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How to Pass a Job Interview: Tips and Tricks

Interview (interview) with the employer isthe first serious step in the way of getting the work of your dreams. All that was before this - the search for work, preliminary arrangements and a resume is just a preparation. Preparation for the most responsible event, that is, how to behave in an interview.

The main thing - the collection of information

Before you pass the interview, the applicantshould learn about the company in which he wants to get a position, literally everything. He will need information about the services the company provides, or about the products that it produces and sells. You can ask about how many years the organization exists, how much it has changed since its foundation, and also about the frequency of leadership change and the stability of its composition. Important facts are the conditions of recruitment and the frequency of staff reduction. All this extremely useful information the applicant can receive from the study of information about the employer in the media, in advertising brochures and brochures issued by the company, as well as from ads directly in the office of the firm and from conversations with employees - they may well know how to pass job interviews

The applicant in the interview: how to behave

It should immediately be noted that before the interviewthe candidate for this or that vacancy must necessarily prepare all the documents that he needs, write down the questions he would like to ask the employer and, finally, just get a good night's sleep.

It's best not to come for an interviewin time, and a few minutes earlier. How to pass the interview so that it was successful? Write about yourself the most worthy impression. Entering the office, you should knock, after which (after receiving permission) enter, smile and clearly introduce yourself. You need to speak not too loudly, but not "under your breath". Probably, it is not necessary to talk about how unacceptably late for the scheduled interview, to break into the employer's office, and even chew chewing gum at the same time - this behavior, probably, will not seem to many people worthy.

When talking, you need to sit straight and look atinterviewer. The one who constantly looks away and does not know what to stop his view on, has little chance of getting the desired position. When speaking, it is best to speak clearly, avoiding slang phrases. Your thoughts should be stated in the right language - it will impress the employer, do not delve into the details of your personal life, financial problems and talk about politics or religion.

Some useful tips on how to pass the interview successfully

The first advice is the most important, one can sayfundamental: do not constantly think about how to pass the interview successfully. Excitement is the main enemy of the applicant, representing him not on the most advantageous side. If you manage to suppress this sticky and unpleasant feeling - everything will turn out the best way.

Before you go to an interview aboutwork, gently prepare for a variety of very different issues that will be brought down on a job seeker for any position. It is likely that these issues will be personal, and certainly professional. There are questions about the level of experience - they help the employer to appreciate the presented candidature. All these questions should be answered briefly and concretely, not with the characteristics of the previous place of work or study, but with facts that expose the applicant from the most advantageous side. It is important not to use stamps when responding - their interviewer heard and will hear more than once. It is better to come up with your own wording, which will be able to emphasize the dignity of the candidate, and demonstrate its eccentricity. And, most importantly, after the end of the interview, we need to thank the interviewer for the time he spent interviewing.