/ How to find a good job in Krasnoyarsk?

How to find a good job in Krasnoyarsk?

Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest Russian cities. This means that finding a good job there is not so difficult as it seems. This is especially true for people who are specialists in the field:

  • logistics;
  • management;
  • finance;
  • Food Industry;
  • tourism;
  • polygraphy.

Employment portals - the best search option

If you want to find a job in Krasnoyarsk withworthy of payment and working conditions, be sure to visit specialized websites that publish advertisements of employers. Do not forget about recruitment agencies, where to send your resume. Print jobs and radio are also suitable for job search.

Talking about job portals, you can notto mention the best of them is trudbox.com. Unlike other sites, there are always only current jobs and an accurate description of the work. This portal is visited by many employers, which significantly increases the chances of job seekers getting a good job.

Avoid street ads

To solve the problem of employment inKrasnoyarsk, do not study the ads on poles. Do not believe the promises contained there to pay employees gold mountains. All this is a deception designed for people who are desperate to find a normal job.

Call the employer

Having found several interesting vacancies for you,call the employer. Here, different options are possible. If they talk to you too nice and promise millions, then you, like in the case of street ads, again stumbled upon network marketing. A bad sign is also the refusal of the employer to answer questions relating to the case. Firms who are interested in finding new employees, always inform wishing the main data about the work. Promises to discuss everything on the spot are at least a non-serious approach to the matter.


The future employer will make a positiveimpression, if you come for an interview in strict clothing. Of course, it must be clean and ironed. Bright outfits, flip-flops, shorts - all this is inappropriate in this case.

Talk with a human resource officer or the director of the company confidently, calmly. Be sure to tell us about yourself. In unnecessary details, however, do not need to go. It is better to focus on:

  1. your education;
  2. work skills;
  3. the ability to converge with people.

If you know any foreign languages, then tell me about it.

It is not necessary to inculcate so as not to be caught in lies. Speak of yourself only the truth. And yet - do not respond badly about the previous job.