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Employers black list in Bryansk: the three most disadvantaged companies

In some small towns, scammers have as muchthe same as in the Russian capital. Accordingly, the chances of becoming a victim of deception significantly increase. For example, there is a rather large black list of employers in Bryansk. It is possible to single out the most unfavorable companies that received the highest number of negative feedback from employees.

1. "Furniture 32"

If a person needs to update the interior in hishouse, he will certainly use the services of the company "Furniture 32". This small manufacturing enterprise that will make an absolutely any product on order at an affordable price and fast time.

black list of employers in Bryansk

From the inside, the situation looks completely different.According to the results of the survey, the company can be safely identified in the list of black employers in Bryansk. The head at the interview brazenly deceives, says that the employee will be signed a permanent employment contract. In fact, after the dismissal, the employee notices that there are absolutely no new entries in the work book.

list of black employers in Bryansk

In the 12-hour working day, only10-minute break. With all this, wages also leave much to be desired. The employee, who decided to express dissatisfaction, immediately dismissed without explanation.

2. LLC "Phoenix"

Leading position in the black list of employers of Bryansk is headed by the company LLC "Phoenix". Its main purpose is repair and design of premises, as well as construction works.

At the enterprise there is a staff turnover.Almost every employee who, at least one month worked on his territory, leaves his negative feedback. In the first place there is a discrepancy in wages. The head promises that the new employee will receive from 25 to 35 thousand rubles. In fact, he is paid only 10 thousand rubles and then with a big delay.

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Another negative aspect is the absencequality inventory for work. You have to perform all tasks with broken and fragile equipment. Executives save absolutely everything, but despite this, employees must perform high quality work, so that the client is satisfied.

3. LLC "Farmer"

The legendary firm LLC "Farmer" is engaged inproduction of agricultural products: growing flowers, harvesting seeds, breeding animals, selling meat and dairy products. Buyers love this place because of the large assortment of goods.

Such a popular company because of the numerousNegative feedback also fell into the black list of Bryansk employers. The manual makes you work at a fast pace. Specialists who do not have time to cope with the task are constantly insulted or humiliated. There is no fixed schedule, the change ends only when it is convenient for employers.

 full black list of employers in Bryansk

Another significant disadvantage, because of which the firmwas in the black list of Bryansk employers - an incomprehensible situation with salaries. It is issued in the hands without any documentation. And this happens every month in different numbers.

Of course, this is not a complete blacklistemployers in Bryansk. Before the device for work, it is worthwhile to carefully review the reviews about each organization. Only in this case there will be a chance to avoid fraud.