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A programmer is what kind of profession? Learn how to become a programmer

Absolutely every profession has its ownnuances and characteristics. What can you say about such a specialty as a programmer? This is a rather complex profession, which is characterized by secrets and mysteries. And I should elaborate on this specialty.

Historical facts you need to know about

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Naturally, very few people like to listen to storiesoccurrence of something. Facts and morals can put any person to sleep. However, do not put aside some interesting notes. What gave rise to the emergence of such a profession as a programmer? This is the first programming device. Jacquard loom was designed in 1804. As a developer, Joseph Marie Jacquard spoke. And this invention became revolutionary in the industrial sphere, because in those days simple weavers reigned. Due to this cunning equipment, it became possible to change the patterns on the material.

But even then, it might not have appearedsuch a specialty as a programmer. This, of course, could be, if not for Charles Babbage. He followed in the footsteps of other inventors and designed an analytical machine with which to make calculations. And, despite the fact that Charles acted as a developer, he did not manage to build his revolutionary device.

Who else has made a significant contribution to the emergence ofsuch a profession as a programmer? It was Byron. But he influenced not exactly in the direction that one might think about when reading this review. The poet simply raised a talented daughter. And it was she, the Countess of Ada August Lovelace, who became the first person to write the program. It happened in 1843. The first software allowed solving the Bernoulli equation. It was this woman who became the first programmer. Her name was the programming language for computer technology.

Programmer - what is this profession? Answering this question, it should be noted that the first computer was developed in 1941. As its creator, the German Conrad Zuse spoke.

At the present stage, very often you can hear aboutsuch specialty as a programmer. What is this profession? Covering this issue, it should be noted that this is the most demanded and highly paid line of business. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a large number of people seek to learn the secrets of the profession.

The main points related to programming

programmer what is this profession

As in any other case, the specialtyThe "programmer" is characterized not only by advantages, but also by negative sides. It is necessary to consider in more detail pros and cons. Among the most important advantages are the high demand and high income. But this has already been said. In addition, the profession is in the category of prestigious. The person who has mastered the basics of programming receives a wide range of activities. And this opportunity is granted to him not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

However, it should be understood that to datethere is very much competition. And if you want to learn such a specialty, like, for example, a software engineer - this will require a lot of effort from you. Otherwise, you can not find a good job with high wages. You have to know your business perfectly.

In many situations, this profession hassuch a distinctive feature as laboriousness. It will take a lot of time to sit at the computer. In addition, if you want to know how to become an excellent programmer, you will have to learn very long and a lot. And it should be noted that it is quite difficult to enter the relevant university today.

What will you need to face in order to enterTo study, for example, on the specialty of a system programmer? This is primarily a difficult exam. The future student must pass the physics or computer science, mathematics and the Russian language. In higher education institutions can take not only on the same results of the USE. Those wishing to study in this specialty can wait and internal examinations. In addition, you need to know the English language well.

You can learn differently

The uniqueness of the profession is thatIt is possible to comprehend it not only when teaching in educational institutions. You can also learn the basics of programming on your own. To do this, it is necessary to purchase professional books, find the appropriate network resources, take care of purchasing training programs.

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However, the most optimal solution will be to searchmentor who could give you his experience and teach programming. Find a similar professional is not so difficult for today. Everything will depend on desires.

What is the meaning of the profession?

And yet, who is a programmer-developer?This person is engaged in the design and implementation of program code, standard and standard tools. Specialists of this profession can be conditionally divided into several categories: system, application programmers, testers, technical support specialists.

What qualities should a person have?

To understand the basics of such a specialty as a programmer, you need to have some personal qualities. They are as follows:

  1. Love of computer science.
  2. Presence of a technical warehouse of mind.
  3. Attentiveness and concentration.
  4. Ability to solve complex technical problems.

In addition, the person should be:

  1. Patient and persevering.
  2. Purposeful and responsible.
  3. He must be able to make decisions and defend his own opinion.

If you have problems with vision and the locomotor apparatus, then it's better to forget about such a profession as a programmer. Also, contraindications are complications in the nervous system.

What do technicians and engineers do?

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What can be said about such a specialty asTechnician-programmer? This is a person who uses already developed software. He uses them to achieve certain tasks. It should be noted immediately that the programmer can also do his own work. However, he is quite capable of becoming the head of large-scale projects. Its main task is to develop software. Practically this is what a software engineer does. This is a person who writes software for computer technology.

What are the directions in programming you need to know?

There are other directions in this specialty. They should also be considered in more detail, since they can influence the choice of a certain field of activity.

A system programmer is a person whois engaged in operation, maintenance of system software. He can also write individual, auxiliary modules, with which the work of the main software shell will be improved.

The programmer-analyst is a specialist whose activities combine such areas as programming and analytics.

To date, it is very often possible to encounterwith an application programmer. In the presence of high qualification, he is able to be a professional in the subject area, which is firmly connected with the programs written by him. So who is this application programmer? This person is engaged in the development and debugging of application software.

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There are a few other signs that you can identify a particular specialist. In the field of writing programs you can meet:

  1. Leading programmer. This is the person who manages the writing of software. He also participates in the development of individual modules.
  2. Local programmer. A person who is a staff of employees working in a certain data center.
  3. PHP-programmer.This is a person who develops websites. Using a language such as PHP, you can only design network resources. The program for the Windows family is very difficult to write, almost impossible.

Where to find a job and what to remember?

The work of the programmer can be obtained not only inoffice of any enterprise. You can find for yourself activities in specialized computer firms. In addition, if you have programming skills, then you can start working in a field such as freelancing. In other words, there is an opportunity to become a "free artist", the person who is able to independently find projects, choose customers and assume full responsibility for the performance of a certain work. Quite often, modern programmers who become freelancers work with the help of the Internet.

The main condition necessary for activitiesprogrammer is the constant study of his subject. Every day new equipment is being developed, new teaching materials and programming languages ​​are being released. Programs change their characteristics. In this regard, the programmer must be aware of absolutely all the changes. Otherwise, his qualifications just disappear. Such a person will become unprofitable.

The decline in popularity and demand is not foreseeable in the foreseeable future

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Что можно сказать, к примеру, о такой specialty, as a technician-programmer? This is a profession that will be very popular for many years. However, this can be said absolutely about all the directions that are available in programming. Everyone should understand that the future is closely connected with the development of science and technology. And the activities of any company will largely depend on the quality written software. Accordingly, such a specialty as a programmer, will be in demand in the distant future.

It should be understood that future specialists should be able to create and create. Skillful hands combined with a clever head were valued highly at all times.

What will pay for labor depend on?

What can you say about wagesprofessionals, whose field of activity is programming? Remuneration of labor in many respects will depend not only on the qualification of a specialist. A huge role can play and the place of activity. Therefore, one should take into account such basic questions as:

  1. Is programming one of the main sources of income for a company?
  2. The company's activities are deployed only in the territory of one country? Can an enterprise be associated with foreign partners?
  3. Has the domestic company or its management come from any other country?


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In this review, we tried to considerthe main nuances that are associated with programming. We hope that this article will help you understand most of the subtleties of this specialty. We wish you success in your studies and good luck in finding jobs in your profession with high wages!