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Pavel Bazhenov School is the center of hairdressing art and craftsmanship

Do you have a dream of becoming a good stylist, open your hairdresser or just learn how to make fashionable hairstyles? The school of hairdressing art of Pavel Bazhenov will help you to fulfill your desires.

The main task of this school is to educate a personprofessional quality hairdresser. For many years, craftsmen from this institution were issued, who had a dream to learn the technology of haircuts. The school of Pavel Bazhenov is an excellent choice for the realization of his goal. And they have achieved good results both in training and in work. Most students worked in the salons after 30 lessons.

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Restrictions on the way to admission

Schooling is not limited to anything.Absolutely anyone who wants, of any origin and from any country can start classes only if he accepts the teaching methodology and rules of the school.

Therefore, the one who can do thiswants. The higher the desire to comprehend the profession, the greater the chances that the material will be learned well, and you will achieve the desired result. Age should be from 15 to 50 years, and the program is built in such a way that training can take place during free time.

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The appearance of the school

The school of Pavel Bazhenov is an institution thatthe master decided to open about 14 years ago, when he studied himself. Paul did not like the system of education, because basically I had to write a huge number of lectures. And then he had an idea to create a school with his own teaching methods.

Paul worked as a teacher in various educationalgradually creating their own program. In the end, Pavel Bazhenov's school opened with the latest curriculum developed. The purpose of this program was precisely to make from a simple pupil master salon.

The method did not consist in training according tostate programs, as most schools do, namely, in honing skills. Technologies are built in such a way as to bring up human qualities, to learn how to communicate with people, to understand them. Only by developing the ability to understand customers, you will be able to fulfill their wishes. But the founder of the school after viewing his experience did not like the places in his training plan, so in due course the program was corrected, supplemented by new ideas. The teacher of the school was a long time Pavel Bazhenov, but today there are 4 teachers. Also, there were proposals to open schools in other regions of Russia.

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Internal view of the school

The institution is atraining classes. Everyone has: computers for watching educational videos, exercise simulators, mannequin heads, hairdryers, scissors, combs - all that the master needs to work.

Training program

Процесс обучения в школе начинается с отработки skills of possession of the instrument. Then learn to analyze, make hair, develop a technology for making haircuts. All theoretical and practical material is built as a strict turn-based program.

All this technique is issued on the hands of the first daylearning. Further all is spent under the individual schedule, that is the pupil comes when it is convenient for him. The school of Pavel Bazhenov has no training period. Everyone can do as much as they need to practice all the skills. The school program is constantly updated.

Teachers are trying to do every daylearning the most effective, developing new techniques and technology haircuts. The school of Pavel Bazhenov recently opened in Moscow, which gave many people a chance to acquire the profession of “master of the salon”. The appearance of the school diluted the "tragic" atmosphere of the learning process, it became fun.

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The myth of climbing the career ladder

Some people have an opinion that you first need to be like any courses, then fill your hand in salons, and only then think about advanced training. And this opinion is erroneous.

The first thing you need to do is not to fill the hand, and rightput it. Only the correct positioning of hands contributes to the further development of professional qualities. Spent non-professional qualities are difficult to retrain. Therefore, the start is very important, and this contributes to the further speed of learning.

It is also an erroneous opinion that onlyforeign schools can achieve a high level. It should be understood that the level of your training depends not on the organizers of the institutions, but on the qualifications of the masters who will train you. Your development as a specialist depends on their skills.

Therefore, it is recommended that before choosing a school you first get to know well the teachers who will teach you. This allows the person to understand and decide if he needs it at all.

School of Pavla Bazhenov in Moscow

Prestige School

In the school of Pavel Bazhenov, applicants are not lured by cunning methods and are not persuaded under any pretexts. Future students decide for themselves to study at this school.

They learn about it from the Internet by watching a video or by visiting a familiarization lesson. Communicate with teachers and students, find out all the accumulated questions and draw conclusions.

And now the school continues to existPavel Bazhenov, reviews of which are only positive. The network of schools is located in different cities, the teaching methodology is one. Students can attend events held at the Moscow School or in St. Petersburg.

There are plans for the development of a network between branches inThe Internet to enable people from other cities to watch the work of the masters. The school of Pavel Bazhenov will continue to develop for a long time, to be ahead of everyone else.

The effectiveness of learning depends on the desire.The more serious the student is in fulfilling the tasks, the faster the training is. The theory, issued on the first day, you must read and complete assignments and teach from the first days.

The method of training, free time for attending classes and an unlimited period of study make the school one-of-a-kind, since there is no such level in any educational institution.