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Nurses in the kindergarten and at home

Sooner or later, the baby grows up, and it comes timego to work, and give the child to kindergarten. Naturally, I want everything to be at its best, to know who to contact and in what situation. To do this, it is necessary to deal with the official duties of employees of the kindergarten. What are the duties of a nanny, a caregiver and other staff?

Kindergarten staff

If with the head and teacher all the more orless clear, then such an employee as a nurse causes many questions. First of all, the concept of "nurse" in the classifier of professions is not. There is a position of assistant tutor, and the nanny is the common name of a specialist. Although not a specialist of such a person. To the position there are no requirements regarding the level of education. Absolutely. Duties of the nanny do not imply the presence of higher and even secondary special education. Therefore, caring mothers who do not have the opportunity to sit at home are often arranged for such work. Having settled down as an assistant teacher, they monitor their baby and still earn, albeit small money. Labor is not easy, but a woman is always surrounded by the “colors of life”.

nanny duties

Babysitter duties

So.Despite the lack of requirements for babysitting, it is this person who is in direct contact with children all day. In this case, there can be two tutors in a group, and junior staff are always in a single person. The main duty of the nurse is to care for the children.

The arrival of the child in the garden and hygiene

As soon as the child stepped over the threshold of the childinstitutions, the nanny should help him change clothes, change shoes. She should help children change clothes before going out for a walk, upon returning from her.

As a rule, in the younger groups the nurse helpsChildren go to the toilet, wash their hands, if they still do not cope well. She also teaches the basics of personal hygiene for babies, helps to make the bed after a quiet hour and take care of herself.

nanny duties in kindergarten


The next function - the organization of the process of eating. The nanny must prepare the tables for dinner. It is no secret that in most preschool institutions, children play and eat at the same table.

If there is no automatic lift in the establishmentor other devices, the duties of the nurse in kindergarten include the organization of food delivery from the kitchen directly to the group. And this may be the second or third floor. She is also obliged to set the table and, at the end of the meal, clean and wash the dishes and tables.

Walk or cleaning

As a rule, the nanny is not present for a walk,This is the function of the educator. While the kids on the street, the nurse will have to clean the room. This may be wet cleaning or ordinary collection of toys and putting them in their places. At this time, the room is usually ventilated, especially if it is quarantine in a group or garden.

Despite the fact that the duties of a nannywalks with children on the street are not included; if necessary, it replaces the caregiver. We are all human, and a person can get sick. Although the substitution can take place only in the short absence of the caregiver. In other cases, this is unacceptable. It is because of the lack of specialized education in the nanny.

nanny in the garden duties

General issues

Responsibilities nanny in kindergarten are not limitedonly care for babies. Junior staff monitors the safety of the property. If necessary, submit applications to the farm or the head of the garden for the purchase of new equipment or repair of old. For example, if a chair or bed breaks down, if a faucet starts flowing - that is, it is in charge of general business issues.


In all matters, the nurse is fully subordinate to the caregiver. At the same time, as usual, it is the younger staff that explains the basics of the rules of behavior at the dinner table for children.

nanny duties in the family

A responsibility

The nurse, as the teacher himself, carriesresponsibility for children. Although it is the teacher who is the main one in the group. Junior staff at a preschool institution must possess all the knowledge in the field of child safety and be responsible at the level of a caregiver if something happens.

Personal qualities required for a nanny

Despite being hired by the directoror the head of the children's institution, yet there are a number of personal characteristics that any manager will pay attention to when considering applicants for a nanny position.

What qualities pay attention to:

  • High tolerance. Most of the children are capricious, moreover, at that age the psyche is not formed, so it’s quite difficult with babies.
  • A responsibility. The nanny should have time to do everything, prepare the tables for dinner, beds for sleeping, follow the cleanliness, ventilate the room, help the kids undress and so on.
  • Vigilance and attentiveness. These are the qualities that will save the life and health of restless children.
  • Affectionate and kind, balanced and calm - such a nanny should meet children in kindergarten.

Ideally, every child directorSad wants to see younger staff with a pedagogical or psychological education. Despite the fact that the duties of a nanny educational process is not included. Requirements for personal qualities may vary depending on the age group of children. It is clear that in the younger group it is much harder than in work with already 5-year-old children. The most important thing that a woman who wants to get a nurse in a kindergarten should be is love for children.

what is the responsibility of the nanny

Private kindergartens

Not so long ago, children appeared on the marketgardens with private ownership. Naturally, in such institutions in the group there will be less children, more educators, but the cost of such care, development and upbringing is quite high. All functions of employees are clearly regulated. Being a nanny in a privately owned garden is usually much easier than with a municipal institution. Most of the work still falls on the shoulders of professional teachers, they are much more in contact with children.

In such preschool institutions canto use exclusive methods of development and education. One of the most popular today is the technique of Maria Montessori. Such training involves a small group of children, no more than 10, and educators - 3 people. At the same time they perform the duties of a nanny. As a rule, junior staff are hired only for the nursery. This age of children still does not allow them to look after themselves.

Home gardens

Another form of preschool iscalled home gardens. The most dangerous thing in them is the absence of permits for business activities. The organizers do not receive permission from SES, firefighters, and this is a potential risk to the health and life of the baby. Naturally, if a mother gives a girlfriend to her child for a couple of hours - this is one thing, and transferring her child 5 days a week for 8 or more hours is completely different. In such gardens, usually about any nanny does not even talk.

duties of the nanny

Domestic staff

Not everyone is financially disadvantaged, so they canafford a nanny who will monitor the baby at home. Most moms still want to see in their homes a person with a profile education. The duties of a nanny in a family are much broader than in a municipal institution. There may be two options:

Nanny without education

Nanny with education




educational games




selection of clubs, driving a child to them

cooking food

driving to the sports section

timely sleep

Learning foreign languages

grocery shopping

trips to the clinic

driving to mugs

other requirements

It is clear that the duties of a nanny for a childParents determine on the basis of their worldview and financial capabilities. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of a person, because children completely copy the behavior of all those people who surround them.