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Timing of working time is a way to increase labor productivity

A person's life is too short to be carelessburn it, but we ourselves often do not notice how much time we really spend every day on unimportant things or just aimlessly spend. In order to learn how to manage your time, you first need to understand where it is being spent, just for this, timekeeping of working time is needed.

Do I need to take into account the time spent on work?

Usually the planning of working time isquite a difficult job, because it's hard for a person to admit to himself that he spends most of the working day on a meaningless shift of notes or does nothing at all. It is timekeeping will help to find out what exactly the employee is engaged in during the day, but it is very important to write down everything to the smallest detail and not to miss even a smoke break or a trip to the kettle for a new cup of coffee. To get a comprehensive picture, one day will not be enough, this practice should be held for at least a couple of weeks, and repeat this training at least once every three months. In addition to the correct introduction of values, you must also draw the right conclusions, decide to change your life for the better and increase the efficiency of your work.

It is best to make a timekeeping workertime during normal working days, and not in the reporting period or on leave. These periods are famous for their disorganization, so judging them about the lifestyle of a person will be very difficult. It should also be taken into account that the official end of the working day and the actual time can vary, but since a person makes a paper for himself, and not for labor protection inspection, it is necessary to record only real events.

How do I schedule?

Of course, the working time schedule isan important component of the plan of the daily routine, however it is advisable to start recording your actions not from coming to work, but from lifting from bed. This will help to become organized and collected not only at work, but also will allow time for a lot of interesting activities in free hours. Record the change of activities should be immediately, because in an hour it will be impossible to remember what and when it was finished, than after that the employee was engaged. You should also record telephone conversations and their duration, answers to emails, just minutes of rest. Calls and letters are also desirable to divide into workers and personal, incoming and outgoing, then it will be clear what exactly provokes the desire to distract from work.

From the outside, it may seem that a person is constantlyto the ears in business, but the effectiveness of his work is zero, and it is the timekeeping of working time will help to understand why. After the conclusions drawn, it is necessary to take measures and gradually accustom ourselves to greater self-organization. Of course, keeping the timekeeping of working time is insanely hard, but the effort expended is worth it. The employer can offer his employees to use this method, but in order that they do not cheat, attach a single caretaker. However, it should be understood that if a person is not sufficiently acquainted with the specifics of the work, he may inadequately assess the actions of the employee. To help familiarize yourself with this can also monitor the computer, in which a special system will look at what the employee is currently engaged in and how often it comes to non-work sites.

The most important thing is the person's desire to composetimekeeping of working time, because without it it is impossible to change yourself and achieve significant success. The pace of self-improvement can be different, do not try to fit yourself too much, but you should not hesitate.