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The best love fantasy: the rating of books

For those who like to read, there is one question that appears after each book. "What to read next?". This problem is faced both by young people and older people.

Ten years ago this problem was especiallyis relevant. But today, when the World Wide Web is full of hundreds of sites that specialize in providing information about books, online and published, the question of what to read should not arise.

However, of the thousands of books published on the Web each year it is difficult to choose a really good one, which is not variegated with cliches and carries at least some value.

Elena Zvezdnaya - cycle "Academy of Curses"

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Начиная с 2009 года автор, пишущий под pseudonym Elena Star, appeared on the Internet. Her books readers immediately identified as the best love fantasy. But one of her works interested everyone more than anyone else - the cycle "Academy of Curses".

The book tells the story of the adventures of a young girl,students of the Academy of Curses. By coincidence, she curses the master of the Dark Empire, Lord Ryan Thiers. After that, the young man begins to render obscene to the heroine.

However, this is not all the problems of the heroine:on the borders of her country, there is a serial killer who kills girls. All his victims are like a lady. She will have to unravel a strange thing and at the same time not to fall into the hands of a dark lord.

Mary Liu - "Young Elite"

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In second place in the list is "The best lovefantasy ”settled the book“ Young Elite ”. Romantic narratives develop around Adeline Amoter. When she was still a child, a bloody fever destroyed most of the country's population.

Survived rarely, and then only children.But the disease did not just recede from the poor guys, she awarded them with their marks. Hair of any color turned into silver, eyelashes became whitish, and instead of the left eye there was only an ugly scar. Adeline, who survived the disease, should be considered a lucky woman, but her father believes that the daughter has defiled the clan.

Gradually, ten years after the bloodyfever, a rumor is spreading around the country about a certain "Young Elite". Members of the secret society are people who have survived the disease, which gave them not only external gifts, but also supernatural abilities.

Daria Kuznetsova - "The Word of the Emperor"

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Sometimes it's hard to find the best lovefantasy. Books are published constantly, many authors exhibit work on the Web. And often the novels do not justify the expectations. But this does not apply to fantasy Daria Kuznetsova.

The story of the book "The Word of the Emperor" unfoldsin troubled times. Alexandra is not just a smart and beautiful girl, she is also a princess who understands that her kingdom will not endure another war. Then, without objection, she agrees to a marriage of convenience. But shortly before the ceremony, the groom is changing. For Alexandra, this is a small misfortune: any of them remains only a stranger.

Но вот ее новый суженый, Руамар, согласился на marriage to save his brother. And he is not very happy with his bride. Two strong representatives of their kingdoms will have to find a way to negotiate to avoid new wars.

Milena Zawoychinskaya - “High School of Librarians. Bookwalkers special purpose "

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Another story about the magical and excitingworld ranked among the best love fantasy. Kira and Karel are companions who will become great wizards. But before this restless couple will have to go through a lot of trials, and hard and diligent study is one of them.

But companions should not despair, for theirThe promotion took the legendary Annatiniel Cariboro. She will not give her personal disciples the descent. Karel and Kira are unusual to be lazy and careless about the learning process.

Но вот то, что творится в свободное от учебы time, makes the High School Director remember the prayers to all demons and gods. Under the influx of brilliant ideas of two well-known companions no one will stand: the school shakes up, the rector has new gray hairs. Thanks to the extraordinary storyline and interesting characters in the cycle, in the feedback from readers, they are defined as the best love fantasy.

Eva Nikolskaya - “Snow White for His Highness”

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The main character is destined to a difficult fate.She is not just Errisar's sister and princess of her kingdom. She is the one who will be doomed to marriage in order to avoid war. And if a simple girl has a choice - to stay or run away, then this lady has no way to retreat.

She has to seal the political union betweentwo strong races: snow mages and light lords. However, the acquaintance with the groom began with a sad note. As it turned out, the wayward character of the bride and the imperiousness of the groom are incompatible.

But you can not change the fate, and the Snow Lady is sent to a distant kingdom. Together with her they send the closest friend, the only one who can pacify the proud temper of the princess.

Gradually, after joint battles, the ice maiden's heart thaws, and she notices: her husband is not so bad.

Olga Huseynova - “Light and Dark”

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As always, the best love fantasy does not costwithout a story about “assists” - those who were moved against the will to a parallel world where magic and chaos reign Usually in such stories travelers get into the bodies of beautiful, strong and successful inhabitants of the new world.

But with the main heroine of the book "Light and Dark"everything went the other way. The girl, waking up in a new world, realized that she did not get either a divine body or strong abilities. She became Light, which for many years is considered to have gone mad. And as an additional bonus, she turns out to be the wife of the Dark Mage, who is not distinguished by kindness and understanding.

It would seem that the situation is stalemate. But the heroine is not discouraged, she is trying to improve relations with her husband, because no one will refuse a faithful wife?

Lessa Kauri - “Cinderella from the tavern on the square”

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And again an interesting love fantasy.The list of the best books was supplemented with a new vision of the Cinderella story. The action of romantic fantasy takes place in a tavern, located on the square. Her hostess does not notice the troubles: she is busy with her favorite business, her true friends surround her, she does not think about troubles and sorrows. This Cinderella certainly does not dream of becoming a queen.

But her desires do not care about fate. When a calm atmosphere reigns in a tavern, strange events unfold outside its walls. And soon a messenger knocks at the door, which will change her life.

Elena Petrova - Lane cycle

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Unusual story about the "hitching" was included in the list of "The best love fantasy" (Books). The rating is headed by three books by Elena Petrova about the adventures of Lane and her friends.

The story of Lane began a few years ago.She lived in the ordinary world, did not stand out, and led a rather gray existence. But her fate changed when she was face to face with a completely different world.

Here live not only people, but also light and dark.elves Many possess magic and conspire against royal families. Laine has a long way to go to realize her abilities, and accept that she is a demiurge - a magician capable of creating new worlds. But Lane does not despair: no matter how good the new world and new surroundings are, she is still looking for a way home.

Irmata Aryar - "The Bodyguard of His Darkeness"

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A new fantasy novel from Irmaty Aryar will tellabout the history of Lika. She is the Virgin of the Moon and the priestess of the goddess of love. She by definition cannot be in the world of dark creatures. But Lika doesn’t care. She without special difficulties manages to enter the Academy of Darkness and Shadows.

Everyone in this world believes that demons and priestesses are incompatible, they cannot exist peacefully, and not work together. But Lika violates all foundations, she wants to become the bodyguard of His darkness.

An obstinate girl became interested in the Dark Throne.

Ekaterina Bogdanova - “Guesthouse of skilled favorites. Fight for life "

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And on the tenth place in the list of "The best love fantasy" is the creation of Ekaterina Bogdanova.

For many years, Karika was engaged in the Pension, which prepares professional favorites. The girl was supposed to entertain the king in the future and not think about political games. But fate decided to check Kariku.

The pupil becomes not the favorite, butPrincess of the Naminai Empire. The birthplace of mysteries and dark magic terrifies Karika, but she is not ready to show her new subjects that she is afraid. However, the girl will have to fight not only with their fears, Karika will face prejudices that substantially poison her life.

But Karika does not give up, he does not want to be just a doll in the hands of the rulers.

Many women and girls prefer to readprecisely love fantasy. The list of the best is not limited to the top ten most popular books. When searching for a new reading book, it is necessary to accurately form a request and select novels that will interest each one personally.