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How to draw a scorpion: a step-by-step instruction

Despite the fact that such dangerousinsects like scorpions are not very popular with most people, many dream to learn how to draw a scorpion in pencil step by step. Someone just wants to learn a little better to draw, someone dreams of giving a picture made by themselves.

What must be in the picture?

In general, in its appearance, the scorpion is a bitreminds of cancer, but it has a tail of a completely different shape, with a poisonous sting that is on the end. Like ordinary cancer, there are claws and a shell, as well as a number of small legs. Therefore, if you know what a cancer looks like, it will be easier for you with a picture. In general, to facilitate your task, you can search for photos that show scorpions. The pictures drawn are also quite easy to find (an example can be seen in this article), so this is not a problem.

How to draw a scorpion

How to draw a torso and claw?

If you do not know how to draw a scorpion, thenremember that you always need to start from the trunk. In order for you to have a beautiful and proportional drawing, you need to figure out where the insect will be placed on a piece of paper. To deal with this you will help the usual line, which indicates where the future body will be. At the end, the line should be curved - it will be a tail with a sting. Also draw a perpendicular line, which then becomes claws. Only after all this you do, you can start drawing the torso. How to draw a scorpion is no longer so difficult, because you have outlined the main forms and started drawing them. Also, you finish dovetailing the claws, giving them a shape, but you should remember that they are not too large in scorpions and a bit narrow.

How to draw a scorpion in pencil in stages

How to draw a shell?

Помните, что и панцирь на туловище, и хвост Scorpions consist of segments, so they should be carefully drawn. How to draw a scorpion so that they look more realistic? It should be remembered that any picture should be as detailed as possible, so stop this particular attention. Also draw a line that would separate the body from the scorpion's head, because they are separate segments of a real insect.

Scorpions pictures

The last stage and the final result

First you need to remove all those itemswhich should not spoil the drawing. All the lines that you drew before, were created with a single purpose - to understand how to draw a scorpion. In addition, you will need to draw on the insect's shell the segmentation that makes up its torso. Do not forget the claws. Be sure to check your drawing before the final stage, if you find any shortcomings, you will need to fix them to get a beautiful and realistic picture.

Now you need to move on to coloring yourPictures. The coloring of scorpions is very different. But most often they are black or just dark. Therefore, if you just fade an insect with a pencil, you will get a very effective drawing. Of course, if you are confident in your abilities and know for sure that you can finish drawing some details, then you can add a desert to the drawing. After all, it is in the desert that most scorpions live.

It is worth remembering that drawing is dangerousan insect can not only pencils, but also all that you come to hand. Very often you can see pictures of scorpion, made in the style of graffiti. Here you need to understand that the main thing is not the realism of the drawing, but its unusualness. But to draw a beautiful scorpion in the style of graffiti, you must first learn to draw it in pencil on paper.