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OOO "Farmperpektiva", Samara: employee feedback

Questions related to finding a job are of interestthe population of Russia is very strong. Many people want to find an employer that they do not want and do not have to leave. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the opinions of people already working in an organization. Today we have to understand what the "Pharmexperiment" (Samara) receives from employees. What do subordinates think about this company? Are they all happy with them? Or about any "pitfalls" no one, except for immediate employees, will not tell?

pharma perspective of samara employee feedback


The first thing you have to understand what LLC does"Farmperspectiva" (Samara). The reviews indicate that the firm is engaged in pharmaceuticals. More precisely, the organization sells wholesale medical and pharmaceutical products, and also sells orthopedic supplies.

Accordingly, the firm is engaged in two spheresactivities - medical and commercial. Organizations are constantly in need of new subordinates. But is it worth agreeing to a job placement? Maybe it's better to find another boss?


To understand this, it is important to compare promisesfirm with a real picture of what is happening. LLC "Pharmexperiment" (Samara) reviews earns different types. If we talk about what guarantees the employer promises to all cadres, the job seekers and employees are satisfied.

ooo pharma perspective of samara employee feedback

What can you get by finding a job in the company:

  • high, competitive salary;
  • employment under an employment contract;
  • career;
  • gaining experience in a prospective company;
  • Professional Development;
  • soc. package;
  • Friendly team;
  • responsive and loyal bosses.

Nothing surprising or special is the standard promises of most companies. But what of it is true, and what is not? What do subordinates say about their employer?


Pharmexperiment (Samara) reviews positiveearns for an interview conducted by the company. It is noted that the recruitment managers behave quite friendly. The conversation takes place in a clean and cozy office. During the conversation, it is told about what the applicants will face.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is not the best that gets"Farmperspekva" (Samara) reviews of employees. Some emphasize that HR-managers do not talk about all the nuances of employment. Instead, applicants are simply told about the imaginary advantages of employment.


There are usually no complaints about registration of employees.Although the views of subordinates on this issue vary. Some say that all applicants will be registered according to established rules - with the conclusion of a contract and the entry of an appropriate entry in the "labor". Someone speaks about the opposite - ostensibly in the company there is no official employment.

pharmacy samara reviews

What to believe?"Farmperspectiva" (Samara) reviews employees earns a different plan. But we can say with certainty that the workers here are working with labor contracts. At the same time, some period of time without registration to engage in the performance of official duties is still necessary. This practice among employers is very common.

Training and Internship

It's about teaching.For this feature, "Farmperspectiva" receives ambiguous opinions. Someone says that studying in the company is only good, and someone emphasizes the questionable benefits of the process. After all, there is no documentary design, guarantees, too, but the applicant will fulfill the duties of an officially employed citizen.

Also, the organization has a so-calledprobation. Or, as some people call it, an internship. For her OOO "Farmperspekva" (Samara) reviews of employees do not get the best. After all, this feature is not spoken at the conclusion of the contract. During the trial period (it lasts about 2-3 months) the salary is lower, and the load is the same as that of all "experienced" employees. This repels the applicants.

Career and development

"Farmperspectiva" (Samara) employee reviewsA negative plan often gets for career growth and development of cadres. The promised rise in the career ladder is not here. In the same way as development, in principle.

We can say that "Pharmexperiment"an organization in which the citizen has to work for a long time in one position. Therefore, it must be remembered that an ordinary employee here remains so. One should not believe the illusive and tempting prospects of career growth in the company.

ooo farmperspecta samara reviews

About work

"Farmperspekva" (Samara) reviews employees of the negative plan as a whole for the organization of labor. What do subordinates say?

Most often indicated that the schedule is violated,seriously. The labor contract prescribes one time, in practice, a longer work is obtained. Social guarantees for newcomers are not provided, they are easily received only by "experienced" workers.

Of course, the processing, which is often complained of, is not paid in any way. Some employees say that "Pharmexperiment" is far from being the best employer.


Separately, people speak about earnings in the corporation. The thing is that Pharmexperiment LLC (Samara) receives not the best reviews in this field. Why?

Instead of the promised high profit,receive small salary. For example, at job placement 40,000 rubles a month are promised, but in practice - 20. All this is done taking into account the constant load and processing. Also, with an internship, earnings are lower. To receive normal money (although they are called low wages), you have to work in the organization of about 3 months.


Now it is clear what is atthe "Pharmexperiment" (Samara). Feedback from employees about this organization of a negative type led to the fact that the organization is in the black list of employers.

pharma perspective of samara employee feedback

It should be remembered that all the opinionshave not been confirmed. It remains only to hope that people do not lie. In any case, the abundance of negative opinions makes one doubt the integrity of the employer. Otherwise, "Pharmexperiment" is the most common boss in Samara. The firm receives standard complaints, which are shown to many organizations.