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Competence is the ability to do one's work

If you make a literal translation from Latinlanguage, then competence is "ability". In fact, competence is the ability to perform its work at the highest level. Competence criteria is the end result of an activity. In fact, it is not that difficult to understand, but still not all people know about this. If a person undertakes to inflate a ball, the result of his work should be the inflated ball. Any other states of the ball will not indicate a positive result.

competence is
Competence is, perhaps, what can be easiertotal check. Enough will ask a person to show their result. With the balls, of course, too simple, but with the rest can be understood. The main problem is not that people think that competence is something complex, but that they do not think in terms of the degrees of final results. As soon as we see the final results, we can safely assess the competence in this area.

Competency indicators

Let's look at the term competence in work.For example, a person is engaged in sales. What in this area shows the level of competence? This is not the ability to trade and not the conclusion of transactions, but the end result is the sold goods and money at the checkout. These results will indicate the competence of the manager. Well, it's all a bit easier with them, but how do you find out the competencies of the leader? To begin with, you need to set a goal that he must achieve in his work. If the director copes with his task, then he can be considered competent.

the competence of the manager
How to truly assess competence?

This principle of competence assessment can beapply in all spheres of life: in the family, in personal life. How can you assess the competence in your personal life? You already had to understand what results should be achieved. Of course, this is a happy family without quarrels and disagreements.

In addition, the end result is a healthy child who is ready for adulthood. And if the result is achieved, then we can judge the competence of parents in this area.

Life certificate

Often, we admire the competence of otherspeople: sportsmen, entrepreneurs and actors. Even the janitor can surprise, ideally having cleaned a court yard. Or, for example, a minibus driver who, without breaking the rules, instantly drives you to the right place and can even smile at the end. And what can please us in this situation? Of course, the final result, that is, the competence of this driver.

the competence of the manager
What would have happened if we were surrounded only bycompetent people? Our life would be much more fun and pleasant. Just imagine how much stress would disappear, but, unfortunately, will not happen, because not all people can perfectly cope with their responsibilities. Many simply can not choose for themselves the kind of activity in which they could achieve success. For example, why would a man who does not understand the math, but perfectly sews things, climb to the accounting department? Because of this error turns out incompetent accountant and could be quite successful seamstress. In our time, competence is a very important factor in the employment for work.