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"Almost man", actors: roles, biographies

The series "Almost a Man" was created by Canadian producer Joel Howard Wyman. He is shot in the genres of drama, detective and science fiction. The film premiered in the fall of 2013.

The plot of the series "Almost a Man"

In the movie “Almost a Man,” the actors talk aboutnear future - year 2048. Technical progress has led to the fact that the underworld is spinning out of control. The police are unable to resist the modern criminals. In order to protect the population from new threats, as well as to help the police, fighting models of humanoid robots are taking over.

Two years ago John Kennex with his teamparticipated in the operation to destroy the bandit group "Insindikat." However, they fell into a trap, as a result of which John's partner was wounded. The Android that was with them, after the analysis of the situation refused to help get out Kenneth and his partner. The result was the death of a friend and a serious wounding of a policeman. After spending about one and a half years in a coma, John comes to himself. He hates robots, he has a leg prosthesis, and he periodically loses memory.

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Return to work for him is possible onlysubject to cooperation with the cybernetic mind. The Android DRN-0167 with a synthetic soul is not a new model. However, Dorian (the so-called robot) is not alien to the manifestation of human feelings and emotions. Perhaps working together will help bring such different creatures together.

In the series "Almost a Man" the actors performed their roles with talent. Below we will describe them in more detail.

Carl Urban in the lead role

Let's start with the actor who played the main role.Carl Urban starred in the project as a detective John Kennex. The actor from New Zealand saw the world on June 7, 1972. In the hometown of Wellington, the future celebrity was educated at the church school. Urban even tried to attend classes at the Victorian University of his city. In the early 90's, the young man started acting in films, so he could not finish the school.

To date, behind the shoulders of Karl Urbanashooting in 40 television series and full-length feature films. At the beginning of his development as an actor, he successfully took part in the shooting of the famous project "Xena - Warrior Princess". The next step in his career was the adventure television series "The Amazing Journeys of Hercules." To secure the role of a popular actor Carl managed after participating in the film "The price of milk."

Carl Urban

Urban participated in the filming of the trilogyThe Lord of the Rings, in which he played the role of Eomer. For this image, he won the Actors Guild Award. Karl brightly played the role of Vaako in the fantastic movie “Riddick”. The actor perfectly succeeded in the role of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the films from the series "Star Trek".

In the film “Almost a Man,” the actor K. Urban happened to play with M. Or. Together, they skillfully showed the relationship of artificial intelligence, which is endowed with a kind of soul, with a man.

Michael Or as a robot

The actor played the role of android Dorian.August 3, 1973 in the city of Silver Spring, which is located in Maryland, saw the light of Michael Brown - then the actor had that name. In school, the guy preferred sports games - football and basketball. Doubts about the correctness of the choice appeared in Michael after watching the film "Blues about a better life" with Denzel Washington in the lead role.

michael or

After graduating from the University of Maryland, in 1999, hemoves to new york. Here he first appears on the stage of the theater. Two years later, Michael Or successfully made his debut in the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein." This recognition came to the actor after the film "Barber". And his participation in the continuation of this romantic comedy “Hairdresser-2: back in business” left an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans. To date, Or took part in the filming of more than thirty films and television series.

M. Kelly as Valerie Stahl

Minka Kelly in the TV series "Almost a man" playedthe role of detective Valerie Stahl. The girl, who was born in Los Angeles in the family of a guitarist and dancer, was prepared for the fate of the actress. She was born on June 24, 1980. Father threw her with her mother. However, having matured, Minka found the strength to forgive him.

For the first time Minka tried herself as an actressin the movie “Praise,” which was released in 2004. Since then, the actress is quite in demand and has already managed to act in more than twenty television series and films.

Minka Kelly

Actors "Almost a man" managed interestingto talk about the relationship of man with the part of the body taken from the robot and the robot endowed with an almost human soul. Fast analytical actions together with unusual solutions help to find common themes for completely different creatures and to solve tasks. In the series “Almost a Man,” the actors sincerely and truthfully revealed human and cybernetic natures.