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How to Pass a Job Interview and Get the Work of Your Dream

You saw in the newspaper, on the site of a recruitingagency or somewhere else an ad for employment in a company whose employee has long dreamed of becoming? And so you sent a resume to the HR department and a few days later you were invited to an interview. What to do and how to make the interview as successful as possible? Next, we will tell you how to successfully pass the interview and try to answer the most common questions during the interview.

Personnel managers interviewingsubstitution of one or another position in the company, they say that the first thing to do is to tune-it means that the general attitude should be working, but you should not be nervous, just like feeling excessively relaxed.

Secretary calling and invitinginterview, most often in advance, says the time for which a meeting with applicants is scheduled. Try to clearly observe the time frame - this means that it is unacceptable to be late, just as you would arrive 30-40 minutes earlier. If everything is clear with delays, the early arrival can distract the manager from the implementation of planned cases, which will have a very negative impact on his future attitude towards you.

An important element that helps to successfully passan interview is a form of clothing. If you are planning to get a job in a large company, it is advisable to ask in advance what form of clothing is accepted by its employees. In general, the rules say that your outfit must match the position you are applying for. So, if a girl expects to get a seller's place in a sales network, it's absolutely not necessary to come in an expensive business suit, just like jeans and a worn out jacket for an applicant for a managerial position are unacceptable.

Come for an interview the way that you are alreadyHave got this work: safely answer questions of a management, solve offered problems and if necessary do not hesitate to ask the questions. Outwardly, the candidate for the position should radiate friendliness, understanding and full interest in the affairs of the company. It is possible that you directly at the interview will be asked to try to solve this or that task, directly related to the affairs of the firm. Be prepared for this turn.

Communicating with the HR manager, who oftenall and conducts an interview, try to clearly and clearly state your thoughts, tactfully answering the questions asked. You should not also take the initiative in a conversation - remember, the lead violin is played by your potential employer. In order to successfully pass the interview, it is not necessary in detail to talk about the years of his studies and previous places of work. Remember that before you received the invitation for an interview, you sent your resume to the firm, so that the interviewer had already familiarized himself with the main milestones in the formation of your career.

Both before and after the job interviewcan offer to pass certain tests, the purpose of which will be to identify the professional skills of a person, his general erudition, the type of temperament, the ability to respond adequately to stressful situations. To be frightened of such tests it is not necessary, after all the similar approach to business shows seriousness of the approach of the employer to a choice of the employee.

It is likely that in order to passinterview and achieve a positive result, you will be offered to meet with the immediate head of the unit for whom you are looking for an employee. At the same time, questions during an interview with this person can be radically different from those given during primary communication. The immediate supervisor will be interested in your practical skills in solving certain problems. So you can consider it a success that you were invited to the second round of the interview.

At the end of the interview, do not forget to thankinterviewer for the time spent on you and unobtrusively ask how long you can expect a final decision on the position you are applying for.