth. The specialist monitors the health status of the woman who carries the baby, monitors the development of the fetus. The range of duties of the medical worker includes the provision of timely and qualified assistance during the toxemia of the future mother, the management of labor, the implementation of procedures for the successful completion of the birth of the baby. If necessary, the obstetrician-gynecologist conducts surgical operations.


A doctor as an obstetrician-gynecologist can become both women and men

In order to become an expert in the field of obstetrics, the entrant must choose one of the following specializations:

  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • obstetrics (secondary specialized education);
  • medical case.

All the above-listed specialties will make it possible to successfully find a place in the hospital, where later students will participate in the emergence of a new life.

Choice of educational institution

In order to master your favorite specialization, you must choose one of the universities or colleges. The most famous in our country are:

  • North-Eastern University named after Amosov;
  • Roslavl Medical College;
  • State Medical Institute in Moscow;
  • Kabardino-Balkarian University named after Berbekov;
  • Medical College № 2 of the Department of Health of Moscow.

In each region of the Russian Federation there are higher or secondary educational institutions in which you can find the corresponding faculty.


Many applicants wonder:"What are the pros and cons of the profession of obstetrician-gynecologist?". The work of a doctor in the hospital is very difficult. When choosing such a direction of activity, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to work on a shift schedule day and night, sometimes you have to stay at work, because the birth lasts for several hours. The duties of the obstetrician-gynecologist include:

  1. Daily routine examination of pregnant women and alreadygiving birth to women. Checking the pressure, the presence of edema, temperature, weighing, gauging, examination of the uterus, checking her tone. Also the specialist should check the fetal heartbeat.
  2. Dopplerography.
  3. Treatment of the patient according to the analysis.
  4. Preparation for childbirth, which includes an examination of a woman, her psychological preparation.
  5. Constant monitoring of the status of the parturient woman and infant just prior to taking delivery, monitoring the intensity of fights and their frequency.
  6. Reception of childbirth.
  7. Verification of the integrity of the placenta after delivery.
  8. Surgical intervention in complicating labor.
  9. Performing a number of procedures during childbirth, for example turning the fetus, applying techniques to squeeze out the baby.
  10. Pressing the uterus to reduce it.
  11. Stitching.
  12. Administration of medicines.

In addition to the duties listed above, the doctor who works in the ward of the hospital also performs other procedures and operations. A high category doctor is entrusted with conducting premature and pathological births.

Requirements for the position

Obstetrician-gynecologist talking with patient

The main criterion for a successful doctor's workobstetrician-gynecologist in the maternity hospital is a high stress resistance, because the mother and her child are experiencing severe anguish and stress. The result of birth can not be foreseen in advance. It is important for a specialist to apply his skills quickly and competently, since the life of his patients depends on this.

The doctor should also have the following characteristics:

  • good physical shape and hardness of hands, because he needs to accept the fragile body of a newborn;
  • be confident in yourself, since the health of mother and baby depends on the correctness of its decision;
  • The obstetrician-gynecologist should always be attentive during his work.

To successfully heal, the employee in the hospitalit is necessary not only to have an ideal knowledge of the female body, the skills of timely detection and treatment of dangerous diseases, but also be able to take delivery. The doctor in the maternity ward needs to perform several other functions at once, embodying in his face an operating, ward and nursery nurse, a pediatrician and even a psychologist.

The duties of the obstetrician-gynecologist include working withmodern medical equipment, as well as an expert must understand a large number of names of medicines. In addition, he often has to examine the body of patients in case of their complaints, and in urgent cases provide urgent medical assistance for saving the mother and baby.

What diseases the gynecologist treats

The official duties of an obstetrician-gynecologist include treatment of women with the following problems:

  • ovarian cyst;
  • salpingitis;
  • uterine myoma;
  • infections transmitted through the genitals, for example chlamydia or mycoplasmosis;
  • endometriosis.

The profession of obstetrician-gynecologist includes the control of such organs as the fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, labia, ovaries, and also the vagina.

The doctor conducts a series of examinations to identify problems in time and make a decision about the patient's treatment, namely:

  1. Diagnosis of the thyroid gland.
  2. Blood chemistry.
  3. Immunological and genetic screening.
  4. Tests for the presence of infections in the body.
  5. General collection of blood and urine for analysis of patient health.
  6. Examination of the body of the future mother on the hormones.
  7. Analyzes that detect the presence of antibodies in a person’s blood are fighting against pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  8. Conducting computer diagnostics (MRI).

When to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist

Newborn baby in a special chamber that protects it from infections and other negative factors

It is no secret that ladies from time to time should visit a specialist in the field of women's health. Consider a number of factors for which you should immediately make an appointment to the clinic:

  1. Monthly absent for more than three months in a row in the absence of sexual intercourse with a man.
  2. Abundant discharge of blood during menstruation, or in the event that menstruation lasts more than 10 days.
  3. The menstrual cycle is delayed during normal sex life.
  4. The period of menstruation is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen.
  5. Roughness or scuffing appeared in the intimate area.

The role of the doctor in planning a child

The profession of obstetrician-gynecologist impliespreparing the mother's body for conception, treatment of infertility and much more. After the young family has decided to have a baby, it is necessary to prepare the conditions for the normal conception and development of the baby in the womb. A specialist needs to write out a referral to a future woman to visit several specialists to assess general health, and both young parents need to pass a series of tests, including blood and urine collection, to be examined by a therapist. A woman who dreams of a child needs to check the condition of her teeth, larynx and vision.

After all the doctors examined the man anda woman, they need to cure all diseases, if they were discovered, since it is undesirable for a woman to take medication during pregnancy. In addition, some diseases affect the conception and development of the fetus.

Whether the work of the doctor is in demand

Happy mom and her newborn baby

The profession of an obstetrician-gynecologist is veryclaimed. In maternity homes are always ready to accept new employees. In private and public medical institutions there is a strong shortage of doctors for childbirth. Experienced specialists are ready to train interns with all their skills and abilities in assisting women in labor.


Remuneration of an obstetrician-gynecologist directly dependsfrom the level of qualification of the doctor. The average salary in Russia is about 40-50 thousand rubles. If you work in large cities, the salaries of specialists are much higher than the national average. Also experienced doctors with experience are valued in private clinics, where they are offered comfortable conditions and a good salary.

Employment Challenges

An obstetrician-gynecologist helps the family prepare for conceiving a child.

После успешного завершения обучения в вузе и obtaining a diploma, young specialists almost always work by profession in medical institutions. In the process of learning the applicant must have an internship. Already in the course of its conduct, the future doctor can prove himself and his character, which will subsequently help him to get a vacant position.

To get a private medicalinstitution needs experience and advice from hospital management. During the interview the specialist is assessed by several criteria at once. At the most attractive places take only the best specialists in their field.


Working in the medical field, getting promoted is not easy. After all the advanced training exams have been passed, the specialist is awarded the title of “obstetrician-gynecologist of category 3”.

Subsequently, the doctor may be promoted to the second,first and highest category. If the specialist manifests himself as a talented leader, there is a chance that he will be promoted to the head of the department, and even to the position of the head doctor of the hospital. Some talented doctors are accepted to work in the Ministry of Health.

Job perspective

Despite the weight of official dutiesObstetricians and gynecologists, their activity is quite attractive and promising, because it opens up many opportunities for development for a specialist in this field. Getting a higher medical education turns you into a leading specialist, which allows you to conduct private practice.

Working conditions

In maternity homes and antenatal clinics, work schedules are shifted, however, the future physician must be prepared to often stay at work during the onset of urgent matters and difficult deliveries.

Doctors Responsibility

A pregnant woman before giving birth should be monitored by a gynecologist.

The obstetrician-gynecologist of the hospital carries a largeresponsibility in the case of making an independent decision during the execution of complex operations and other medical manipulations. If the fact of unlawful or erroneous actions of medical personnel, as well as their inaction, as a result of which the patient died, is proved, the specialists are responsible to the law of the Russian Federation.

Advanced Training Program

Чтобы подняться по карьерной лестнице на the position of obstetrician-gynecologist specialist to periodically improve their skills. To do this, you need to be trained in special courses, which usually last several weeks. After successfully passing the exams, a qualified doctor is given a certificate confirming his right to provide medical care to patients in need.