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Sample doctor's resume - the rules of compilation that one does not need to mention

The doctor is one of the most popular professions.The main purpose of the doctor is to provide first aid, support the patient's health, establish a diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. Specialists in the medical field are required everywhere, from small settlements to large megacities.

But, like any other person, the doctor is looking for the besta place of work, with a higher pay, with a good social base and a convenient schedule. In order to express yourself, you need a sample doctor's summary.

Personal information and contact information

In this part of the summary, brief personal information, a surname, a name, if desired, a patronymic, are indicated. It is necessary to indicate contact information for the communication and the desired position.

sample resume Doctor therapist


This is the most voluminous item in which it is desirableas broadly as possible describe his work experience, duties performed. A sample of a doctor's job description should also include information on professional progress. Do not just write that you know how to use medical equipment. Be sure to indicate what equipment is in use, what time period. Describe what treatment methods are used and used in practice. Do not be limited to general phrases.


In this paragraph, you should indicate in which educationalthe time was spent training, in what years, in what medical institution was the internship. If the higher institution is graduated with honors, then be sure to mention this.

Additional education

A sample of a doctor's resume must containinformation about additional education. If the doctor visits additional profile courses, he constantly improves his qualifications, this is very important for the employer. It is very important, if the doctor has publications of scientific articles in medical literature, it is worth mentioning, mentioning the topic, and when there was a publication. A huge plus, if the publication was in English, for today the knowledge of foreign languages ​​for a doctor is a necessity.

If you were a winner in any relevant competitions, you should also write about it.

Computer literacy and other skills

Computer literacy todayimportant for any profession, including the doctor, especially if you have experience working with professional programs. For example, a sample resume of a dentist therapist may contain the following information: "... I have the skills to work with the program 3D Master Vitapan, Infodent ...".

sample resume of a doctor when applying for a job
If you have the skills of administrative work, then this should definitely be written. This may be knowledge of office work and the basics of accounting, the ability to calculate insurance compensation.

It would not be superfluous to say about your hobby, but you should not get too carried away with details.


Sample doctor's resume should be supplementedrecommendations. It can be not only letters from the employer, but also from mentors or teachers. The main thing is that they are available, and if desired, the new employer, the doctor could provide them.

What should not be written, the main mistakes

Do not describe all their work activities. More than 10 years of experience is not interested in virtually any employer, perhaps interest will appear only in the second interview.

sample resume Doctor therapist

No need to describe your physical data andreasons for leaving the previous jobs. In no case do not brag and do not talk about their shortcomings. Naturally, no grammatical errors should not be in the document.

It is important that all the information in the CV is accurate and, if necessary, the doctor is able to confirm it, both formally and in practice.

И напоследок, образец резюме врача – это не template; Each person is an individual; therefore, self-presentation should be bright and expressive, reflecting the professional qualities of a candidate for a vacancy. The summary should be short, but succinct in content.