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About How to Write an Autobiography Correctly

Self-consistent sequencingof his own life is called an "autobiography", which literally means "autos" (auto) - "himself", "bios" (bio) - "life", "graphy" - "description". And it is usually performed in free form. This article will help to understand the question of how correctly to write an autobiography, because knowledge is necessary, because when applying for work, as well as in some other cases, a description of one's own life is required.

To begin with, an autobiography is compiled onclean (not crushed) sheet of paper. A readable autobiography is one that is framed in chronological order. How to write an autobiography correctly? There are several ways of describing one's own life in this form. Consider three main:

The period of time is indicated with the help of prepositions. For example:

"From 1996 to 2000 she worked as a nurse in the city policlinic of Energodar."

A hyphen is written at the beginning of the line with two dates. For example:

"1996-2000. Work in the city polyclinic in Energodar as a nurse. "

The dates can be specified in parentheses after the event. For example:

"After completing secondary general educationSchool (1995) entered the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of Moscow (1996), after which she worked (2001) as a teacher of a foreign language at secondary school No. 139 in Moscow (until 2007).

How correctly to write an autobiography for the personnel department of the organization? The main blocks should contain the following information about the originator:

  1. Surname, first name, patronymic; date and place of birth.This information can also be described in several variants. For example, this way: "I, Sergeyev Mikhail Innokentievich, was born on September 27, 1975 in Kirovsk, Leningrad Region". It is possible and so to write: "Sergeyev Mikhail Innokentevich. Date of birth: September 27, 1975. Place of birth: Kirovsk, Leningrad Region ".
  2. Not so long ago it was generally accepted in the autobiographyindicate the social status of parents: "was born into a family of workers (peasants, intellectuals)." How correctly to write an autobiography now? Now such information is not specified. But the information about the parents should be described immediately after the surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth. For example, it would be appropriate to write: "I was born into a family of hereditary teachers - father, Ivan Sergeevich Kurochkin - mathematics teacher, mother, Elena Kurochkina - teacher of computer science".
  3. Received education (indicatededucational institutions, dates and results achieved). Most often described as follows: "High School No. 37 of the city of Kirovsk finished in 1982". If the school was finished with a medal and this information is important for the author, one can mention this fact, which testifies to his own successes. Further, all levels of the subsequent education are listed with an indication of the relevant dates. Usually the period of obtaining higher or professional education coincides with the beginning of work activity, which should also be mentioned (with the indication of enterprises, periods, positions).
  4. Description of work activity.In this paragraph it is important to indicate in which institution (enterprise, organization) the work was started, in which profession or in what position. If, while working at the enterprise, the originator of the autobiography was moved to another position or to another department, or there was a promotion, this should be written with the indication of periods of work. The following describes the work activity in other institutions. If the author of the document has not worked for a certain period of time, you should write about whether he was officially recognized as unemployed.

The indicated blocks of information, which are compulsoryshould be included in the autobiography, not the only ones, since the original summary, for example, should contain information about important events taking place in the life of the originator of the document that usually occur along with training, work. Namely: changing the marital status, serving in the ranks of the armed forces and many others. So, important information in the autobiography of a man is the period of military service, while for a woman it is a reference to periods of being on maternity leave. It would be superfluous to include information about membership in a particular public or trade union organization in the document being compiled, and so on.

The final entry in the autobiography containsinformation about passport data, home address and phone, the date of writing of the document is put and is certified by the signature of the originator. Now you know how to make an autobiography correctly.

It should not be forgotten that an autobiography is a descriptionyour life, therefore it is absolutely unacceptable that there are blots or corrections in it, it should be written in a legible handwriting, ballpoint pen or ink pen (it is forbidden to use red or green paste). Compiled autobiography is placed in a personal file and stored in the personnel department of the enterprise.