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The main characters of "Gurren Laganne" and a brief description of the plot

In 2007, the Japanese director Hiroyuki Imaisireleased an anime series "Gurren Laganne", which gained wide popularity among the young audience. This project is not innovative and exclusive, but, as the audience notes, the film is quite interesting and colorful. Therefore, we now find out what were the characters of "Gurren Laganne" and on what the plot of this anime was based.

The content of the series

The action of the anime "Gurren Laganne" unfolds underground. People there live in artificially made villages and are not selected on the surface of the planet, for fear of earthquakes and landslides.

In one of the settlements there are the main characters"Gurren Laganne" - Simon and Kamina. One day Simon discovers two strange objects - a key-borer and a small robot. He shows it to his friend, and he immediately gives the name to this cute typewriter - Laganne.

A day later, the village descends anthropomorphicA robot that combines the features of a person and an animal. After him comes a sniper-girl named Yoko, who lives in a nearby underground village. With the help of the key Simon drives Laganna, together they defeat the robot beast and are selected on the surface of the Earth.

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The main characters of "Gurren Laganne"

So, we already found out that in the center of the seriesthere are two boys - Simon and Kamina, and later they are joined by a sniper-girl, Yoko. They are followed by two equally important heroes - Rosiu Adai and Nia Teppelin. The other characters play auxiliary roles, and, like in many Japanese anime series, there are a lot of them. Because now we will consider in detail only the most important and give them a clear description.


This hero is the most important in the "GurrenLaganne. " Simon is a calm and balanced character, but very outcast and brave. At the beginning of the series, he is drilling, because he finds this process soothing.

Later, he converges with Kamina, the guy whosomewhat older than him. They both find mechanical devices, which, in the sequel, are united in a single machine called Gurren-Laganne, which exerts resistance to the animals that inhabit the Earth.

After his friend and mentor perishes,Simon all his subsequent years keeps him a memory. Despite the fact that his life then raises to the throne of a new state formed on the surface, then to prison, he remains the same docile and just boy who was in his native village.

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Oh, it's an eternal fighter against the system, eternala figure and a constantly positive guy. He never tolerated circumstances and preferred that they adjust to him, and not vice versa. So, making friends with Simon, created the Fireplace Gurren-Laganne, an assistant robot, thanks to which many people could get to the ground.

Together with his youngest friend Kamyna foundedcity ​​on Earth, but, unfortunately, could not live in it for long, since he was killed in one of the fights with the beastly people. This young man was a concentration of positive, eloquence and intelligence, than he always inspired everyone around. He liked girls, was a good companion for the guys and served as a reliable support for the older generation.

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Girl-sniper, who has a fantasticfigure and elusive charm, and all this despite the fact that she is the owner of the male profession. Yoko works as a sniper, destroying the machines created by the beast, and fighting for the rights of the underground population. After acquainting herself with the main characters, she gives her heart to Kamina, although Simon falls in love with her first.

After the death of his lover, Yoko reunites withKitain, who also fights against the Spiral King - the main antagonist of the series. Her second love also dies in one of the fights, and the girl goes to one of the villages to work as a teacher, in order to heal the wounds from her losses.

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Rosiu Adai

The orphan boy, who had been for a long timeslave of the terrible fictitious religion of his village. The unknown god needed to constantly sacrifice people, and this soon prompted the guy a lot of doubt. Once he stole all those children who were to be killed, and climbed to the surface in the city formed by Kamina and Simon.

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Nia Teppelin

Some characters of "Gurren-Laganne" - personalityvery contradictory and strange. Among them, the main is Niya - the daughter of the Spiral King. The tyrannical ruler created children just for fun, and only one of his daughters became interested in the meaning of their existence. The father disowned her, and so Niya was in the city of Simon.