Best movies about octopuses

It turns out that in the world there are films aboutoctopus. What are interesting pictures with these creatures from the water depths in the main role? Of course, many works do not receive adequate funding and do not attract the viewer, accustomed to special effects. However, if you really want to, you can find movies about octopuses, which will surprise even the most sophisticated spectators. In this article, let's look at a few pictures about underwater inhabitants.

"Monster of Depths"

Few movies about octopuses, whose listis quite extensive, can boast of good financing. As a rule, such works are very cheap and uninteresting. "Monster of Depths" - a film about the giant octopus, shot by Tibor Takach, was released on screens in 2006. The budget was $ 2.1 million.

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The action of the picture revolves around the groupdivers who are looking for jewelry. They find a great place in which many ships sank. According to one of the legends, the ships were attacked by some monster and drowned. Of course, none of the guys believe in this, feeling the rapid enrichment. What, then, drags huge ships to the seabed? Friends will soon find out, incidentally revealing the secret of the "sea devil."

Movies about octopuses (horrors) that came out before"Monster of the depths," can envy good special effects and an exciting story. The spectators warmly accepted the tape, closing their eyes to a lot of shortcomings.


Many octopus films borrowed the idea fromthe first part of "Tentacles". Director Yossi Veyn managed to collect a good cast and made a good horror film. On the screens he appeared in the distant 2001.

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Independence Day is one of the most significantholidays in the United States of America. A landmark date is approaching, and New Yorkers are going to celebrate it on a grand scale. Festivals must pass on the water. However, recently there have been reports that people have disappeared from the shores and ships. Local residents are concerned about what is happening. Understand the problem is taken by Nick Harfield - chief of the coastal police. Help him dare a modest girl who works in the City Hall. She believes that a giant octopus settled at the bottom of the coves. Few people want to support the guesses of the heroes, so they have to prevent the catastrophe on their own.

The film about the giant octopus killer is shot inthe best traditions of American horror movies. A simple plot, good special effects, stupid behavior of heroes and monster. Many films about octopuses have a similar scenario, but the "Tentacles" have become one of the first in this genre.

"Cunning octopus"

"Cunning octopus" - a documentary about the octopus, released on television in 2005. As it is easy to guess, the work will tell about the life of these mysterious underwater creatures.

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The tape was filmed by Canadian specialists whodevoted a huge amount of time to studying octopuses. The spectator learns about the behavior of creatures in the natural habitat. The picture will show that the octopus is not so terrible as it seems at first glance. Despite their huge size, they are rather affectionate. Octopus with special zeal take care of their offspring and are able to learn.


The first part of the film about the octopus killers.It should be noted that the shooting involved the director John Eyrs, and the crew included several Russian actors. The film about the octopus-killer came out in 2000. The budget was $ 5 million, which is quite good for such a project.

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The waters of the Atlantic Ocean hide many mysteries.In one place in 1962, the Russian nuclear submarine disappeared without a trace. So no one could understand the disappearance. After a while in this very place another submarine floats, which is waiting for the same to take into account. An unknown creature attacks a huge ship and pulls it to the bottom. The crew managed to find out that they attacked a huge octopus. The monster is hungry, so he left the depths in search of food. Everyone on the boat understands that death is inevitable.

The "tentacles" turned out to be very good and in terms ofplot, and from the side of special effects. The film fell in love with many fans of underwater monsters. Not disillusioned were the film critics, worthily appreciating the work of the little-known director.


The film was released in 1971.The creation was carried out by the United States of America and Mexico. The scriptwriter, director and producer is Harry Essex. Immediately it is worth saying that the taste of the picture will not all.

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Actions take place in a small Mexicantown. The wastes of the local nuclear power plant are accidentally discharged into the purification plant. All water becomes infected. The problem is studied by Dr. Torres. Soon he finds a mutated octopus in a local pond. The doctor takes it for study in the laboratory. However, the sea creature very quickly turns into a monster, which escapes from the laboratory and begins to create outrages on the streets of the city. The country's leadership does not believe in Torres's terrible stories. The doctor goes for help to the director of the local carnival, who suggests using the mutant in the speeches.

Despite the year of release, the picture in the film is not annoying. There are moments that can frighten the viewer.


The Creation of Declan About "Bryan, who saw the lightin 2010. It is a horror film with an uncomplicated plot, which is difficult to take seriously. It is distinguished by black humor, which only the fans of the genre will like.

a documentary about the octopus

Сюжет поведает об акулосьминоге - секретном weapons of the United States. The monster, codenamed S-11, has received the muzzle of the shark and tentacles of the octopus through the efforts of scientists. The monster with a high speed overcomes the distance along the water, and can also easily move on land. Electronic pulses sent by a special collar are used for control. The acupulminus collides with the boat, after which the scientists lose control over it. Now the monster goes to the coastal zones, where it is full of people.

"The creature of the abyss"

Horror Canadian production, shotdirected by Gary Yates. On the screens the picture came out in 2007, but not everyone liked it. Many viewers did not like the absurd story, others saw it as a huge plus.

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Fells is a small island on which one resideshereditary fishermen. For many generations, fish was their only food. But it is getting smaller and smaller. Understand the problem and help the local residents sent a scientist. At the same time, people begin to disappear from the island without a trace. The scientist suggests that the reason for the disappearances is a huge octopus, living in the water column. Of course, no one wants to believe in this, so as not to refuse to eat food. Sooner or later, all residents will face face to face with an eerie creature and stand up for their home and family. However, what can people counterpose to a ruthless monster?