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Olga Spiridonova - the new Cinderella of Russian cinema

Olga Spiridonova

Russian TV series occupy a whole layer indomestic cinema. Every evening the whole family gathers at the TV to find out what happened to your favorite heroes today. This is so much the tradition of Russians that as soon as one series ends, they immediately try to replace it with a new one, so that the airtime is not empty and was not occupied with anything other than favorite soap operas. After a hard day's work, this is exactly what a tired citizen of our country needs. But sometimes this position is replaced by full-length Russian films with a simple history.

Olga Spiridonova, biography

Many actresses who play in films do notare remembered for the viewer. When he sees them on the screen the next time, he may not remember the new movie star. But some literally sink into the soul of a man on the other side of the screen so much that he is ready to watch with them any pictures, not even very successful. Such talented actresses can easily be attributed Olga Spiridonova.

Olga Spiridonova was born in the capital on March 20.Her childhood was not overshadowed by any troubles and tragic events. The girl did not need anything, differed in her liveliness and stubbornness. From the very childhood she talked about what would be an actress. Often tried on my mother's shoes and used her make-up as a make-up. Subsequently, she really entered a theater college, which she graduated with good marks and praise from teachers. The question arose of where to go next.

Of course, first Olga Spiridonova wentwork in the theater. So do all the novice actors. To work there, playing small roles, she began when she was still a student. Everything changed when she was offered a role in one "fairytale" film ...

Olga Spiridonova, filmography

Career Cinderella

Olga's blond hair and her calm confidentlook allowed her to quickly go through the casting for the role of a waitress in the picture "Paradise apple". Her character is not just a beautiful blonde. This is a girl who asked herself some goals in life. She is a simple waitress who is looking for a new job. I won a local beauty contest and I know what it costs. When she gets a maid working in a boarding house with the same name of the movie, it is attached to some kind of deputy for the fulfillment of all his desires, even humiliating. The next day Olga Spiridonova, or rather her heroine Asya learns that it was a cruel joke pension workers, and the deputy was not a deputy, and one of them, a girl decides to take revenge. When an official comes to them, Asya seduces him and puts everything in order to become the director of the institution. For this first role, Olga will often be called Cinderella.

Olga Spiridonova, private life

"Arrow of Love"

The next main role awaited Olga only through4 years, in 2002. She was invited to a painting called "The Arrow of Love." The name comes from the train "Strela", which rides from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It is there that are sent three different men who have become fellow travelers. One of them is offended that he never got into romantic stories on trains, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Finding in the other compartment two women, Katya and her daughter Tanya, who plays Olga Spiridonova, he invites them to celebrate the trip to his compartment. Those agree. Next comes a series of comedy events, in which conductors and a prostitute participate, as well as another lady of Balzac's age.

Fairytale for children

Olga Spiridonova, biography

Olga has always dreamed of playing in a painting for children.This her dream was fulfilled relatively recently, in 2010. The girl was invited to play in the film "Striped Happiness". Just then the actress dyed her hair in a soft red tint, which allowed her to take the image of the classic mother of the 90s. Olga Spiridonova, whose filmography is not too diverse, was happy to create something for the younger generation. According to the plot, the main character is a simple cat Vaska. He got into trouble, so he ran away from the pursuers on balloons. Unexpectedly, the boy helped him out. He turned out to be a very kind, but outspoken botanist, who is oppressed by his grandmother in his own family. She forces him to stay at home and does not allow to be friends with other children. Mom, as it turned out, is inactive in this situation, so Vaska takes matters into his ... paws. The film was quite successful, so it served as the basis for the series, which was released on STS 2 years later.

Olga Spiridonova, private life

Спиридонова в последнее время мало снимается, что immediately noticed the fans who fell in love with her. They began to worry that something bad could happen. But Olga assured the press that everything is fine with her, just now her personal life worries about her more career. The girl says that she did not quit the film and is ready to shoot later, but a little later. There are rumors that Olga is pregnant, but she does not confirm them. The actress believes that the private life should always remain behind the scenes and promises that soon it will please fans with a brief information about themselves.