/ / Former participant of "House-2" Nastya Kovaleva: biography and personal life

Former participant of "House-2" Nastya Kovaleva: biography and personal life

Do you know who Nastya Kovalyova is?How did she become famous? If not, we recommend that you read the contents of the article. It describes the biography of Anastasia and the story of her stay on the famous television project. You can start reading right now.

Nastya Kovaleva

Nastya Kovaleva: Biography

Effective blonde was born on July 3, 1991year in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Anastasia grew in full prosperity. She had the most beautiful outfits and toys. Many girls envied our heroine. Her mom was in business. They say that a woman has a whole network of beauty salons in her native city.

Nastya's father left the family early.Mom did not stop him. After all, he could not provide a decent life for her and her daughter. Soon the woman got married a second time. Anastasia well received her stepfather. And there is nothing to be surprised at. He paid more attention to her than his own father. Our heroine has a younger - 6-year-old brother.

At school, Nastya studied for four and five.Teachers predicted a successful future for her. The girl attended a dance club. Parents wanted to give a daughter in a music school. But our heroine did not show any interest in this.

Nastya Kovalyova photo


The girl was looking forward to receiving a certificate ofsecondary education. And this day has come. At that time, Nastya Kovaleva decided on her profession. The girl wanted to become a marketer. For this, she entered the Technical University, located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

After receiving the diploma of graduation, the blonde went to Moscow. Mother and stepfather provided her with good material help. Thanks to them, Anastasia got her own housing in the capital.

Beautiful life

If you think that the "major" was on the subwayor public transport, then you are very wrong. Parents gave their beloved daughter a Toyota Camry. For full happiness, there was a furry friend - a Yorkshire terrier. One day Anastasia decided to correct this situation. She contacted the nursery in which the dogs of this breed are bred. A couple of months later she was brought a charming puppy. The girl gave him the nickname Dusha.

I could not get a job as a marketer for Kovalyov.She decided to try herself in the modeling business. But before going to the casting agency, the blonde took up an "upgrade" of her own appearance. She increased her breast up to size 3, pumped her lips. But that is not all. Nastya Kovaleva (photo above) has grown hair, nails and eyelashes. She had everything in order with the figure. With a height of 167 cm, our heroine weighed 52 kg.

Nastya Kovalyova biography

"House 2"

On the famous TV project Nastya Kovalyova gotaccidentally. She won a contest to create a better presentation for one of the participants of the "Man of the Year". The girl prepared interesting material for Alexei Samsonov. To her, she came to the project. Slim and self-confident blonde liked the main demon of telestroika. Their relationship has developed rapidly. In a week the couple settled in separate apartments. Their relationship resembled the "American" roller coaster. The guys quarreled loudly, then quickly reconciled. Alexey was jealous of his girlfriend to other participants. Nastya Kovaleva did not understand the essence of his claims. After a while, the couple announced their separation. The girl left the project.