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Sample CV of a psychologist: key points and recommendations

Summary - this is a business card, the "face" of the applicantto any position. It should familiarize the employer as much as possible with the professional skills and qualities of the specialist, do not cause misunderstandings and additional questions, and also stand out against other summaries.

Resume on the work of a psychologist: a sample

There are no strict requirements for writing a resume, butStill, too much creativity will not be there. The following example of a psychologist's resume can be supplemented with items that you think are necessary. The main thing is that they have a direct bearing on the vacancy.

sample cv Psychologist

So, the key points:

  • Issue a sheet header: name, date of birth, marital status, contact information: address, mobile phone, e-mail. Do not forget about high-quality business photos.
  • Четко пропишите вашу цель:getting a position of a corporate psychologist, a school psychologist, a rescue specialist, a crisis center employee, etc. A psychologist's summary, a sample of which is presented in the article, should not contain vague wording.
  • Familiarize your employer with your work experience.Keep the list in order from the last to the earlier. Specify the time period of employment, the full name of the organization, its location (if you worked in another city), your position. Any sample of a psychologist's resume will include clearly and thoroughly spelled out job responsibilities.
  • The next point is education.At the very beginning of the list, mention the higher, then, if there is, the secondary, at the end - additional, as well as courses, trainings. Do not forget to also indicate the time interval for obtaining an education, the name of the institution, the faculty, the specialty, and the names of all courses.
  • Indicate profitable professionalskills, and also speaking in your favor additional information: knowledge of English, a number of office programs. Be sure to mention here about your scientific activities and related achievements.
  • Personal qualities. List all your human qualities that will be useful in your future position.

resume psychologist sample

A psychologist's resume, a sample of which will help you compile, will also be supplemented with accompanying and recommendatory letters. For some employers, their availability is a decisive factor.

Recommendations for psychologists with work experience

Your main "chip" is an invaluable experience. Therefore, try to familiarize the employer with him as much as possible and at the same time concisely. A sample of a psychologist's resume should take into account these points:

  • Enumerating duties at a past job site,focus on those that are close in the future. For example, for a psychologist-teacher: the development and implementation of training courses to combat childish fears, the compilation of psychological portraits of children, lessons on the adaptation of younger schoolchildren, the development and conduct of psychological tests to detect violence in the family, etc.
  • And here for the corporate psychologist it is usefultransfer of completely different responsibilities: structured interviews with applicants, development and implementation of tests to determine the psychological climate of the team, the development of programs that counteract staff turnover, the psychological support of new employees.

Both practice and theory

Listing professional skills, note your close acquaintance with the theory:

  • knowledge of the principles of psychoanalysis;
  • owning certain techniques or developing their own;
  • skills in the development, implementation and analysis of various tests;
  • participation in professional conferences, round tables;
  • publications in scientific publications.
    resume at work psychologist sample

Psychologist's resume: a sample without work experience

To the employer paid attention to your resume, be sure to consider these points:

  • Set the real salary of a novice specialist.
  • Do not leave an empty "Experience":write down in detail all your duties, performed at the educational and production practice in the university. It would be nice to attach a recommendation letter from your supervisor.
  • Be on-line - in rare cases, the recruiter will call back to a beginner specialist.
  • Do not forget about the photo - it should be to yourself, to make the impression of a serious, responsible person.
  • A sample psychologist's resume shows that inthe document must necessarily include the column "Professional Skills". Write here the subjects, practices, key points of your studies at the university, but only those that are relevant to the vacancy.
  • For you, the "Personal qualities" section is very important.Fill it with attractive, but relevant information: self-control, sensitivity, responsiveness, mindfulness, poise, etc.
  • If the summary is short, do not overload it with unnecessary information - it will not add weight.

resume psychologist sample without work experience

A sample of a psychologist's resume is only an indicative plan. Create your own original version, not forgetting the general recommendations, because it is these resumes that "cling" to the employer.