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How to quickly join the team

A new place of work is not only newduties, schedule and leadership, but also new colleagues with whom they will have to spend a huge amount of time and with whom it will be necessary to find a common language. Therefore, almost every newcomer ponders how quickly to join the team.

On the first working day should not in any casebe late for work, because the newcomer will be drawn all the attention of his new colleagues. Do not immediately give reason to speak impartially about yourself. It is worth remembering that in the existing team there will always be a somewhat biased attitude towards new employees because they simply do not know it. This behavior of old-timers of the company is the norm, because people tend to be wary of everything new and see some part of the negative.

It is necessary to listen carefully at first, what employees talk about, because how to become friends with the team at work It's easier when you understand all of its corporatepolicy. It is best to refer to you and to your patronymic, regardless of how others do it. Only if the leader himself allows a less formal appeal, then you can afford in this sense some liberty, but without crossing the limits of what is permitted.

Even for an interview it is better to check with the employerabout the dress code in this organization. It should be strictly observed at least the first time, because as soon as possible join the team can only when colleagues will see the new employee is the same as they are. Here we can see the use of the psychological method known to many - copying the actions of the surrounding people with the purpose of their location to themselves. It is based on a principle of human behavior, such as the unintentional repetition of the behavior of the object that initially does the same. In other words, if you repeat the actions of a person, then he himself will begin to involuntarily repeat everything for you.

As a rule, the head represents a newemployee to the team, but if this did not happen, it is worthwhile doing it yourself. You just need to be a benevolent and open person, as not to become a white crow in the team the employee who will not seekshow your superiority over staff. Do not be afraid to ask the office's old-timers about interesting issues. The only rule here is that the question should be in essence, that is, one on which it is not possible to find an answer independently. Stupid "why and why" from the new employee only irritate the entire team and make them question their competence.

In order to understand how to quickly join theteam, you need to carefully look at the behavior of staff, its features. Perhaps, it is not accepted to discuss some topics or to drink tea in the workplace and so on. Do not impose your standards of conduct on employees. In no case can you gossip about someone, because it can cause not confidence in the newcomer among colleagues. Just need to be open to new information, to show your desire to learn something in the profession, to tell a little about yourself.

Do not pay attention to smalltroubles at the beginning of the professional path in this organization, because as soon as possible join the team it is possible only if the newcomer will undergo some unspoken checks by the company's employees. This can be numerous assignments, the ability to make decisions without assistance and numerous tests for the ingenuity of the staff. All this should be treated adequately and with a sense of humor, because the acceptance of a new person into your established collective is no less stressful than getting yourself to the position of colleagues. People tend to be afraid of everything new and unknown. This applies to relations within the company, so do not focus on some mistrust of your own person among the staff.