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How to quickly learn to play the guitar

Many young people are interested in how quicklylearn to play guitar. And this is not surprising. One of the most popular pastimes in a big and fun company is music, songs. And those who know how to play the guitar, are not just the soul of the company, they get the status of the most popular star on any tusovka. Where without them? However, not always and not everyone has the opportunity to attend training courses. And even less often there is a sensitive and interested teacher capable of transferring at least the elements of skill. Therefore, we have to think about whether it is possible at all, and if so, how to learn to play the guitar at least the simplest music. It turns out that it is not just possible, there is nothing complicated in this!

how quickly learn to play the guitar

Before you quickly learn how to play the guitar,Of course, you need to solve the problem with the presence of the instrument itself. If you do not have it, and you go to buy, be sure to bring with you a more experienced person who can help you with the choice. In extreme cases, ask advice from knowledgeable people.

How to quickly learn to play the guitar

Further. Now you have two ways.You can start with a musical notation. However, this is not fast and quite boring. Most people learn the music even later. Therefore, we will dwell on the fact that you will also follow the well-trodden path. After all, you are now interested in exactly how quickly learn to play the guitar. The first thing you need to learn chords. First, learn the most popular and used in guitar music the following chords: Em, E, C, A, Am, D, G, F, B.

how to learn to play guitar
If you suddenly can not get them allimmediately, do not worry, just keep training. Among the chords there are also quite complex, for example F, which is not always easy for beginners. You first need to master the reception, which is called the bar. To do this, you must learn to clamp all six strings on a certain fret, while the other fingers will clamp the other strings depending on the chord. The fingers should be perpendicular to the neck. The thumb should be opposed and should serve as a support for the rest. All you need now is a constant practice and repetition of the computer simulator. After learning just a few chords you can play a lot of simple but good songs. It is best to start with light guitar and well-known songs of Russian rock bands "Cinema", "Alice" or "Chaif". Have you noticed that it is these songs that are most popular among beginner musicians? This is the right way to fill your hand and at the same time already start to please your friends with interesting music.

Important advice! Sooner or later, if you still want really good

how to learn to play bass guitar
Learn how to play the guitar, you will have torefer to the notes. For the simplest melodies, of course, you will have enough of the above techniques, but you will agree, it's hard to imagine a good musician unfamiliar with the musical notation. In the process of improving your skills, try to communicate as much as possible with more experienced guitarists, adopt their experience and knowledge. Own cones, of course, can not be avoided, but why fill the extra?

If you are already playing acoustics oran electric guitar and wondering how to learn to play the bass guitar, then knowing the notes is even more important in mastering this instrument. So - study the notes. Pay attention to the songs, where the bass line stands out, and try to repeat the rhythm. This is the most important function of the bass guitar. Over time, if you already have the habit of playing the usual guitar and hearing, you will definitely get it.