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Biography of Duane Johnson: a wrestler, an actor and ... a lawyer!

Duane Douglas Johnson is a popular Americanan actor who came to the world of great cinema from the world of fights without rules. This, no doubt, a talented man was born on May 2, 1972 in the American city of California. Biography of Dwayne Johnson says that he grew up in a family of professional wrestlers, which were his father Rocky Johnson and grandfather Peter Mayvia. And other members of his family were repeatedly seen in the world of wrestling.

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As a college student, Dwayne Johnson,whose biography is known to every fan of modern fights without rules, played football and was even a part of the national team of champions. The actor admits that he could have made a successful career as a football player, but he was not able to finally gain a foothold in the staff of the Calgary Stampede team, who played in the football league.

After the football was over, Johnsondecided to go into big wrestling, as before his father and grandfather did. Time has shown that he did the right thing, and managed to achieve excellent results in the path of fighting without rules. The biography of Duane Johnson is amazing with a huge number of awards and prizes.

He was one of the most prominent representativesInternational Wrestling Federation in the period from 1996 to 2004. Duane Johnson, a biography, a growth whose weight was of interest to all WWE fans, was cool enough about the fame and respect that fell on him after he gained a foothold in the sport.

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In 1998, he won the WWF Championship andas a result, acquired the title of one of the most popular wrestlers wrestling. In 2001, he first appeared on television as an actor, but Johnson did not quit sports, occasionally participating in matches for the purpose of advertising and promotion of the federation.

Biography of Dwayne Johnson says that for hisHe managed to become a world champion nine times. He won this title for seven consecutive years! Johnson also won twice in the intercontinental championship of WWF and repeatedly won the World Wrestling Championships.

The first work of Duane Johnson in the movie wasThe role of the King of Scorpios in the film of the same name, released in 2001. He received an unprecedented fee for those times, as an actor, who for the first time embodied the main role on the screen - $ 5.5 million. Ever since, Johnson has become an active filmmaker. His image was used to create a computer image of the King of Scorpios.

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To date, the biography of Duane Johnsonhas a huge number of roles. So, he embodied the image of his father in one of the series. It was he who was to play the main role in the show "Johnny Bravo", but this, alas, did not happen. Actor often appears in reality shows, television series and talk shows. He was repeatedly seen in the programs "Podstava", "Hannah Montana", "Biography", "Friday night with Jonathan Ross."

It is worth noting the fact that Duane Johnson hasdiploma of a lawyer, and it was education that helped him to sort everything out when drafting contracts with leading companies engaged in organizing fights without rules.