/ / Singer Sergei Chelobanov: biography, personal life, creativity

Singer Sergei Chelobanov: biography, personal life, creativity

Singer Sergei Chelobanov, whose biography, whose personal life evokes the public's undying interest, knew the ups and downs, his way was not simple and direct, but was always bright.

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Sergey Chelobanov was born, biography, private lifewhich is presented in the article, in a simple family in the small town of Balakovo, Saratov region, August 31, 1961. The father of the future singer worked as an engineer, my mother was a teacher at a music school, they were counting on help from the eldest son, but he was giving a lot of trouble. At school, Sergei was a snooty and unruly, often becoming the center of conflicts. Parents took the child to a music school, recorded in a variety of sports sections, but this did not reduce the energy of the teenager. In the end, his father brought his son to the boxing section, which was supposed to teach a young bully to take away his aggression. For several years, Sergei has achieved fairly high results in boxing and music. This was the reason for his self-confidence, he was the star of the school - boxing champion, member of the school musical group, there was no end of the fans. By the end of the school Sergei was the champion of the field in boxing and a pretty famous musician.

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Passion for music

Even in his teens, Sergei Chelobanov,biography, whose personal life was not known to anyone then, was carried away by rock culture. He grew up on bands such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and Deep Purple. Even in school years, he played in a group, and afterwards he began to work in the collective "Singing Hearts" at the Balakovo Palace of Culture of Chemists, where he played hard rock. He did not graduate from music school, in which he studied piano and guitar, but got the basics of musical literacy. Later he graduated from the Moscow University of Art in absentia.

Professional career

Passion for music Sergey Vasilievich Chelobanovcarried through all life. For several years he changed several groups: "Youth", "Stone Flower", "Limousine". The musician develops his own manner of singing, gaining experience as a guitarist. In the group "Limousine" he is no longer just a soloist and guitarist, but also an author of texts and music for songs. With the group "Youth" Chelobanov travels with tours around the country.

In 1985 he came to Balakovo with toursthe famous ensemble "Integral" headed by Barry Alibasov. The producer liked an unusual local musician, and he invited him to the group, but Chelobanov did not last long, about six months. He was able to see how a real professional team works.

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Problems with law

Complex character, cockiness and dislike forThe implementation of the rules often complicated the life of a musician. For the first time, singer Sergei Chelobanov violated the law in high school. He always had a bravado, he loved everyone's attention and admiration, and it was the desire to impress the girls pushed him to the criminal path. Wishing to demonstrate his unprecedented daring, Chelobanov stole a motorcycle to shine in the company. The police quickly found a reveler, and he was brought to trial. The verdict was mild-three years probation, and this in no way sobered Chelobanov. After the school was left behind, he settled down to work for the factory to his father, but he worked poorly, as he spent the night playing in a group at the dance.

The second time the musician came across a law againbecause of the theft. In search of money for drugs, he steals a synthesizer and comes across when trying to sell it. This time, the court sentenced him to a real prison term in a general regime colony. From the appointed three years he served two years. In prison, he continued to study music, played at a local club in a group. The conclusion allowed the singer to rethink his life and make important decisions.

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Great scene

After liberation, Chelobanov moved to Moscow,although he did not have any connections there. But there was a large stock of musical material, which he wanted to record. He works in the team of H-Band, where he acts as an author and soloist. The recording of the music took place at the Ukupnik studio, which highly appreciated the possibilities of the new performer. He shows the cassette with the album down to the music editor from the TV Marta Mogilevskaya, who will say a word for the collective before Pugacheva. While the recording of the album is in progress, Chelobanov works in the studio with Larisa Dolina, arranges arrangements for several fashion groups, including "Kar-men". He gradually grows acquaintances and experience.

На большую сцену Челобанов вышел благодаря composer Arkady Ukupnik, who brought the record of the H-Band Alla Pugacheva. She immediately wanted to get acquainted with the unusual vocalist. So Sergey Chelobanov, whose songs liked the prima donna of the national stage, got a chance to reach a new level.

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Star period

In the fall of 1990, Alla Pugacheva began trainingto the next "Christmas meetings", and she urgently needed new names. Heard on the cassette a pleasant and unusual male voice, the diva went to get acquainted with the singer. Long negotiations led to the fact that the group H-Band signed an agreement with the producer company of the singer. So in the Alla Pugacheva Theater there was a new star - Chelobanov Sergey Vasilievich. His unusual image and voice immediately attracted attention to him, especially since Pugacheva made a lot of efforts to promote the new singer.

Sergei Chelobanov, whose songs appeared in the"Christmas meetings", and then in the "Blue Light", it becomes popular, he achieved what he wanted. He writes the album "The Uninvited Guest", which is diverging in large numbers. For four years, the musician bathed in the rays of glory, but everything was cut due to the musician's own fault.

Pestilential passion

Виной многих бед в жизни Челобанова было его enthusiasm for tonic substances. Even in his youth, he often abused alcohol, and during his service in the army he got acquainted with marijuana. After the prison, when life was not easy, he began to use already heavy drugs. While working with Pugacheva, he tried to keep himself in shape, but could not refuse from vice. This was the reason for the gap with the prima donna and the collapse of his career. In 2002, Chelobanov managed to abandon drugs, but there remained alcohol dependence, which he fought for several years.

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Life after glory

Sergey Chelobanov, biography, private lifewho are saturated with various events, experiences difficult times at the turn of the century. After going through periods of abuse of drugs and alcohol, oblivion and lack of money, 13 years after the stellar rise, the musician appears again on television screens. In 2007, he becomes a participant in the show "You are a superstar," which allowed him to return to the stage, although he was no longer a star of the first magnitude. Today, the audience often recalls a man named Sergei Chelobanov. "Where is he now, what is he doing?" they ask. He is not visible on the big stage, but he works, leads a small concert activity and is happy in his family life.

Personal life

The singer's private life has always attracted attention, inthe period of work with Pugacheva all only discussed their novel. The prima donna did not hide her sympathy for the singer. But few people know that at this time Sergei Chelobanov's wife patiently waited for him at home with two children. The singer married in his youth, and since then his wife has courageously endured all the "tricks" of the musician, they have lived together for more than 20 years.

In January 2016, Chelobanov became the father for the third time, his son was presented to him by his second wife, the former singer of his team Evgeny Dolgov.