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Kristin Taylor: biography, career, personal life

In this article we will talk about the wonderfulAmerican actress Christine Taylor. The girl is most known to the viewer by roles Melody Hanson in the comedy series "Hey, dude," Marcia Brady in the series "The film about the Brady family" and Holly Sullivan in the romantic comedy "Singer at the wedding."


Kristin Taylor was born on July 30, 1971 inthe town of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. The girl appeared in the family of Joan, a housewife, and Albert Taylor, who worked in various companies and was responsible for their safety. In addition to Kristin, the family grew up her older brother Brian. The girl grew up in a nearby town called Veskosville, Pennsylvania, where she attended the Allentown Central Catholic High School. After graduation, she admits that it was the school that made her love the stage and the theater.

Christine Taylor

The girl's mother supported hertrying to find a different job. At first it was shooting in advertising, and since 1991 Kristin began to appear with occasional roles in various comedy films.


Taylor began her acting career in 1989 on the television channel Nickelodeon, where she played in the children's television series "Hey, dude", playing the role of the rescuer Melody Hanson.She appeared in this role until 1991, periodically speaking as a guest on other TV programs. In 1995, Christine Taylor was invited to the main role of Marcia Brady in the series "The film about the Brady family". After the release of several series, the actress starred in several episodes of "Ellen."

Further, Kristin Taylor, whose filmographyreplenished every day, was invited to lead the TV series Party Girl, which was shot on the basis of the 1995 picture with the same name. She played in the 1996 horror film Craft, and also acted as Holly Sullivan's character in the 1998 comedy The Singer at the Wedding, directed by the famous Drew Barrymore. In 2001, the actress starred with her husband Ben Stiller in the comedy film Zoolander.

Kristin Taylor

Later, Christine Taylor appeared on severalTV projects as a guest star. In 2005, the actress starred in two episodes of Arrested Development, where she appeared in front of the viewer in the image of Sally Sitwell, and in 2006 - in the episode of the NBC television channel My Name Earth.

In July 2006, Taylor's husband, Ben Stiller, announcedabout plans to send on CBS a sitcom, in which the main role should be Kristin Taylor, but for unknown reasons the TV channel refused to broadcast it. In 2010, the actress was invited as a star on the shooting of "Hannah Montana Forever", in the same year the girl appeared on the Hallmark Channel in the Christmas movie "Farewell Kringle". Closer to the beginning of 2013, Taylor performed her role as Sally Sitwell in two episodes of the revived series Arrested Development.

Personal life

Kristin Taylor and Ben Stiller May 13, 2000announced their wedding. The couple were married to two children - the son of Quinlin Dempsey (born July 10, 2005) and daughter Ella Olivia (born April 10, 2002). To date, the couple have lived together for seventeen years.

Kristin Taylor and Ben Stiller

Kristin Taylor, like her husband Ben Stiller, whois a famous actor, they continue to act in films and are able to please viewers, since they usually play comedic roles. In 2017, Christine turned 45 years old. Let's wish her good luck and more great roles. We hope to see the actress more than once on the screens of her TV sets.