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Actor Nikolay Rybnikov. Films with Rybnikov in the lead role

Movies with Rybnikov in the title role isto see all the spectators who like Soviet cinema. "Girls," "The Girl Without an Address," "Height," "Another's relatives," "Two Lives," "War and Peace" are just some of the famous paintings in which Nikolai Nikolayevich starred. What can you tell us about the creative achievements of the famous actor, who, unfortunately, has already left this world?

First roles

In 1953, for the first time, he was on the setsite actor Nikolay Rybnikov. He made his debut in the film "The Team from Our Street", intended for young spectators. In the same year, the adventure film "The Mysterious Find" was also released, also intended for children. The tapes did not have much success, so they did not bring fame to Nikolai Nikolayevich.

starring films

For the first time to attract the attention of spectators anddirectors Rybnikov succeeded in 1954. In the drama "Anxious Youth", dedicated to the civil war in Ukraine, the actor got a secondary role. However, the image of the short-lived and stingy emotion of Kotka Grigorenko was a success.

Viewers who are interested in movies with Rybnikovin the main role, it is necessary to pay attention to the melodrama "Another's kin", published in 1955. In this film, the actor brilliantly played the main character - the Komsomol member Fedor, who sincerely worries about the fate of his native collective farm.

The film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street"

The talented actor felt the taste of real glory alreadyin 1956. He woke up famous after he played a key role in the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street." The tape tells the story of love, the heroes of which were the teacher and student.

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The hero of Rybnikov in this drama was Sasha Savchenko.A guy from the working environment makes every effort to win the heart of a young teacher. A cheeky and self-assured young man before easily sought the location of the fair sex. However, the girl who teaches at the school of working young people, persistently rejects it.

50's Movies

What are the films with Rybnikov in the lead rolecertainly worth a look? In 1957, the actor embodied the image of Nikolai Pasechnik, a member of the brigade of riggers, climbers in the melodrama "Height". The picture is dedicated to ordinary Soviet people who are able and like to work, dream and fall in love.

spring in the crooked street

In the same year the light saw a comedy melodrama"Girl without an address," in which Nikolai Nikolayevich played Pashka Gusarov, the main character. The story begins with the fact that a young builder without a memory falls in love with his random acquaintance.

The historical drama "Kochubei", published in 1958year, narrates about the events of 1918. Rybnikov in this picture got the role of a key character - Ivan Kochubei, the hero of the Civil War. Melodrama "Milky Way", which was published in 1959, tells about the difficult relationship between the young teacher and musician.

Pictures of the 60-70's

In the 60's, the films starring Rybnikovcontinued to leave. In the drama "Two Lives" Nikolai Nikolayevich's character became Soviet general Semyon Vostrikov. In the comedic melodrama "Girls" the actor brilliantly played the handsome Ilya, who tries to win the girl's heart to a dispute.

In 1963, the light saw the picture "He obeys the sky." In this film, Rybnikov embodied the image of test pilot Alexei Kolchin. Then he starred in the paintings, a list of which is given below.

  • "Hockey players".
  • "War and Peace".
  • "Uncle's dream."
  • "Wake up Mukhina!".
  • "Shoulder to shoulder".
  • "Old friend".

In the 70's, Nikolai Nikolayevich filmed a film less often.However, we can not fail to mention the drama "The Seventh Heaven" in which the actor convincingly played the miner Ivan Mazaev. The audience also liked other films with his participation, for example, "Krug", "Marble House", "Family of Ivanovs", "Because I Love", "Entertainment for the Old People", "Leaving - Go."


Unfortunately, already in the eighties there was no timethe demanded actor remained practically without work. Rybnikov was offered mostly episodic roles. "Leave! .." - the last picture with the participation of an actor, which was published in 1991.