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Lists of preferential occupations: why are they needed?

Currently there is such an abundancelabor specialties, which they have long thought of more than a dozen classifications. There are types of professions that can not be distributed on an equal basis with others, they are detached from the general mass according to one characteristic characteristic only of them.

Preferential professions - what does this mean?

It can be, for example, a profession withcertain privileges. The generally accepted retirement age in Russia is 55 years for women and 60 for men. Preferential are such professions, which provide for early retirement of citizens. A person who works in especially difficult conditions, has the right to expect to reduce the length of service for 5 years and an increased preferential pension in the future.

Lists of preferential occupations

List of preferential occupations

Such a phrase is aloud, but not all know thatit means. Lists of preferential professions are lists of approved by the legislation, in which the specialties that allow to receive the indicated benefits are indicated. The first large group of people eligible for these benefits include citizens with hard and harmful working conditions working:

  • at oil refineries;
  • on the production of ammunition, electrical devices, etc .;
  • in "hot" shops (metallurgy, glass making, etc.);
  • in atomic energy.

If a citizen has sufficient work experience inin this field of activity, he can retire earlier than he was supposed to. Women can leave work at 45, if they have reached a total length of 15 years. Men need to work for a total of 20 years, and then they can retire at 50.

list of preferential occupations version

The next group is also on the list of preferential occupations:

  • work underground;
  • geological prospecting;
  • mining of minerals by the open method;
  • work on sea, rail, air, city transport.

To retire earlier than usual, women need to work on the above work for 10 years, for men - 12.5.

With the same experience, the right to receive a preferential pension is claimed:

  • pilots, instructors and paratroopers;
  • firefighters;
  • employees of emergency services.

Also in the category of beneficiaries:artists of ballet, theater, circus and other creative groups. In certain cases, employees of the pedagogical sphere take advantage of the special situation. They are also on the list of preferential occupations. The main condition for obtaining a reduced pension in education is increased psychophysical burden. It is worth mentioning such an extensive sphere of employment as construction. Brigade leaders, engineers, welders, mechanics, electricians can also apply for a preferential pension.

To study the lists of preferential occupationsthoroughly, the Federal Law "On Insurance Pensions" will be required. With the help of this document you can get accurate and up-to-date information. A person unfamiliar with the legal language can be helped by a consultant or an acquaintance who has a legal education.

Program "List of LP"

List of preferential occupations 3 5 4

In the age of computerization, it is not surprising thatIn order to streamline the lists of preferential occupations, there is a special software. Thus, keeping accounts in such matters is much easier. The program "The list of privileged professions" 3.5.4. - a version that has earned respect, despite all the updates that have been released, - serves to prepare and transfer lists of specialties to the Pension Fund of Russia. This is not a regulated document, but, nevertheless, this requirement of the FIU to employers is mandatory. To date, the most relevant is the "List of Preferential Professions" version 3.6.5.