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Work in the CFS: employee feedback

What kind of work does the CFS get?This is the question to be answered further. After all, the issue of employment has always been extremely important. Potential employees try to first examine all possible opinions about this or that employer. Only then, after making sure that the organization is really conscientiously behaving, a person gives preference to this or that place. Then he submits a resume, goes through the process of interviewing and gets employed. And it is the opinions of employees about this or that place that make it possible to fully realize how conscientious authorities will be represented. Often the employer hides important nuances of employment and cooperation. By the way, some opinions may differ in terms of indicators. To be surprised it is not necessary. After all, every city has different people, all have their own requests to employers. Someone, for example, an irregular working day seems quite normal. And some, on the contrary, are negative about this. Therefore, contradictions should not cause fear. It is important to emphasize the main points that are most often highlighted by all employees who work or have worked in the CFS.

About activity

To begin with, it is recommended to understand which companyIn general there is a speech. CFS reviews of its activities generally get positive. After all, this organization is a fairly large network of public catering. Or, as it is also called, "cafe-diner".

work in CFS reviews

The activity is quite obvious - cookingand its sale to buyers. CFS is practiced on American dishes. This is kind of fast food. No longer does the organization perform any special task. Therefore, for the activities of its CFS reviews, as already said, good reviews. Potential employees clearly understand what they have to do.

Distribution in Russia

The next moment, which draw attention toSome workers (both real and potential) are the distribution of the organization across Russia. Quite often, trust in small companies in the field of public catering is not credible. And there a priori is not recommended to be arranged.

But the CFS is a large organization.It is available in many cities of Russia. In this way the cafe attracts. Employees say with confidence that their employer is no rascal. He will not close the company, depriving them of all employment.

The only thing that upsets some isWhat is not in all cities of Russia is CFS. So, the work is not available everywhere. A small, but still a drawback. People from other regions of the country are invited to work, but this practice is extremely rare. This factor will have to be taken into account.

About vacancies

Feedback on work in CFS (Moscow or any othera city where there is a company - it does not matter what place it is) quite often emphasize the absence of a variety of vacancies. As a rule, there are not so many posts for which employees are recruited.

What is offered to potential employees? There are several options:

  • cashier;
  • cashier-versatile person (has some differences from the first option);
  • worker in the kitchen;
  • manager (very rare).

As a rule, the last vacancy is a place,which is very quickly engaged in citizens. Most often, staff are recruited to the place of workers in the kitchen, and also as cashiers-stationers. Such employees work with the cash register, and in the kitchen they prepare certain dishes. At the same time, their earnings are exactly the same as those of ordinary cashiers. This makes some people not give the best reviews about working in the CFS. Novokuznetsk, Moscow or any other city - it does not matter. The main thing is that in the studied network of catering with regard to vacancies there is a unified scheme. In general, many employees point out that, regardless of the proposed location, everyone will have to work in the kitchen and at the checkout office to take orders. The exception is the senior manager. He controls the work of everyone else.

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It's hard to believe, but the interview is also considered part of the job. As a rule, employees leave pretty good reviews about him. Everything goes without any problems, and in all regions.

Usually an interview is an appeal to a seniormanager in a particular cafe. The potential worker has to fill out the applicant's questionnaire and tell about himself. No rudeness or disdain. Communication takes place in an informal atmosphere, which greatly gives confidence to potential employees.

A few days later the application form will bestudied. And if a person comes up, then they will call him and invite him to work. During the conversation, the manager will answer all the questions that arise. And it can not but rejoice. Practice shows that almost all applicants who applied for study are called back and invited to work. Schoolchildren are also taken here. Already from the age of 14-16. Therefore, the work in the CFS reviews of employees often get positive. In particular, for the fact that finding a job here is not difficult. And the interview is more a conversation in an informal setting than a serious business conversation.


The next nuance to be addressedattention is that the work in the CFS requires a special training course. It is really extremely important for every employee. In the course of it, the menu is introduced, and the job seekers are taught how to work with the cash register. Nothing difficult or special. Typically, the training lasts for a month. This is a mandatory process.

reviews about work in CFS Moscow

In this regard, feedback on the work in the CFS(Novosibirsk or any other city - it does not matter, it is taught everywhere and equally) is left mostly positive. The thing is that you do not need to pay anything. Training is provided free of charge. And, as the employer promises, it happens in parallel with the work. In fact, it turns out that a person studies and fulfills his labor duties.

Единственный нюанс - официальное трудоустройство is possible only after a month, after passing the test for knowledge of work information. Conscientious employees usually have no problems with this. Cope with the training and the final exam is quite easy. It's enough just to take responsibility responsibly to your work.


Now it is clear what approximately representsa job in the CFS (Yekaterinburg). Reviews about this organization indicate that there is no variety of vacancies in all cities, and there is also free education. Pass it is not so difficult. And it pleases.

reviews about work in CFS novokuznetsk

The next nuance is the work schedule.Many people pay attention to him. And in this area work in the CFS reviews earns mixed. The thing is that much depends on the region of residence. In large cities, the schedule is usually less flexible. But in general, the principle is the same everywhere.

Изначально сотрудник при заполнении анкеты должен will independently indicate the time when he is able to perform labor duties. This fact will be taken into account by the employer. Especially when it comes to schoolchildren or students. The schedule of work is selected individually, stipulated and prescribed in the official employment contract.

As a rule, a change schedule is used.This makes me happy. In some cases, the employer may leave the employee for work throughout the day. Most CFS cafes are open from 9am to 8pm. Accordingly, it is necessary to work so much. But most often, shifts are practiced from 9:00 to 15:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00. This issue is decided on an individual basis. Most often, as the reviews indicate, the weekend is floating. This is not always convenient. In some cases, you can agree on a schedule of work 5/2. And so that the weekend will always fall on a Saturday and Sunday. But to do it is not so easy.

Nevertheless, work in the CFS reviews and negativecharacter gets over the schedule. Many people point out that you often have to work overtime. And to come to work it is necessary in advance. In general, the labor schedule in the company can be called strained. Unbearable people are advised to refrain from employment. They simply can not cope with a busy schedule and constant overtime. It is especially hard for new employees. They often can not stand a month. Hence there is a large staff turnover. Therefore, permanent vacancies in the company - this is an occasion to reflect. Is this really good work?

Social package

At employment the heads of the organization offer their potential employees a full social package. But is it really so? How satisfied are employees with this feature?

work in kfs ekaterinburg reviews

Here opinions are divided.As a rule, work in the CFS reviews for their social package earns neutral. There are in this area both pluses and minuses. If it is a vacancy of a manager or a senior manager, then there will be no censures. The social package is provided to the fullest, the vacation is strictly on schedule, but you can agree on its transfer. Accordingly, the organization fully fulfills its obligations.

But the rest of the staff have to put up withsome kind of injustice. Yes, they also receive a social package. But only with respect to officially employed citizens. For example, if a student does not get formalized, but still works, then he can not rely on leave or sick leave. However, this practice is not uncommon. Teenagers are not officially in a hurry to register.

It should pay attention to the fact that leave withoutproblems are granted only to those who have worked for a long time in the company. New employees, as their opinions show, will literally beat out a well deserved rest. The payment of sick leave occurs with delays, which is not very encouraging. But, as many subordinates say, money resources are still charged. In some fast-food canteens, the hospital is not simply detained, but not listed at all. Therefore, work in the CFS (Togliatti) receives positive feedback. Just like in any other city in Russia. Their shortcomings are there, they must also be taken into account.

I'm glad that KFS offers a free form.And also lunch at the expense of the organization. There is a special menu for cafe workers. They can choose one or another dish, and then eat it. Lunch break is based on the principle "he cooked and ate". That is, food is offered from an assortment of dishes that are included in the list provided to customers.

The shortcoming, which is often emphasized, isthe fact that the lunch break is not standardized. For him work in the CFS reviews of former employees, as well as the current staff is not getting the best. There is no clear time for dinner. As a rule, a fast food cafe for lunch break is not closed. And employees can eat food only when they have time for it.

Thus, the work in the CFS catering at the expense ofthe institution offers, but does not establish a clear timetable that allows you to eat at a certain time. Everything depends on the flow of visitors. Some employees, especially in large cities, point out that there are days when they can not eat at all. And this will have to be taken into account. It is quite normal for a modern cafe catering.

work in CFS reviews of former employees


Now it is clear what kind of work the CFS getsemployee feedback. Moscow, Peter or any other region - it does not matter. The main thing is that the principle of work for this network is the same everywhere. What can you say about the prospects for promotion and promotion of the career ladder?

Theoretically, a small chance of an increase inthere are workers. But the maximum that can be achieved is the employment of a senior manager. Not bad, but as a career growth prospect, this kind of work is not very attractive. Despite this, employees are lured by career development. And many believe that.

If you plan to work in the CFS,it is recommended to take into account that this work is not too good for career development. To just work and get paid for the performance of labor duties - quite. But for personal development this is not the best place.

About earnings

What other features does the work in the CFS contain? Salary reviews are not the best. Yes, a lot depends on the region of residence, but on the whole, the opinions of employees in this area are not encouraging.

Why?Initially, the employee is offered a high salary. But in practice it turns out that it is below the promised one. It turns out at the stage of concluding the contract. On average, a CFC worker receives about 15 thousand rubles. For some regions, this is the average wage. But given the busy schedule and constant employment, wages are considered low.

Accordingly, many feel themselves deceived.To prevent this from happening, one should not think that high earnings can be obtained at a fast-food cafe. For relatively large money, senior managers can claim. They put about 20-25 thousand a month. Such figures are more joyful for most regions.


Work in CFS reviews of employees (Nizhny Novgorod,Moscow and other cities - it does not matter what kind of territory we are talking about) earns positive in regard to the work collective. The point is that in this network of fast food cafe mostly young and energetic staff work. Of course, they may, of course, become tired.

In general, the collective in the CFS is friendly.There is no competition, no one is trying to substitute. A great place for those who want to make new acquaintances. As already mentioned, mostly young people work in the CFS. This makes some happy. You can come to work not only to fulfill your job duties, but also for the sake of communication!

reviews about work in CFS novosibirsk


Now it is clear what kind of work the CFS getsreviews. On them it is impossible to say exactly how much the employer is good at. In general, this organization is well suited for employment for those who have high stress resistance and low fatigue. You can not earn a lot of money here, sometimes it is extremely difficult to work.

CFS is the most common fast food cafe.In some ways, it is better than similar organizations. Nevertheless, most of the reviews indicate that you should not find work here. In any case, if you want to climb up the career ladder, and also earn big money. Comments on the work in the CFS (Novosibirsk or any other region of Russia) make it possible to understand what surprises employees can expect in the course of employment.