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Resume seamstress: sample

To begin with, every job applicant mustremember that he has no more than three minutes to make the right impression on the employer. Then the resume and the seamstress, and any other worker will be much more attentive. You have to imagine yourself so that the head of the personnel department wants to talk with the applicant for a place about further cooperation.

What a resume is

Often candidates for work are very strongneglect this document. Especially rarely make up a seamstress at home. And very vain. After all, thanks to a brief description of career life, the employer can assess the skills of the employee without the competitor himself and understand whether he needs such an employee.

A resume is not just a piece of paper, but a real onedocument. Therefore, it is necessary to approach its compilation with all responsibility, to write pedantically and accurately the information into each item. Personnel with good experience will need two minutes to determine whether it is worth talking to such an employee or not. How to write a resume for seamstresses not to become an outsider, but still get to an interview?

How to write a resume

First of all, a graph with a name,patronymic and surname. Then the goal is written, which is pursued by the applicant, settling in this company. Then follow the contact information, age and marital status.

Seamstress summary

It is necessary to describe your strengths,skills obtained at the previous place of work, and key achievements. It is necessary to indicate experience in this field and education (it is desirable that it corresponds to the desired position).

According to this standard type, a summary of the seamstress is also compiled. It is better to review the sample in advance, so that you can not make mistakes anywhere. The personnel department assesses how well the document is compiled.

So what is a resume of a seamstress? This is an important document, after a cursory review which the employer will decide, invite the applicant to a personal meeting or still look for another applicant.

Job seamstress resume

So this paper should contain a maximum ofuseful information, from which it becomes clear to the employer why this person is profitable to hire him. But the information should be presented in a very condensed form.

Appearance of a tailor's resume

The best option is a document withstandard format A4. A maximum of two such sheets. Summary seamstresses should not be like memoirs. It is necessary to clearly distinguish important information. Describe only your duties and achievements at the previous place of work. It was not worth writing about how it was good or difficult.

Quality of paper and printing

You can not skimp on it.You need to choose only white sheets. The text should be printed in black, do not even use a dark blue color, not to mention red and green. Of course, if possible, it is better to print on a laser printer.

This is done so that the document always looks like five with a plus. And after the copier, and after sending the fax, and after lying in a folder with other papers.

Summary of seamstress sample

All sorts of italics, underlines anda variety of allocations only clutter up the text and distract from the main. In our time, it is better not to write a resume by handmade seamstresses. It's unlikely that the human resources department will want to disassemble someone's handwriting.

How to apply

The text should be written only on one sidesheet. Fields on both sides should be left wide enough. Photos, shading, patterns, frames are all superfluous. This is all too after copying or faxing is smeared and can make the text unreadable.

You do not need to create a document in the form of a table withoutspecial need. Font is better to use one of the standard ones. The height of the letters should be from 10 to 14. The smaller font will be difficult to read, and if you print large, then you can not keep within three sheets. Headings are bold, and you can make them one size larger.

Resume tailor seamstress

The style must be unchanged throughout the document.

Which language should I choose?

Resume seamstresses should be written onlyin Russian. Even if the employer is far abroad, first of all the document will get to specialists in our country, and they will decide whether to transfer it further or not. But if the applicant for a job is not sure that the employer has an office in Russia, it is better to attach a copy in a foreign language.

Another important point is literacy! Even if it concerns the work of a seamstress, the resume should be written perfectly. If there is any doubt, it is better to give the paper for examination by a specialist.

Stylistic errors are inadmissible in the same way asgrammatical. The whole text should be homogeneous and easy to read. Even if the sample of the tailor's resume (seamstress) was written by someone else, in the process of reading it should not create the impression that different sections were written by different people.

If there is a foreign version of the document, then it must be submitted for testing to a native speaker or a person who has used this language for many years in everyday and business communication.

Resume seamstress at home

After the resume is written, it should be postponed for a while, and then read again. A fresh look can reveal the remaining shortcomings.

How to distribute resume

If there is a certain enterprise, where one would like to get settled, then first of all, of course, you need to send a resume to the seamstress exactly there.

The next step is the distribution of the document inagencies for recruitment. If work is urgently needed, a summary of seamstresses should be sent simultaneously to several agencies. Since the employer of interest to the employer can be associated with any agency, and there is no guarantee that the first time will be an exact hit in the desired office.

Next, you need to compile an electronic versionsummary. After all, in the modern world, absolutely everything is computerized, and most likely the employer of interest also seeks employees on the Internet. Especially now there are a lot of specialized sites.

Seamstresses at home

Do not forget to update your resume on Internet resources at least once in seven days, as most of the managers are looking at new offers, rather than picking up on old ones.

Content of the document

The word "Resume" can not be written. It is better to start with a name. That's just these three words can be written in a larger font. For example, 18-20. Then your document can be easily found in a stack of papers.

Next is the goal of employment.Here it is necessary to indicate without superfluous lyrics which position the applicant is applying for. Clearly and concisely. This is the point of the resume, after reading which, the personnel officer will decide whether he should look at the document further. The rest of the text will be proof that the person will "pull" this post.

If a person thinks that he is able to apply for several vacancies, then all of them need to be listed, but in the first place still bring out the one that is most acceptable.

Contact details

Mailing address is mandatory. Next is the contact number, it is desirable to specify the communication time. It is now customary to specify e-mail.

Один важный момент.It is not necessary to indicate that you can contact the applicant within two hours a day. It's better that it's a full-time job, and maybe a little more. Because if the employee of the personnel department decided to call you, but could not get through, he is unlikely to call again. It is much easier for him to find the next candidate.


It is not necessary to list all the places of work and study, starting from kindergarten. Here it is worth mentioning only the educational institutions that correspond to the profile of the desired job.

It is better to list educational institutions in reverseokay That is, the first to write the one in which they studied last. But you can still list the importance. The one that is closest in profile to the desired place of work, write first.

resume tailor seamstress sample

It is necessary to briefly describe each school:years of study, place of location of the university (country, city), full correct name, department (if it matters for a new place), assigned degree, grade, etc.

Below is a brief summary of a seamstress.

Ushakova Marina Gennadievna

Date of birth: 10/23/1983

Address: Tula, st. Zubarev, house 43, apt. 48

Mob tel: +7905340286.

Al. address: [email protected]

Purpose: to get the position of a seamstress-homeworker

Education: Textile Technical School (1998-2002), seamstress 2 grade.


2010-2017 - LLC Tula Textiles.

Responsibilities: combined several positions. Cutting and covering bed linen. Full cycle of processing children's pajamas.

2003-2010 - Sweet Dream LLC.

Responsibilities: full cycle of work with bed linen.

Personal qualities: responsibility, diligence, dedication.

In fact, there is nothing difficult in preparing a resume. The main thing is not to miss important points and not to write too much. And of course, follow the literacy.