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Self-education of the tutor of the Dow: tips for organizing

Качество работы каждого дошкольного учреждения directly depends on the qualifications of its teaching staff. Therefore, parents, choosing a kindergarten for their child, first of all pay attention to the level of professionalism of the teacher who will work with their child.

The development and upbringing of a new generation is veryresponsible business. The teacher cannot do without knowledge in the field of child psychology, anatomy, physiology and, of course, pedagogy. That is why self-education of a pre-school teacher, his striving for creative searches, comprehensive awareness is the key to the effective work of the kindergarten and the harmonious development of its young inhabitants.

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Planned education

To help the teacher develop specialprograms of continuing education, which imply periodic (once in several years) courses, participation in the methodological work of a kindergarten, city, district.

Self-education caregiver

The book is a constant helper inself-improvement. In the literary arsenal of each educator should be the work of the great teachers of the past, such as N.K. Krupskaya, A.S. Makarenko, V.A. Sukhomlinsky, N.I. Pirogov and others. The library will always help in finding the necessary information.

Self-education caregiver helps himto quickly adapt to changes in the social environment, get acquainted in a timely manner with innovations in the field of education, regularly replenish the stock of theoretical knowledge of pedagogical science, and also improve their skills and abilities.

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Raising "little people" often requiresan individual approach, and a good theoretical base for the effective work of the teacher is not enough. Therefore, the self-education of an educator in pre-school must necessarily include the exchange of experience with other colleagues on issues of education and training, organization of the pedagogical process.

Tips for organizing the process of self-education:

  1. The teacher should have a separate notebook for self-study, in which he will write out the most significant moments of various educational technologies.
  2. It is advisable to select a topic for study similar to the problems that arise or have arisen in a preschool institution. So the teacher can immediately apply the knowledge gained in practice.
  3. Self-education caregiver impliescomparison of the studied information with data from other sources, analysis of similarities and differences. This allows you to form your own judgments on a particular issue.
  4. The findings from the study should be discussed with colleagues at the pedagogical meeting. This will reveal inaccuracies in understanding, adjust knowledge.
  5. The data collected in the outline may be useful for participating in pedagogical conferences, meetings and discussions. Therefore, it is better to store them in a structured and orderly manner.
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Yet self educator child carethe garden should not consist only in conducting abstracts and preparation of reports for performance at pedagogical meetings. Work on the development of professional qualities should have real practical results: creating their own successful methods of work, games and manuals for kids, increasing the level of interaction with pupils, the overall development of the personality of the teacher.