/ Who is ready to change St. Petersburg to another region because of the crisis?

Who is ready to change St. Petersburg to another region because of the crisis?

More than ¼ of Petersburgers seriously thought about the changeregion of residence for the sake of looking for more perspective work. According to the results of the social survey conducted in May 2015 by the authoritative portal for employment in St. Petersburg, the following results were obtained: almost one-fourth of respondents (and there were about 1250 people) are ready to change the city of residence if they can find a more paid job. 1/5 of respondents believe that such a turn of events is possible in the short term, and 15% think about continuing career development abroad.

However, everything is not so pessimistic: almost 20% of respondents categorically refused to even think about a possible move, with 15% of them recently moved to St. Petersburg and do not intend to leave it.

Among the key factors influencing the adoption ofso important decision, it is possible to single out professional affiliation, skill level and age. At the "low start" today, top managers - more than 52% of respondents are ready to move to another region, these sentiments among bankers and financiers are observed in 40% of cases. But students studying in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region are not ready to replenish the number of labor migrants within Russia, but 15% do not mind moving abroad. Representatives of tourism, hotel business, restaurant industry are also ready to change jobs in St. Petersburg to work in another city, they admit their desire to change their place of residence and IT specialists (23%). You can find vacancies for such positions at sankt-peterburg.trud.com. Among the most popular destinations where able-bodied citizens of St. Petersburg are ready to follow, Moscow ranks first. This is quite an expected city: almost 30% of respondents are ready to move to the Russian capital. Then followed the Moscow and Kaliningrad regions, Krasnodar Territory.

Reasons for moving

One of the good reasons for labor migration is the possibility of finding an interesting, and most importantly, a well-paid project or working in a company of dreams.

Another no less important reason, seriouslywhich affects the thinking of able-bodied citizens of St. Petersburg, is unemployment in St. Petersburg: at least 1/3 of the respondents noted tensions and high competition in the job market. The situation on the labor market of St. Petersburg today is going through not the best of times. There has been a significant increase in the activity of applicants over the past six months. As a result, it is very difficult to find a well-paid job for inexperienced young professionals. However, among the contenders for leadership positions there is a high level of competition.

Among other reasons: specific climate and personal motives.

However, the main reason for changing the region is high salary expectations from working in another city and building a fast career.