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How to become an administrator: the necessary skills

Today, one often hears the question of howbecome an administrator. Indeed, the profession of a system administrator with the spread of the Internet has become very popular: the high demand for these specialists and good pay made it interesting for many young people who face a choice of specialization.

How to become a system administrator?

First, in order to become a sysadmin (inthe professional sphere is often quite shortened with the full name of the specialty), you need to get an appropriate education, and, in addition, to learn yourself, because many subtleties of university teachers can not communicate to students because of limited academic hours.

At the same time, a person should have the appropriate character traits that will allow him to be engaged in this activity from day to day.

Следующая важная составляющая – устройство на work, which is preceded by a long practice. The more experience a system administrator has, the better his knowledge and skills, which means a higher chance of getting a job with a good salary.

As practice shows, the best sysadmins are those people who were interested in administration from the school bench and made attempts to realize themselves in this area.

What do you need the system administrator to know?

Administrators of systems need to have such skills and knowledge:

  • be able to create and maintain networks and computing systems;
  • to control the operation of operating systems and software and, accordingly, to know their structure in perfection;
  • install the software and make it work in case of malfunctions;
  • distribute system resources;
  • coordinate the operation of systems;
  • monitor network computers and troubleshoot problems;
  • help network users: be able to explain remotely and in person, what measures need to be taken to eliminate the problem;
  • repair the network;
  • install and repair equipment.

Thus, we see that the system administrator requires a good knowledge of systems and computers.

How to become an administrator: the necessary personal qualities

From the system administrator, some personal qualities are required that will help him during his work and ensure the successful accomplishment of the assigned tasks:

  • high level of concentration and developed attention;
  • good analysis capabilities for diagnosing network problems;
  • ability to technical sciences and love of technology;
  • Developed motor skills for repairing small parts;
  • developed logical and imaginative thinking;
  • perseverance and patience;
  • accuracy;
  • a responsibility;
  • the ability to intelligibly explain complex concepts when communicating with users.

Also there are a number of qualities that, on the contrary, impede the realization in this profession:

  • absent-mindedness, inattention and inaccuracy;
  • myopia;
  • inability to "handle technology."

To become an administrator, you need to lose these qualities, because in the opposite case, the work will either get bad, or quickly get bored.

How to become an administrator and where to implement yourself?

Currently, any large enterprise has an internal network, so it is easy for system administrators to find work. They can get into such organizations:

  • firm and company (any direction);
  • enterprises and organizations;
  • banks;
  • educational institutions (as a teacher of discipline);
  • computer centers.

So, in order to know how to become an administrator,you must first of all practice and constantly update your knowledge in this area (to follow the novelties of computer technology, learn new programs, explore operating systems, etc.), because personal experience in this matter will not replace any good advice.