/ / Vadim Eilenkrig - a popular jazz musician, the most famous trumpeter-virtuoso of the Russian music community

Vadim Eilenkrig - a popular jazz musician, the most famous trumpeter-virtuoso of the Russian music community

Vadim Eilenkrig - a Russian jazz musician who masterly owns wind instruments, the main thing for him is a pipe. Cooperates with the most famous orchestras and big bands.

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Vadim Eilenkrig: Biography

The musician was born on May 4, 1971 in Moscow. Father - Simon Lvovich Eilenkrig, a famous saxophonist. Mother - Alina Yakovlevna Eilenkrig, teacher of music.

Vadim graduated from the children's music school in classpianist, then entered the Music Academy of the October Revolution (now it is the Moscow College named Schnittke). For further training, he chose the pipe, although his parents insisted on the saxophone. As a student, Vadim Eilenkrig became the winner of the 1984 trumpet competition held in Moscow. This was the first tangible success of the beginning jazzman.

Higher musical education

In 1990, Eilenkrig entered the Moscowthe State University of Culture, on the branch of wind instruments, and after a while transferred to the chair of jazz. During his studies he became a soloist in a university big band. In 1995 the collective was invited to the German city of Torgau, where the International Jazz Festival was held. After graduating from the institute, Vadim Eilenkrig began to work in the best Moscow orchestras. It was a big band led by Anatoly Kroll, Oleg Lundstrem's orchestra, the Gnessin Institute's jazz band.

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In 1996 Vadim Eilenkrig created his firsta solo project called XL. Then the trumpeter began experiments with electronic music in jazz. In 1997 Eilenkrig graduated from the postgraduate course at the Maimonides Academy. In 1999 he became the soloist of Igor Butman's big band.

In 2000 he was invited to the post of associate professor of the departmentjazz at the Faculty of Musical Culture of the Maimonides Academy. In 2006, took part in the international concert "Jazz and Classics", which was held in the New York Hall "Pink Hall".

Two years later, Vadim Eilenkrig became a laureateInternational jazz festival in Chimkent, and in 2009 the trumpeter created (in the company with the famous showman Timur Rodriguez) a musical project "Jazz hooligans". In the same year, the musician released his first album, titled "The Shadow of Your Smile," this melody is better known by Engelbert Humperdinck. Jazz musicians of the world level, such as David Garfield, Wil Lee, Chris Parker, Haire Bullock, Randy Brecker, took part in the creation of the album.


The trumpeter Eilenkrig has many partners abroad:both in the US and in Europe. However, he constantly cooperates with Russian performers. He is invited to accompanying orchestras, to one-off concerts and performances. If the trumpeter has time, he never refuses. His services are enjoyed by Dima Malikov, Larisa Dolina, Sergey Mazaev and many other artists. The musician for a long time collaborated with the band "Lube".

In 2012, Vadim released the second album, whichcalled "Eilenkrig". Alan Harris, Virgil Donatti, Igor Butman, Douglas Shreve, Dmitry Mospan, Anton Baronin took part in the creation of the collection. Several presentation concerts were held in the Igor Butman jazz club, which is located on Chistye Prudy. Two concerts were organized in the Svetlanovsky Hall of the International Moscow House of Music on the Kosmodamianskaya embankment of the Russian capital.

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Personal life

The most famous Russian jazz trumpeter is notThe journalists of the yellow press are interested. Vadim Eilenkrig, whose personal life did not even begin (if you mean the creation of a family), calls his wife a pipe made in the US on special orders from pure copper. And since the musician, in addition to the main one, has a few more pipes, they are, in his words, only mistresses.

The whole life of the musician takes place at numerous concert venues scattered all over the world.