/ / The life of Andrei Bolkonsky. L. N. Tolstoy, "War and Peace"

The life of Andrei Bolkonsky. L. N. Tolstoy, "War and Peace"

The life path of Andrei Bolkonsky, his spiritualsearch, evolution of the personality are described throughout the entire novel by Leo Tolstoy. For the author, changes in the mind and attitude of the hero are important, because, in his opinion, this is the evidence of the moral health of the individual. Therefore, all the positive heroes of "War and Peace" go through the search for the meaning of life, the dialectic of the soul, with all disappointments, loss and gaining happiness. Tolstoy points out the presence of a positive beginning in the character in that, despite life's troubles, the hero does not lose his dignity. Such are Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov. The common and most important thing in their search is that the heroes come to the idea of ​​unity with the people. Let's see what led to the spiritual quest of Prince Andrew.

Orientation to the ideas of Napoleon

Prince Bolkonsky first appears beforereader at the very beginning of the epic, in the salon of Anna Scherer, the maid of honor. Before us is a short man, with a few dry features, quite handsome in appearance. Everything in his behavior speaks of complete disappointment with life, both spiritual and family. Marrying a beautiful selfish person, Liza Meinen, Bolkonsky soon becomes tired of her and completely changes his attitude towards marriage. Even the friend of Pierre Bezukhov, he conjures never to marry.

the life of Andrey Bolkonsky

Prince Bolkonsky is hungry for something new, for himconstant outings, family life is a vicious circle from which the young man strives to escape. How? Leaving for the front. This is the uniqueness of the novel "War and Peace": Andrei Bolkonsky, as well as other characters, their dialectic of the soul, are shown within a certain historical situation.

At the beginning of Tolstoy's epic Andrei Bolkonsky - ardentBonapartist, admiring the military talent of Napoleon, an adherent of his idea of ​​gaining power through a military feat. Bolkonsky wants to get his "Toulon".

Service and Austerlitz

With the advent of the army, a new landmark of searchingthe young prince. The life path of Andrei Bolkonsky made a decisive turn in the direction of courageous, courageous actions. The Prince shows exceptional talent in the officers, he shows courage, valor and courage.

Even the smallest details Tolstoy emphasizes,that Bolkonsky made the right choice: his face became different, he no longer expressed fatigue from everything, disappeared gestures and manners disappeared. The young man did not have time to think about how to correctly lead himself, he became real.

About what Andrew Bolkonsky talentedAdyutant, Kutuzov himself makes a note: the great commander writes a letter to the father of the young man, where he notes that the prince makes exceptional achievements. All the victories and defeats Andrew takes to heart: sincerely happy and with pain in the soul going through. He sees an enemy in Bonaparte, but at the same time he continues to admire the genius of the commander. He still dreams about "his Toulon". Andrei Bolkonsky in the novel "War and Peace" - the spokesman for the author's attitude to outstanding personalities, it is from his lips that the reader learns about the most important battles.

war and peace by Andrew Bolkonsky

The center of this stage of the prince's life journeyis the Austerlitz battle. He showed a high heroism, seriously wounded, he lies on the battlefield and sees the bottomless sky. Then to Andrew comes the realization that he must reconsider life priorities, turn to his wife, whom he despised and humiliated by his behavior. And once the idol, Napoleon, is seen to him as an insignificant human. Bonaparte appreciated the deed of the young officer, but Bolkonsky did not care. He dreams only of quiet happiness and impeccable family life. Andrei decides to finish his military career and return home, to his wife, to the Bald Mountains.

The decision to live for oneself and for oneself

Fate is preparing Bolkonsky another heavy blow.In childbirth a wife dies, Liza. She leaves Andrei a son. The prince did not have time to apologize, because he arrived too late, he is tortured by a sense of guilt. The life path of Andrei Bolkonsky further is the care of his loved ones.

Raising a son, building an estate, helpfather in the formation of the militia - at this stage, his life priorities. Andrei Bolkonsky lives in seclusion, which allows him to focus on his spiritual world and search for the meaning of life.

Progressive views of the young prince appear:he improves the life of his serfs (replaces the corvee by dowry), three hundred people give the status of free farmers. Yet for the time being he is far from accepting a sense of unity with the common people: now and then, thoughts of neglecting the peasantry and ordinary soldiers are slipping in his speech.

Fateful conversation with Pierre

The life path of Andrei Bolkonsky goes intoanother plane during Pierre Bezukhov's visit. The reader immediately notes the kinship of the souls of young people. Pierre, who is in a state of mental recovery because of the reforms carried out in his estates, infects Andrew with enthusiasm.

Andrii Bolkonsky and Pierre of the Madnesses

Young people discuss principles and meaning for a long timechanges in the life of the peasantry. Andrei disagrees with something, he does not accept the most liberal views of Pierre on serfs at all. However, the practice showed that, unlike Bezukhov, Bolkonsky was able to really facilitate the life of his peasants. All thanks to his active nature and practical view of the serfdom.

Nevertheless, the meeting with Pierre helped Prince Andrew to get a good understanding of his inner world, to start moving towards the transformations of the soul.

Revival to a new life

Глоток свежего воздуха, изменение взглядов на life has met with Natasha Rostova, the main character of the novel War and Peace. Andrei Bolkonsky visits the Rostov estate in Otradnoye for land acquisition. There he observes a quiet, cozy atmosphere in the family. Natasha is so pure, direct, real ... She met him on a starry night during the first ball in her life and immediately took possession of the young prince's heart.

natasha rostov and Andrei balkonsky

Andrew seems to be born anew:understands what he once said to Pierre: you need to live not only for yourself and your family, you need to be useful to the whole society. That's why Bolkonsky goes to Petersburg to make his proposals in the military charter.

Awareness of the meaninglessness of "state activity"

Unfortunately, to meet with the prince from Andrewit turned out that he was directed to Arakcheev, a man of unprincipled and stupid. Of course, he did not accept the idea of ​​the young prince. However, there was another meeting that affected the world view of Bolkonsky. It's about Speransky. He saw in the young man a good potential for public service. As a result, Bolkonsky is appointed to the position associated with the drafting of military regulations. In addition, Andrei heads the commission for the drafting of wartime laws.

But soon Bolkonsky comes disappointedservice: the formal approach to work does not satisfy Andrei. He feels that he does not do any work for anyone, he will not give any real help. More and more Bolkonsky recalls life in the village, where he was really useful.

Initially admiring Speransky, Andrei is nowsaw pretense and unnaturalness. More and more often, Bolkonsky is visited by thoughts about the idleness of Petersburg life and the absence of any sense in his service to the country.

Break with Natasha

Natasha Rostov and Andrei Bolkonsky were verya beautiful couple, but they were not destined to get married. The girl gave him the desire to live, to do something for the good of the country, to dream of a happy future. She became the muse of Andrew. Natasha favorably differed from other girls in St. Petersburg society: she was pure, sincere, her actions went from the heart, they were devoid of any calculation. The girl sincerely loved Bolkonsky, and not just saw in it an advantageous party.

prince bolkonsky

Bolkonsky commits a fatal mistake, postponinga wedding with Natasha for a whole year: this provoked her enthusiasm for Anatol Kuragin. The young prince could not forgive the girl. Natasha Rostov and Andrei Bolkonsky break off the engagement. Blame for everything - the pride's excessive pride, reluctance to hear and understand Natasha. He again is as self-centered as the reader has observed Andrei at the beginning of the novel.

The final change in consciousness - Borodino

It is with such a heavy heart that entersBolkonsky in 1812, a turning point for the Fatherland. Initially, he longs for vengeance: he dreams of meeting Anatoly Kuragin among the military and avenging his failed marriage by calling him to a duel. But gradually the life path of Andrei Bolkonsky is changing again: the impetus for this was the vision of the tragedy of the people.

Andrew Bolkonsky in the novel war and peace

Kutuzov trusts the young officer commandthe regiment. The prince is completely given his service - now it is for him the work of all life, he is so related to the soldiers that they call him "our prince".

Finally, the day of the apotheosis of the Patriotic Warwar and the quest of Andrei Bolkonsky - Borodino battle. It is noteworthy that Tolstoy puts his vision of this great historical event and the absurdity of wars in the mouth of Prince Andrey. He reflects on the meaninglessness of so many victims for the sake of victory.

The reader here sees Bolkonsky, pasthard life path: disappointment, death of loved ones, betrayal, rapprochement with common people. He feels that too much now understands and realizes, one might say, portends his doom: "I see that I began to understand too much. But it is not good for a man to eat of the tree of good and evil. "

Indeed, Bolkonsky receives a fatal wound and among other soldiers falls into the care of the Rostovs' house.

what Andrew balkon
The prince feels the approach of death, he long reflects on Natasha, understands her, "sees the soul", dreams of meeting his beloved, asking for forgiveness. He confesses to the girl in love and dies.

The image of Andrei Bolkonsky is an example of high honor, loyalty to the Fatherland and to people.