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Children's humorous newsreel "Yeralash": actors and roles

Every Soviet spectator in childhood watchedthe famous comic newsreel. "Eralash" played on topical topics, and since it relied on the school audience, the subjects often concerned learning, family, first attachment and falling in love. Often the script went beyond the framework of the classic narrative and offered fabulous or fantastic motifs. The main thing is that all of them harmoniously fit in "Yeralash".

eelash actors

Actors considered it an honor to take part in the filmingthe famous newsreel. Many of them, already known at that time, appeared in episodic roles, most often comedic characters. Feature "Yeralash" was that in almost every issue invited eminent artists for secondary images. Very young actors began their journey with him. Stars "Eralash" and features of the newsreel - in our article.

In the beginning there was a title

Few know how to start a long story"Yeralash". The idea of ​​creation belongs to Alla Surikova, who appealed to the authorities with a proposal to create a newsreel for children. This idea was supported by Alexander Khmelik and Boris Grachevsky, who stood at the helm from the moment of formation. Officials supported the idea and allocated funds for pilot releases. "Wick" was replaced by "Yeralash". The old issues can still be found on the Internet, but for the first time they appeared on the screens in 1974. And in cinemas, on "warming-up" before the beginning of films.

Eralash old issues

The change of format for quality is not affected

"Yeralash" has undergone many changes in the format.Broadcasting in cinemas, which the audience is so used to, has stopped since the collapse of the USSR. Newsreel moved to the channel RTV, and then on ORT. The aspect ratio of 4: 3 was changed to 14: 9, 16: 9 and was again returned to 4: 3. Several channels, including STS and "Carousel", and nowadays periodically add it to the broadcasting grid.

From searching for ideas to finding actors

The writers had great responsibility- to find and show topical, acute social problems or ridiculous curiosities from the life of the younger generation. Of course, with a good deal of good humor. While the team led by Lyon Izmailov, Alexander Kurlyandsky, Vladimir Zaikin developed ideas for future series, no issue of the magazine "Yeralash" could be dispensed with without young stars. Actors always remained for the creators in the first place. "Eralash" was so popular with TV viewers that every actor wanted to get the role in it.

A rich spectrum: from young stars to eminent talents

For the whole history of the magazine, which does not amount toone decade, it starred a lot of stars. It does not matter whether they were eminent, beginners or little-known - they were all ready to accept the "Yeralash". Actors are happy to remember the work in the magazine. And if for well-known artists it was a pleasant way to dilute the filmography, then for young the film magazine served as a voucher to life. About those for whom "Yeralash" became the starting point in the career, we'll talk later.

the stars of the Eurasian

In the meantime, let us dwell on those who received an honoraryinvitation to "Yeralash". The actors of Soviet and Russian cinema have tried on new images, which are often amused by the little characters of "Yeralash". Among them are Vera Vasilyeva, Natalya Varley, Vladimir Vinokur, Elena Valushkina, Mikhail Boyarsky, Alexei Buldakov, Yuri Galtsev, Evelina Bledans, Tatyana Agafonova, Sergey Bezrukov and others.

Не только актеры стали приглашенными звездами newsreel. The figures of other professions (sportsmen, TV presenters, musicians) contributed to "Yeralash". Khazanov Gennady Viktorovich, the famous humorist, was among them. Each of his episodes was warmly received by the audience. In his characteristic manner, Khazanov played in three episodes: "As I remember now" (1975), "The Tsarevna-Nesmeyan" (1978), "40 devils" (1984).

Eralash Khazanov

"Yeralash": actors and roles

One of the brightest stars of the newsreel - FedorStukov. Born in Moscow, he began his acting career at the age of 7 with the painting "Several Days", staged by Nikita Mikhalkov. In "Yeralash" he was later. The first was the red-haired boy Tolya Trushkin in the series "Yabedy". Growing up, Fedor abandoned acting and switched to director's work. In his record the production of the reality show "Behind the Glass" and many Russian serials: "Fizruk", "Eighties", "How I Met Your Mother".

eralash actors and roles

Anna Tsukanova submissively served "Yeralash" onfor 17 episodes. The young star appeared in several images, different in character and externally. Around the same time, Alexander Kott, who later became her husband, called Anna in the TV series "The Circus." Now Tsukanova is a modern demanded actress. In her track record - roles in "Brest Fortress", "Klushah", "Eighties" and many other paintings.

Volodya Sychev played in the episode "Braziliansystem". Young actor so fond of Grachevsky, that he invited him in seven more series. "Eralash" is not Sychev's only film work. He starred in many films, one of the last roles - the best friend of the protagonist in the series "Fizruk."

Modern viewers know Mikhail Kazakov bythe series "Daddy's Daughters". But in 2002 he appeared in "Yeralash" in the image of Bochkin. Now this stage of the career is replaced by new roles, but the actor himself warmly remembers shooting in "Yeralash".

From the object of girlish dreams to the Cadet

It so happened that a native of Czechoslovakiamostly the role of charming boys, who were always followed by a crowd of girls. For participation in several episodes of "Yeralash" Alexander Golovin was called a sex symbol. Of course, comic compliment, but, as you know, every joke has some truth. Most of all, Golovin, noticeably matured, was remembered for the military drama "Bastards" and the series "Kadetstvo."

His colleague on both projects Cyril Yemelyanovalso started with "Yeralash". The filmography of the modern actor includes participation in the erotic drama "Boys from the East", in which he played the role of a youth on a call. In recent years, the actor starred in the series "Bones", "A Glimpse of Eternity", "Three Stars".

"Yeralash": children-actors, boys and girls

Popularity with Iana Poplavskaya came with an exit"Little Red Riding Hood". This image was incredibly famous in the Soviet years, and the actress herself instantly turned into a real screen star. Over time, Yana starred in many pictures, but she could not repeat the success of this film. Like the other children actors, Yana starred in Yeralash.

eelash children actors

Another famous participant of the newsreel -Alexander Loie. This red-haired ochkarik appeared in several episodes and, perhaps, remains the most recognizable of all the young stars "Yeralash". In 2000, the actor played in the series Next and its sequels. Mostly he prefers serials. Among the notable paintings Loye - the comedy "Love in the City" and "Five Brides."

From the newsreel - to musicians

The names of these three performers are known to everyone.And not everyone knows that they are actors shot in "Yeralash". Sergei Lazarev, one of the popular Russian singers, made a successful career not only in Russia, but also in the West. In "Yeralash" Sergei hard to know. His hero is a modest little boy who tries to please the girl. At that time the soloist of the collective "Neposedy", Sergei took part in the recording of the title song of the film almanac.

Julia Volkova, a longtime acquaintance of Sergei Lazarev,also started with "Yeralash". Then she became famous for the whole world as a participant in the scandalous duet "Tatu". With the acting career of Volkov is not going to tie: periodically she flashes in Russian paintings, such as, for example, "Zombi vacation", "You and me."

Natasha Ionova became famous for her unusual voice,processed on a computer for his stage character Glucose. At the age of 11, Natasha was cast in Yeralash. There she played several roles. The most famous of them is a cunning country girl from the episode with forest mushrooms.

Screen faces that can not be recognized

This is not the entire list of actors involved.Without mentioning, there remained a dozen media stars who appeared in the magazine "Yeralash". The old issues are remembered by Larisa Guzeev, Nonna Grishaev, Lev Durov, Yulia Gusman, Ilya Lagutenko, Yuri Nazarov and many others. From the young stars that later became famous, Ilya Vasilyev (now a showman and presenter), Lyubov Zaitsev (Four Tankmen and a Dog), Vlad Topalov (ex-member of Smash and a solo artist), Ivan Chuvatkin ("The Method of Laurel" ), Artem Bibilyurov (actor and theater director). In addition, one can not fail to mention Anastasia Sivaeva ("Daddy's Daughters"), Maria Ivashchenko (actress of dubbing), Velimira Rusakova ("House of the Sun"), Xenia Shandalova (Aerobatics), Anastasia Zadorozhnaya ("Love in the Big City") , Olga Kuzmin ("Kitchen").

actors shot in the Eurasian

The heritage of generations

“Jumble”, the actors and the role of which for a long timewill remain in history as an example of a good comedy project, one of the oldest shows that continues to live now, but changes over time. Every year there are several series that outplay the situation already in modern society.