/ / Job description of the electrician: functional duties, rights, responsibility

Job description of the electrician: functional duties, rights, responsibility

The work of an electrician is in the ability to solvecomplex engineering tasks for repair and maintenance of fans, pumps, compressors for their uninterrupted and safe operation, which means that the efficiency of achieving the tasks assigned to the division will be high. This requires knowledge of the provisions of dozens of legislative and normative technical documents and the ability to read design projects, passports, drawings, technological schemes, process maps. In the work collective, the electrician must demonstrate leadership skills, stress resistance and quick assessment of the situation, in order to distribute the work among employees in accordance with their functional duties within the framework of their competence.

Ensuring uninterrupted supply of units and their equipment with the necessary types of energy

job description of an electrician

Job description of the electricianprescribes the continuous maintenance of electromechanical equipment. These are pumps, compressors, fans, instrumentation, power networks, machinery, apparatus, starting equipment, pipelines, cables, ropes, grounding. Therefore, the specialist should be able to organize work on servicing the energy-mechanical facilities. The job description of the electrician of the 4th category assigns the duties of checking the current protection of the starting electrical equipment, the fire hazard of the equipment, coordinating the process of distribution of the necessary types of energy and water, and keeping records of the volumes of energy consumed. The ability to interact with employees engaged in servicing electromechanical equipment is the social competence of the specialist.

Maintenance of equipment maintenance

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Job Instruction of a 5-level electricianprescribes the ability to establish an uninterrupted, safe and trouble-free operation of equipment, machines and mechanisms, assess their technical condition and the degree of malfunction. In this case, the specialist must adhere to the standards for the use of equipment, planned costs for depreciation, lubricants and spare parts. According to the professional-production competence, he analyzes the risks of unplanned equipment failure and develops schedules of preventive maintenance works. The work of the electrician manifests itself in the skills of thinking critically, quickly assess the situation at work and make organizational and managerial decisions.

Carrying out of check of a condition of automatic systems of the control and management

job description of the electrician of the 5th category

Use of electromechanical equipmentat the enterprise conceals in itself threats to health and a life of workers, therefore from serviceability of automatic control systems and management safety of people on manufacture depends. Within the scope of his professional and industrial competence, the electrician organizes a check of the technical condition of the equipment, protective systems, measuring instruments, alarms, automation and protection, develops the layout of the monitoring equipment and accompanies its routine maintenance.

Involving specialists in this work,the engineer-electromechanic must demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of interpersonal communication in accordance with his social competence. Taking into account this factor, the job description of the duty electrician indicates the need to be able to assess and predict the degree of risk in the operation of equipment in conditions of increased danger and accidents, including during the winter. Depending on the results obtained, he designs and composes schemes, technical plans and schedules for preparing the equipment for work. Managerial competence requires the specialist to analyze the production situation and make decisions.

Organization and control of compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents on labor protection

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The job description of an electrician requiresthe application in practice of the provisions of legislative and regulatory documents on labor protection, fire safety, industrial sanitation, electrical installations of consumers, electrical protective equipment and instructions. At the same time, the specialist, within the framework of social and personal competence, must assume personal and collective responsibility for actions that promote effective protection of human and material resources, predict events and their consequences, critically use the accumulated experience and defend their own point of view.

Conducting briefings on work orders and workplaces for the safe conduct of work

job description of the electrician of the 4th category

Giving out orders for work,the engineer-electromechanic has the right to inform the personnel of the unit about the working environment in the workplace and to check the knowledge of the workers' safety rules and regulations. Of course, this can not do without technical facilities for instruction and training, the ability to apply which also makes up the professional and production competence of a specialist.

Managerial abilitiesengineer-electromechanics are manifested in the use of principles and methods of rational distribution of labor resources on the site. Ensuring the systematization, generalization and analysis of information of instrumentation and telemetry equipment of the unit - all this is also necessary. Production activities of the unit are controlled by measuring instruments and telemetry equipment, information from which allows the specialist to determine the degree of acceptable risk when performing work at sites and predict the occurrence of extraordinary events. Ability to work with technical documentation is the professional-regulatory competence of the electrician.

Ensuring compliance with the current provisions of the OSH management system, adherence to the rules of industrial sanitation

Since work in industry is related tothe increased risk of injury and occupational diseases, the job description of the communications electrician prescribes guidance in difficult situations, and also knows and applies the provisions of national and international regulations on occupational safety and health. Managerial competence requires the specialist to conduct group and individual training and instruction of the personnel of the unit.

The use of personal and collective protection equipment, special means of rescue, first aid

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Unfortunately, accidents and accidents in the mountainousbusiness is not uncommon. The job description of an electrician obliges us to be able to use individual and collective protection equipment, special rescue equipment and first aid skills. This allows you to significantly minimize the consequences of abnormal situations. In this case, one of the main abilities of a specialist is to predict the behavior of people in the event of an accident, taking responsibility for themselves. Participation in the implementation and development of measures to improve safety and health is also his responsibility.

As mining technologies developThe effectiveness of protecting human and material resources in production is also growing. In order to meet the requirements of the time, the mining engineer has the right to critically use the best domestic and foreign experience and implement the best standards of occupational safety and health. The personal competence of the specialist consists in the skills to promptly assess the situation during the liquidation of the accident and, accordingly, to plan individual and collective activities.

Control of the receipt, internal transfer, retirement of fixed assets in the subordination

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Должностная инструкция электромонтера 6 разряда prescribes to analyze the operation of the equipment of the unit and work with the computer, which is necessary for the organization and planning of the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise. At the workplace, he maintains the documentation of the receipt, internal transfer and disposal of fixed assets, and also makes complaints on their constructive, technical, production inconsistencies with the regulatory characteristics of the equipment. The job description of the electrician indicates the necessary skills to interact with partners and negotiate, justifying the correctness of the selection and placement of equipment. Compliance with the requirements of the regulations on time-keeping, participation in the development of time-sheets, schedules for entering the workplace is also his responsibility.

Decision-making, disposal of employees of the unit (area)

Job description electrician alsosets the task to ensure the improvement of technical and economic indicators of the unit. In order to achieve this, he, in his professional production and management competence, involves personnel in optimizing the production process and equipment operation modes, issues subordinates to work orders and controls the work done. Participation in the evaluation of the work of workers, the assignment of qualification grades to the workers of a subdivision (site) is also his duty. The mining electrical engineer must adequately assess the personnel resources of the unit in order to improve their professional qualifications.