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Characteristics of the kindergarten teacher

Periodically (every five years), eachthe pedagogical worker, including the educator, must undergo attestation. Its essence lies in confirming the level of qualification before the pedagogical community. What do you need to successfully complete this procedure? What are the requirements for employees of pre-school institutions?

characteristics of the caregiver

The procedure for attestation of pedagogical employees of the DU

As it is supposed to reveal competenceemployee, a special expert group of three people is created. By the order of the director of the kindergarten, the certified teacher gets acquainted with the terms of the examination, as well as with those people who are included in the group. If one of them does not satisfy the educator, he has the right in writing to disagree with the composition of the experts and ask the head of the DM to appoint a new team. For all activities related to the confirmation of the level of professional competence, ten days are allocated. Characteristics of the caregiver for certification are compiled on the basis of the analysis of the portfolio, visits to open classes, during oral conversations with the certified teacher.

Characteristics of the child's educator

Examination of certification in DU

The whole procedure consists of two parts.In the process of internal expertise, the educator demonstrates to his experts his direct activity: he conducts an open class with the children, shows the use of modern pedagogical technologies in his real activity.

Characteristics of a child preschool teacherinstitutions should contain information about those elements of pedagogical techniques developed specifically for working with preschoolers, which are used by the certified educator. In what cases is the internal examination of the teacher not carried out? If the tutor became the winner of the priority national project "Education" of the regional (Russian) level, he is given the right to pass certification without holding public events.

tutor's characteristics

Features of an open class

For the implementation of educational andeducational activities in pre-school institutions were introduced federal educational standards of the second generation. They contain the basic requirements for preschool children, all the universal skills that the children should master at each stage of development are indicated. These indicators are used by experts who assess the quality of the conduct of an open class by a certified tutor. Characteristics of the caregiver include a detailed description of the compliance of UUN, which preschoolers own, to the requirements that are presented in GEF. It is from this directly depends on the category that will be assigned to the educator.

characteristic for the provider for certification

Presentation for promotion

In addition to experts, the characteristics of the caregivercan be written and parents of pupils. With its correct and competent compilation, the teacher can count on a departmental reward for diligence in the work, conscientious execution of his job descriptions. The information submitted by the parents is brought to the attention of all the staff at the pedagogical council. If colleagues agree that the educator deserves encouragement, a characterization is prepared for the caregiver from the head of the department of education. At the level of the municipality, a decision is made on the desirability of rewarding the teacher. If a positive decision is taken, the procedure for collecting the package of documents begins. For a teacher, giving him a rank or handing a letter for conscientious work often becomes a pleasant surprise.

characteristics of the educator from the head

How correctly to write to the educator the characteristic

In order for the teacher to be able to count onthe successful passing of the certification, rewarding, the characterization of the educator should be written correctly. Let's try to find out what criteria are applied to this document. There is an instruction according to which a characterization is made for the educator of the DOW. The sample will be presented a little later, but for now we will select those sections that should be present in it.

sample writing characteristics of the caregiver


Characteristics of the caregiver begins with official information. Required are:

  • Full Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • level of education (name of educational institution, faculty, specialty, year of graduation);
  • duration of work as a tutor.

characteristics of the caregiver dou sample

What else should be written in the description

Further it is important to describe in detail all professionalquality educators, based on the tasks that are set by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation before the pedagogical staff of the DOW. They should organize the activities of preschool children, have communication skills with children, know and practice modern pedagogical technologies, cope with emerging conflict situations. The level of performance of a special task assigned to the teacher of a kindergarten after the modernization of Russian education - to identify and develop the individual abilities of each child, necessarily contains the characteristics of the tutor on PMPC. If a teacher has developed his own educational methods used by other colleagues, he has publications, this is also reflected in his description.

Obligatory professional skills

Domestic psychologists LS Vygotsky and S. L.Rubinstein, the activity of the educator was considered as a set of specific actions aimed at the formation of a full-fledged personality of preschool children. Considering the example of the characteristics of the caregiver (for certification), we note that it reflects skills such as the ability to observe discipline during the class, without applying physical punishment to children. A good teacher should not be in conflict with colleagues, parents of their wards.

Example characteristics

We offer you a sample of the characteristics of the kindergarten teacher who is presented to the award.

"Sidorova Elena Anatolyevna graduated fromLeningrad State Pedagogical Institute named after AI Herzen in 1985, received the qualification of a tutor. Elena Anatolievna works on the state programs and teaching aids approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Since 2007, the teacher annually conducts special classes for his pupils aimed at forming an ecological culture. The course program, developed by the teacher himself, was reviewed by the Education Department. The educator combines in his work elements of problem-based learning with elements of gaming, information and communication technologies.

С 2004 года педагог работает в сотрудничестве с environmental department of the district administration, conducts joint excursions, offers the kids project activities. Since 2012, he organizes classes of the environmental and local lore group "Rainbow", focusing on practical activities: environmental actions, labor landing, excursions, hikes, master classes. In 2013, a coach was organized for a country trip with children and parents on the coast of the White Sea.

The teacher knows the theory and methodology of working withpreschoolers in full accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards, has deep knowledge, is able to apply innovative forms, means, methods of teaching. In the classroom and in extra-curricular activities, the teacher uses the knowledge of children's age psychology. Elena Anatolyevna has friendly relations with children, their parents.

The educator constantly summarizes and disseminates his own pedagogical experience through open lessons, master classes, publications of classes and activities.

He takes an active part in the work of the districtmethodical association of teachers of preschool education. In 2012 - on the topic "The activity of the ecological and local lore circle in the development of interest in the native land of preschoolers". In 2013 - on the topic "Use of a regional component in the POC".

Special attention is paid by the teacher to the researchand project activities in the preschool. Its students are active participants in all environmental actions, events that are conducted by the district education department. They became winners and prize-winners of the regional contest of children's drawings "In the world of animals". The teacher annually works in the jury of the regional educational and research conferences, repeatedly was the head of pedagogical practice of students.

Elena Anatolyevna was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Department of Education and Science of the Moscow Region Administration (2006).

The candidacy of Sidorova Elena Anatolyevna was recommended by the methodical council of the Municipal Budget Educational Institution "Kindergarten No. 201", Minutes No. 2 of April 12, 2014 ".

The suggested sample of writing the characteristics of the educator can be taken as a basis, additions and changes to it, taking into account the peculiarities of his personality.

Specificity of the evaluation of pedagogical activity

In order for the teacher's activity to be evaluatedin full measure, a comprehensive study should be conducted. It implies the totality of the organizational, communicative, constructive, gnostic components.

Researchers are confident that betweenthe activities of the educator and the teacher are much in common. The specificity of work in pre-school educational institutions is that it is necessary not only to use pedagogical technologies, but also to organize the activities of the wards, their communication and development.


Such a profession as a kindergarten teacheris difficult and responsible, therefore real professionals work in preschool. Each of these workers is entitled to a well-deserved reward for their hard work in the form of an honorary diploma, a departmental award. In order for the “reward to find the hero,” it is important that the head of the pre-school educational institution compile a package of documents in a timely manner and submit it to the Department of Education. Among the documents to be submitted, a special place is occupied by the qualitative characteristic of the teacher. The final result will depend on how thoroughly the basic professional qualities of an educator will be reflected in it: assignment of a title, obtaining the next qualifying category.