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Sample Resumes of an Economist, or In Finding a Job

In many companies before the passageinterview the applicant is asked to fill out a questionnaire on the company letterhead of the organization. But, despite this, the absence of a resume or its illiterate compilation can cause the candidate to refuse to work. A summary is a small presentation of a person as a specialist. It consists of several key sections that reflect the experience, personal qualities and education of the applicant for the position of accountant economist. The article presents examples of the economist's resume, which must be read.

Sample Resumes of the Economist

It is necessary to try to understand the expectations of the employer andreflect them in the candidate's summary. If the employer is looking for an accountant for the site, the requirements for the candidate will be as follows: diligence, responsibility, high efficiency and competence.

If the employer is looking for thean economist, then the requirements for the candidate will be the following: extensive work experience, good recommendations, competence, experience with government agencies, compilation and submission of financial reports, compilation of estimates and calculations, etc.

Main sections of the summary

Main sections:contact information (the position for which the candidate applies), education (including information on the passage of profile courses), work experience, personal qualities, professional skills (including the level of computer skills) are also included here.

In addition to this data, you can add a sectionadditional information. In this section you can specify the rest of the data, for example, readiness for business trips, the availability of a driver's license and their category, the availability of a personal vehicle.

Summary of the sample for the work of an economist

Advantage over other candidates

If in the professional activity the candidatefaced with inspections (cameral, on-site tax inspections, etc.) or otherwise interacted with state authorities (tax inspection, statistical bodies, pension fund, judicial bodies) - this must be indicated in the questionnaire. These data reflect the high level of competence of the candidate and can be a decisive advantage over other applicants.

Sample Resume

What are the examples of an economist-accountant's resume, a resume of an economist and a planning economist? Now we will consider it.

Below is a summary (sample) for the work of an economist.

Summary of the sample for the work of an economist

Let's move on to another post. This is a summary of the planning economist (sample).

Resume economist on planning a sample

Documents for different jobs differ from each other. Now we give a sample of the resume of the bookkeeper-economist.

Sample of the resume of the bookkeeper of the economist

How to fill out resume sections

In the section "Personal data" it is customary to specifythe following information: surname, name and patronymic of the candidate, address of his residence, contact phone numbers (one number must be stationary), date of birth, e-mail address, marital status. Any resume begins with this section.

It is necessary to indicate the purpose of the summary, i.e.,The name of the position for which the candidate applies. It is also necessary to indicate the minimum or desired level of wages. The salary level should be better indicated in the range close to the vacancy offered, for which a resume is sent. If the candidate's salary level is heavily overstated or understated, the probability of refusal is high.

In the "Education" section, you must specifyeducational institution, the name of the faculty and the years of study. Here it is possible to enter courses that were held by the candidate for specialized software (for example, the program 1C) with a specific version of the configuration studied. You can also indicate one of the most "strong" trainings or seminars, but do not write a long list of various programs. Only profile and most important courses are indicated.

In the section "Work Experience" two or threeThe last place of work of the candidate, starting with the last one. If the candidate has not already resigned from the previous firm, then instead of the year of dismissal, a record "to the present" is put. It is necessary to list the duties that the candidate performed in the process of work in each particular organization. Here you can indicate: "interaction with government supervisory authorities" or "participation in conducting tax audits."

In the composition of professional skills are indicatedpersonal qualities of the candidate: responsibility, diligence, competence, fast learner and others. Samples of the economist's resume, as a rule, provide a good example of the data that can be entered in the applicant's questionnaire.

In the additional information section, the candidate must include only that information that he considers useful within the framework of this vacancy.

Design nuances

When writing a resume, a number of mistakes are often allowed, which can lead to the employer's refusal to interview.

  • Candidate for a vacancy should look at the samples of the economist's resume and check the data with their own (all the necessary sections are included, whether everything is properly framed).
  • The candidate must recheck the literacy of the resume text. A questionnaire containing spelling, stylistic and punctuation mistakes will not be of use.
  • The candidate should not indicate in the questionnaire otherProfessions and skills that he owns, if they do not relate to the vacancy for which a resume is prepared. For example, you do not need to indicate "needlework" in the resume as an economist.