/ / Actor Ivan Nikulcha: biography, creative activity and personal life

Actor Ivan Nikulcha: biography, creative activity and personal life

Ivan Nikulcha - a young actor who has a bright andattractive appearance. Do you want to know where he was born, what are his interests, do he have a legitimate wife or girlfriend? Then we recommend that you read the contents of the article right now.

short biography

Ivan Alexandrovich Nikulcha was born in1982, January 12th. His homeland is the Ukrainian town of Berdichev, which is in the Zhitomir region. He's from an ordinary family. The father and mother of our hero earned money by physical labor.

Ivan Nikulcha

Vanya grew up an active and communicative child.In school years I went in for sports, visited circles on interests. In 1999, immediately after receiving the certificate, went to Kiev. There the guy from the first attempt entered the National Institute of Culture and Arts. Originally I. Nikulcha was trained in the acting department. But soon transferred to the director's course. In 2004 he was awarded a diploma.

Theatrical activity

The graduate of the Kiev university managed to find a job inRussia. He was invited to the drama theater of Roman Viktyuk. And Vanya replied with consent. From the first days of work in drama theater, he was involved in various performances. For example, in the production of "Salome, or O. Wilde's Strange Games," he got three roles at once: Robert Ross, Podgers and Iokanaan. In "The Master and Margarita" Vanya successfully reincarnated in Azazello. The Moscow public especially remembered the image he created Monsieur in the play "The Maids".

Ivan Alexandrovich Nikulcha: personal life

Our hero has a spectacular appearance.He has a strong torso, a dazzling smile, an expressive look and well-groomed hair to the shoulders. Many fans are interested in Ivan's marital status. Now we will talk about this. Some time ago, rumors circulated that most of the actors working at the R. Viktyuk Theater are representatives of sex minorities. But later it turned out that such information was disseminated by the director's competitors, as well as his envious persons.

Ivan Alexandrovich Nikulcha

Ivan Nikulcha already met his soul mate.The actor does not disclose the name, age and profession of the chosen one. However, on his page in Instagram, he regularly uploads joint photos with a dark-haired beauty.

Interesting Facts

Here are a few curious things about Ivan Nikulche:

  • He chooses comfortable and practical clothes - jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts. But brands do not matter to him.
  • Our hero does not like noisy parties and big companies. On vacation, a young man goes with his girlfriend. Over the past couple of years, lovers have managed to visit Italy, the United States and India.
  • Ivan Nikulcha has been living and working in Moscow for more than 10 years, but can’t get used to her mad rhythm. Kiev and St. Petersburg, he considers more comfortable cities.

Ivan A. Nikulcha personal life

  • Handsome actor starred in a Ukrainian music videopop group "Hot Chocolate" (for the song "A bit of pepper"). That's not all. He collaborated with the music group from Odessa - Flëur. "Lit up" in their music video for the song "Nicolas".
  • Photo artist - another profession mastered by our hero. Since 2008 his personal exhibitions have been held in the largest cities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.


The future of Russian and world theater is behind such actors as Ivan Nikulcha. His dedication and creative energy can only envy.