/ / Ex-member of the group "Brilliant" Anna Dubovitskaya: her biography, career and family

Ex-member of the group "Brilliant" Anna Dubovitskaya: her biography, career and family

Our heroine of today is beautiful and talentedgirl Anna Dubovitskaya ("Brilliant"). Do you want to know when she was born and where she studied? How did you get into one of the most popular women's groups? All the necessary information you will find in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!

Anna Dubovitskaya


Dubovitskaya Anna Dmitrievna March 6, 1983 in Saratov. She is from a simple family, not related to show business.

Our heroine grew up a calm and intelligent girl. Mom and Dad tried to give their daughters all the best: beautiful outfits, interesting toys and delicious food.

At school, Anya studied for four and five. Dubovitskaya's favorite subjects were drawing, music and literature. She also visited various circles, which provided her with a comprehensive development.


At first, Anna Dubovitskaya was not going to leavenative Saratov. There she enrolled in an economic college. But after receiving a diploma of higher education, the girl dramatically changed her mind. She wanted to conquer the capital. Parents discouraged the daughter from this step. Anya managed to insist on her decision.

What did the provincial person do in Moscow?Dubovitskaya managed to get a job in a large firm. However, she did not work for long. At some point the pasha heroine realized that all these figures and reports are not for her. The blonde has radically changed the field of activity.

Anna Dubovitskaya signed up for a dance courseto the Street Jazz school. Choreographers noted its natural flexibility, a sense of rhythm and the ability to own a body. As a result, Anya got into the core of the show-ballet "Street Jazz". The blonde, along with choreographers and dancers, toured major Russian cities. This went on for almost 6 months. Then the girl announced her desire to leave the show-ballet. The management reacted with understanding to its decision.

Pop Group Shiny

Pop group "Brilliant"

Our heroine since childhood dreamed of becoming famousactress. Once in Moscow, she began to implement their plans. Anya participated in various castings. On one of them, the blonde with the chiseled figure was noticed by the producers. The girl starred in the crowd in several clips. But she wanted to get a higher role. Soon, fate granted Dubovitsky such an opportunity.

In January 2008, from the group "Brilliant" leftJulia Kovalchuk. Producer of the team engaged in the search for a blonde, who was to replace the retired soloist. Anna Dubovitskaya's candidacy came in handy. The girl was given a probationary period.

Anna Dubovitskaya did not immediately get accustomed to the collective. Unlike other soloists, she did not have a musical education. Our heroine could not sing live. She was rescued only by a phonogram.

Dubovitskaya participated in the recording of the album"Brilliant" under the name "Classmates". But that is not all. Also on the viewer's court were presented 3 clips with her participation - "Shar", "Classmates" and "You know, dear." Fans of the group (especially the male part of them) appreciated the vocal and external data of the new soloist.

Ana managed to find a common language with othersparticipants of "Brilliant". They traveled almost all of our country with tours. The new line-up has achieved unprecedented success. However, Anna Dubovitskaya had to leave the group due to pregnancy.

Dubovitskaya anna Dmitrievna

New facets of talent

The blonde decided to part withshow business. She had another passion - fashion design. In 2009, Anna Dubovitskaya, being a soloist of "Brilliant", entered the Moscow Art and Industry Institute.

After receiving the diploma of graduating from high school girlI began to realize my ideas and ideas. She has issued a collection of fashionable clothes for women aged 18 to 40 years. To create clothes, Stump uses high-quality and noble materials, such as Indian silk, Italian viscose, German wool, and others.

Today in Moscow boutiques are selling outfits,produced under the brand Anna DUBOVITSKAYA. Moscow women of fashion can please themselves with an elegant coat, bright dresses, warm sweaters, comfortable skirts and business suits. A limited collection of clothes for men is also on sale.

Anna Dubovitsky shiny

Personal life

Our heroine has never had problems associated with a lack of male attention. And this is not surprising. After all, she is the owner of a slim figure, long hair and a sweet face.

In his time, Ana was credited with a novel with a famous football player, Dmitry Sychev. The singer did not confirm, but did not refute this information.

For several years, Dubovitskaya has been legallyMarriage with businessman Sergei Anokhin. In April 2012 they had a common child - daughter Lyubochka. Today their family consists of 4 people. Few people know that Anya brings up the daughter of Sergei from his first marriage.