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Sample resume of an electrician. Secrets of a Successful Resume

Everyone who decides to get a new jobwork, should understand that the employer chooses the best from all the applicants. To look like this, you will need to compile a qualitative summary. When hiring a company, there is always a huge choice. And the larger and more prestigious the company, the more difficult it will be to get there. Today, it's not a secret for anyone that a well-written resume already gives you almost 50% guarantee that the authorities will choose you. Below we will consider a sample electrician resume.

Competently make it easy. The main thing is to know a few key secrets in order to understand what to focus on.

When completing such a document, 80% of people doerrors even when completing a template summary. And as a result - they refuse. So how can you distinguish yourself from a huge number of applicants and get the desired position?

sample resume Electrician

Secrets of a Successful Resume

A little later we are using an example of a sample electricianlearn how to properly compose it. And now let's look at a few basic nuances of compiling a successful document. They will definitely help us.

Accuracy and appearance

The first and most important nuance is the availabilityPhoto. Since the choice of personnel is often engaged in professional psychologists, then believe me, the people who sent the resume, the preference is given to the specialist who added his photo. This is due to the fact that the appearance of a person can already tell a lot about him. So your task is to pick up this photo so that you get the right impression.

Later we will consider an example of an electrician's resume for a job.

Do you remember the famous adage "meet on clothes"?The first opinion about a person is formed during the first few seconds, proceeding from its appearance. And believe me, you will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

An important role is played by the appearance of your resume. It should be made on a clean white sheet A4, without corrections, errors and blots. It will also be a plus if you put it in a file.

First of all, your task is to interest the employer with your candidacy.

sample cvs Electrical engineer


When creating a resume, you can not select paragraphs in different colors or effects. The main points are simply highlighted in bold.

When describing the previous job do not forgetindicate what was part of your responsibilities. If you have any personal achievements, do not be modest and boldly write everything that can distinguish you from the main crowd. But in any case, do not lie. By specifying information about yourself, be as honest as possible, otherwise, if the deception reveals itself, there will never be any more confidence in you.

Employers most often do not welcome the availabilitysmall children, so if you have a child, it's better to put it on the resume right away. But at the same time, make an emphasis on the fact that this will not be a problem, because, for example, your mother will sit with the child.

Praise yourself more.Indicate your personal qualities and your strengths. For example, that you are easily trained, sociable and strive to achieve new peaks. Further, when drawing up a sample electrician summary let's see how to do it. Keep in mind that this is just an example. You do not need to copy it, specify your own qualities.

sample resume Electrician

Sample CV of an electrician for employment

FULL NAME: Makarenko Vladimir Konstantinovich

TARGET: Receiving an electrician.



Place of residence: Moscow, st. Arsenalnaya, 5, Apt. 19.

Date of birth: 15.03.1982.

Marital status: Married

Education: 07.2008 - Moscow Technological University (MIREA, MGUPI, MITHT), Moscow.

Faculty: Energetic.

Specialty: electronics and nanoelectronics.

07.2003 - College of railway and urban transport, Moscow.

Faculty: electromechanical.

Specialty: Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by industry).


01.2008 - 12.2015 LLC "PLAZMA T", Moscow.

Scope of the company: logistics, customs, warehouse.

Position: electrician.


- maintenance and repair of working electrical equipment;

- organization of operation of the new equipment;

- control of the company's power supply;

- installation and lighting of power equipment;

- conducting cable lines.


- Computer skills: confident PC user.

- Ability to work with measuring devices.

- Reading circuit diagrams and drawings.

- The absence of bad habits, dedication, sociability, ability to think adequately in stressful situations.