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Karpova Tatyana: the legend of the Soviet theater and cinema

Karpova Tatyana Mikhailovna - deservedSoviet actress. She was born in Kharkov in 1916. Theatrical art studied at the Mayakovsky Theater. I worked in the theater for sixty years. Tatiana Karpova, an actress with a capital letter, played in fifty performances.

Actress was not very fond of shooting in films, soas it used to immediately receive a return from the viewer. But despite this, everyone knows perfectly well who Tatyana Karpova is, the films in which she was shot, although they were few, filled with many.

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Husbands actresses: first marriage

Constantine conquered Tatiana with her charisma.They worked in different theaters, but fate still brought these two people together. They were separated by war, they were in different places during evacuation. When they met, a year later, she was already married to another.

Marriages without love

Tatyana Mikhailovna was the first wife of the directorSergei Arsen'evich Mayorov. In 1947, they visited his parents in the village of Skurchi near Sukhumi. Tatiana conquered all the male population of the village with her beauty. Border guards "strengthened" patrolling the beach to look at the Moscow beauty. She did not like him, that's why they parted.

I almost killed Dmitry Dolgopolsky, whenlaunched into it a bottle of Borjomi. He also did not like him and spoke openly about it. He worked in her theater, probably thought that it would endure-fall in love, this was the most important mistake.

Unhappy love

Evgenia Tatyana loved most of all.It so happened that he himself shot himself with a gun. In recent years, he had problems with his head. Whether it happened by chance or perhaps he just wanted to save his wife from the hassle, we will never know.

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She also had an affair with Mikhail Kazakov. He was eighteen years younger than she.

Many say that the main Soviet subjugator of men's hearts was Tatyana Karpova. Everyone loved the actress in her own way, each gave a part of her soul.

The Road to Calvary

She starred in cult films, was friends withNatalia Gundareva and saw Joseph Stalin. Why is the legend of Soviet cinema now living alone? How does Karpova Tatiana fight a deadly disease and why did she want to commit suicide?

For 5 years now she has not left her Moscowapartments, the legend of the cinema is chained to a wheelchair. She spends time not at the TV, and from excruciating paines handfuls drinks a medicine. Recently doctors have put to it the terrible diagnosis - a squamous cell carcinoma of a skin.

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The entire body of the actress is covered with sores thatbleed and do not heal. The disease can not be stopped. The outcome can be tragic. Doctors sound the alarm: an urgent operation is needed, but she is afraid to "lie down under the knife." The film legend is 100 years old, and she is sure that her heart of surgical intervention simply will not survive.

The unhappy life of a talented person

Karpova Tatiana has achieved recognition in the profession,she was one of the leading actresses of the Mayakovsky Theater, she played in the films "Walking on the Flours" and "The Investigators Are Conducting". But in her personal life the actress has been pursuing setbacks for many years.

Tatiana and could not get pregnant and give birthchild, and her only husband went insane. To care for a sick spouse, she had to quit her profession, but despite the care, her husband became worse, he stopped recognizing Tatiana and once he wanted to kill her. Because of him, according to the actress, she became disabled. The People's Artist failed unsuccessfully and broke the neck of her hip. The bones crept wrong, and now Karpova Tatiana is chained to a wheelchair.

Hostage square meters

The main wealth of the actress is a three-room apartment in the center of Moscow. According to realtors, it costs at least twenty-five million rubles, and a summer residence in the Moscow region - three million.

After the death of her husband, a lonely and seriously illthe actress decided to bequeath all her property to her great-nephew Konstantin. But the relative of the actress did not wait for the entry of the document into legal force. He registered in Tatiana's Moscow apartment and sold it. The movie star was not at a loss and immediately wrote an application to the police, and through the court she was able to regain her dacha and apartment.

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After such a betrayal of a close relative, she did not want to live, she even wanted to take care of herself: in complete despair Karpova Tatyana wanted to jump from the fourteenth floor.

Now a hundred-year-old actress looks aftera stranger, but lately he has become her son and brother and friend. The man does not hide that with the people's artiste he is worn not with great love, but for the sake of square meters. According to the contract for life annuity, this man is obliged to maintain and fulfill all the whims of Tatiana Karpova until the end of her life. And only after her death the apartment will get to him.

But, if the actress is unhappy with the guardian, she isany moment can apply to the court and the contract of life annuity will be terminated. But she no longer cares about the housing issue. She wants only one thing - to feel someone necessary.

The secret of longevity from an actress is to love yourself, not inthan to itself not to refuse, completely to be given to the feelings, in no event them to not constrain. After all, in order to love you, you must first love yourself.