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The film "Lobster": reviews, the plot, the director, the actors and the roles

Modern people from childhood inspire a capitaltruth, but many of them are on the verge of lying. Among the imposed stereotypes is the need to marry / marry before the age of 30, otherwise you will be a lonely loser. Trying to meet this requirement, many are rushing to tie themselves up with the first candidate for the role of spouse. As a result, they become deeply unhappy in their family life with an unloved person. In the meantime, society inspires such people that an unhappy marriage is a common rule and, if you have a couple of children, you will eventually get used to it.

Young Greek director Yorgos Lantimos,famous for his art house films, in 2015 he made the film "Lobster". In this tape, he tried to show viewers how much in the modern society perverted the understanding of the institution of the family.

The film "Lobster"

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, a new anti-utopia tape by Yorgos Lantimos "Lobster" was shown for the first time.

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Despite the fact that this picture refers toarthasnomu cinema with a very modest budget (4 million euros), it starred world-famous actors. Among them - Colin Farrell, Rachel Weiss, Leah Seydou, Ben Wishaw, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and others.

The film "Lobster": the plot

In the not-so-distant future, the laws of societyhave become more stringent. Now a man should not be alone, otherwise he will be turned into a beast. If an individual has not been married before a certain time or has become a widower, he is sent to a specialized hotel for 45 days. Here, in the allotted time, he is obliged to find a mate for himself, otherwise he will be turned into an animal.

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The protagonist of the picture - notoriousa lonely middle-aged man named David. Some time ago, his brother, who could not start a family, became a dog. Now it's David's turn. While staying in a hotel for singles, he is trying to make relationships with women, but all his attempts are dust. Later, he learns that people who want to be alone can go into the forest and join the hermits. Soon David does.

But here, among the picturesque nature, the herofaces other limitations of his freedom. It turns out that all hermits are prohibited from any close relationship. Violation of this rule is punishable by cruel injury or death. To his misfortune, David falls in love with one of the wild women, and she reciprocates his love.

The lovers have to hide their love from other hermits, but later the leader of the singles learns about their feelings and in punishment blinds the beloved David.

Realizing that they have no place among the hermits,lovers flee to the city. However, the main character understands that his half feels inferior next to him because of his blindness. Therefore, at the end of the picture he is going to blind himself.

The subject of the picture

In his picture, Yorgos Lantimos raisesmany important questions. First of all, this is the attitude of society towards love and marriage. Bringing to the point of absurdity the generally accepted rule that every full-fledged person should start a family, the director shows how family relationships lose their value, turning into a hated burden.

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Parallel to the theme of love in the film "Lobster" (2015)discusses the relationship of the individual and totalitarian society. So, the main character is an outsider in any group. Unconsciously, he opposes the generally accepted norms: when everyone around is forced to look for a mate, he prefers to be a loner; in a situation where loneliness is the accepted norm of existence, David starts a relationship. In fact, this hero symbolizes the right of each person to determine his own way of life, not conforming to the stereotypes imposed by others.

In addition to the above problems, the picture addresses some of the less global issues. For example, how difficult it is to find a soul mate in the modern world with its haste and conventions.

Also in the film paid much attentionhuman nature, which is not curbed by any prohibitions and which always takes its toll. So, the desire to love and be loved is quite natural for everyone, even if he denies it. Indicative in this situation is the heroine Lea Seydoux (the leader of the hermits). She makes sure that no relationship is established between her wards, but at the same time she craves David's love, but is afraid to admit it. Upon learning of his novel, a woman blinds her rival, who rightly observes that it would be more expedient to deprive David of view.

Director of the picture

This film is the fifth directorialthe work of Yorgos Lantimos. Also this person is also the author of the script for the picture. Perhaps it was for this reason that he managed to create such an attracting and absurd spectacle, frightening with its realism.

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Prior to this tape, Jorgos shot promotional clipscommercials, as well as dramas. In 2009, his film “Fang” was nominated for an Oscar, though it never won it. But this nomination helped the director to prove himself in the movie world from the best side.

"Lobster" - the first film directorinternational level. Stars from different countries were played in it: Irishman Colin Farrell, French Lea Seydou, Greek Ariana Labed, American John Sy Riley, British Rachel Weiss and Ben Wishaw.

The main characters of the picture

Colin Farrell starred in the film("Alexander", "Daredevil", "Dissenting Opinion"). As a rule, this actor gets the role of charming handsome. However, in this project, Colin Farrell played a plump and short-sighted man with a mass of complexes. Lobster is boring - that's who his character is at the beginning of the picture. But later it turns out that David is a true hero, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of love and freedom.

The nameless beloved of the main character playedBriton Rachel Weiss ("The Mummy", "Agora", "Constantine: Lord of Darkness"). This actress is accustomed to embody strong and independent women on the screen. However, in this picture her heroine is a touching and somewhat naive rabbit hunter, who fascinates not only David, but all viewers.

The main obstacle preventing love from being in lovetogether, in the picture, the leader of the hermits in the performance of the new girlfriend of James Bond - Leah Seydou. Her heroine is smart and calculating. She is well versed in human psychology and knows what needs to be said and to whom to achieve her goal.

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Secondary Characters

However, not only this trio helped turn the Lobster film into a true masterpiece. Film actors who have played less significant roles have made so successful.

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Среди них - Джон Си Райли («Банды Нью-Йорка», "Chicago", "Scary Tales"), as well as Ben Whishou ("Perfume", "Cloud Atlas", "In the Heart of the Sea"), Ariana Labed ("Assassin's Creed") and Roger Ashton-Griffiths ("Brothers Grimm, "Game of Thrones", "Tudors").

Critics' Response to Lobster

Кинофильм "Лобстер" (2015) оказался довольно successful project, despite the fact that it was originally designed for a specific audience. He not only tripled the funds invested in it, but also received fairly high marks from critics: 83 out of 100 possible according to the version of the American site Metacritic. On another famous portal Rotten Tomatoes, this tape gained 91% positive feedback.

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Correspondent of the British newspaper The GuardianPeter Bradshaw called Lobster the “elegant and eccentric” motion picture. The film (critic review by Wai Chi Dimok) was compared with the works of the famous Irish playwright Samuel Beckett and called the “fable of the Purgatory”.

Film "Lobster": Viewers Feedback

Как известно, профессиональные критики любят odious movie, incomprehensible to the ordinary viewer. For this reason, often their views and film fans on the same tape may differ. But the Lobster film is the happy exception to this rule. Reviews of the audience and critics are equally positive. And if the film experts attracted the picture with their art-house features, then ordinary movie lovers appreciated the touching love story of the main characters.

Some viewers, on the contrary, perceived the film as a manifesto of Lantimos against the institution of marriage. Others, watching the film "Lobster", leave the reviews mostly about the acting game of Weiss and Farrell.

Younger film fans, in which the spirit of rebelliousness has not yet cooled, in their reviews praise the picture for depicting the struggle of an individual against a totalitarian society.

Interesting facts about the picture

  • Initially, the main character was supposed to play Jason Clark ("Terminator: Genesis"), but because of participation in another project, he was forced to abandon the role in the film "Lobster".
  • Фильм актеры, снявшиеся в нем, помогли выделить among others by the fact that everyone agreed to be removed without make-up and special lighting. Thus, in this tape, the leading actors look like in real life.

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  • In addition to the human actors, the actors in the Lobster were also cats: dogs, camels, peacocks, donkeys and ponies.
  • The most frequently asked question about this picture:“How did the Lobster film end?” This is due to the open finals, which some viewers simply did not understand, considering that they have a stripped-down version of the film.
  • "Lobster" - the first English picture, shot by Jorgos Lantimos. Four previous director's films were in Greek, which is why they did not have the opportunity to enter the international film market.

Despite the fact that the film "Lobster" reviews gatheredpositive, not everyone understood this picture. Many found it boring or crazy. Probably, in order to most accurately characterize this tape, it is worth recalling the wise man’s statement that real art, like a mirror, reflects one who looks in it. A freak in it will see a monster, and a person of pleasant appearance will look something beautiful.