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Profession "call-center operator"

Technology and technology every day allprogress, new products are emerging or new projects are being developed to provide any services. And to bring information to the consumer, producers need to establish channels for access to similar data on the product to a wide audience. At the same time, along with advertising, as time has shown, the policy of direct dialing to customers and providing professional telephone consultations is highly effective. Therefore, recently this type of employment has become widespread, such as a call-center operator.

What is the work in call-center

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The work of the call-center operator can be of two directions: corporate service (inside the company) and outsourcing plan (for external customers). At the same time, the dispatcher's duties include:

  • Rendering of service on the line.
  • Implementation of those. support.
  • Acceptance and processing of applications and complaints from customers.
  • Informing customers and partners.
  • Reporting and information gathering.

Payment is made in accordance with the hourly schedule, while the beginning and end of the shift are fixed on special equipment.

Teaching methods

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Training of new staff is carried out atsupervising a senior employee who provides practical training. At the same theoretical knowledge, the future call-center operator can receive different methods:

  • Instruction by the supervisor or call center manager. This is the most common method.
  • Training in special centers at seminars.
  • In an independent way, various materials are used: video training, training audio recordings and so on.

Specificity of this type of employment

It is noted that this type of employment is alwaysin demand. This is because the qualified call-center operator occupies an important place in the "producer-consumer" chain, because it is thanks to the dispatcher that the customer can be sure that information about the product or services has reached the customer, and at the same time receive a response and resultant Exodus.

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You can note the advantages of working in the call-center:

  • Flexible work schedule. However, for delays and absenteeism, employees are severely punished and fined, up to and including dismissal.
  • Fixed working time.
  • Career.The call center operator has access to a large amount of information about the products and features of the company's work in order to provide qualified assistance and advice to customers. And so in the future such specialists have the opportunity to continue their service as a sales manager and not only, but also to further raise their career.

However, the call center operator's work also has its negative aspects:

  • Frequent occurrence of stressful situations (reception of complaints, the resolution of conflicts and other cases).
  • Monotone.
  • Permanent stay near equipment with electromagnetic radiation.

At the moment, this type of employment is veryis actual, since such centers provide two-way communication between the customer and the executor. There is also the possibility of the dispatcher not only in the walls of the office. The operator of the call center at home can carry out this activity no less than skillfully and without wasting time on the road.