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Yamaha NS 6490 speakers: specifications and reviews

Manufacturers of acoustic systems infrequently pampertheir fans experiments. Such devices are characterized by technological complexity and, as a consequence, high price. Accordingly, companies do not want to take risks, they are more and more familiar with the more usual directions. But from time to time the market is replenished with original models, which impress both appearance and internal execution. Approaches to the implementation of technical stuffing and design can be different, but the main goal remains the same - the satisfaction of music requests of the consumer. In this sense, the Yamaha NS 6490 speaker system causes conflicting opinions. Obviously, the creators produced a unique in many respects the development, but the practice of using is not so attractive, as the elegant appearance and declared characteristics promise.

General information about columns

yamaha ns 6490

The model is primarily surprised by the fact thatrefers to low-cost acoustics, but it is positioned as a full-fledged three-way system, equipped with filters without inductances on some tanks. According to the manufacturer, this configuration was implemented in order to minimize distortion, but in the end, due to the limitation of the technical implementation, only the cost has decreased. On the one hand, this is not bad, but on the other hand, users have to independently improve the Yamaha NS 6490 model. Refinement usually concerns only filters, but it’s also recommended to pay attention to isolation. As for the sound, then opinions about it differ. If we take into account the rather low positioning in the segment, the quality is quite tolerable. No wonder the speakers are popular in the United States and Japan for several years, while the market in the same class is regularly saturated with new offers. And this is despite the fact that the model is made far from being in modern design - a hint of retro-style, of course, attracts a certain group of music lovers, but due to the mere appearance, acoustics will not be in demand.

Model specifications

By and large, in the passport data model is notnot surprising - especially when you consider that in practice, official figures can be seriously distorted. However, the model Yamaha NS 6490, the technical data of which is presented below, does not apply:

  • Type of acoustics design - in a closed case.
  • The number of lanes of the system - 3.
  • The input nominal impedance is 8 ohms.
  • Height - 41.1 cm.
  • Width - 26.7 cm.
  • Depth - 33.6 cm.
  • Weight - 3 kg.
  • Lower frequency level range - 45 Hz.
  • The upper frequency band - 23 000 Hz.
  • The frequency of the section - 2 000 Hz.
  • The sensitivity level is 93.5 dB.
  • Power - nominal value of 70 watts.
  • Extreme power - 140 watts.
  • The effect of magnetic shielding is present.
  • Separate connection - not provided.

Reviews about the appearance

yamaha ns 6490 reviews

The columns impress with their stately andmassive view. Of course, you cannot put this model in the class of acoustic giants, but their impressiveness gives us hope for high-quality sound. But in terms of the appearance of the owners attracts another quality - the original styling of the Yamaha NS 6490 Retro, reviews of which are generally positive. And this is taking into account the fact that there are no special delicacies in the design. Moreover, closed-type columns are implemented in a simple form of cheap material. Many owners of the system, by the way, recognize in the walls of the hull a conventional chipboard. However, stylization can be traced in a different accent. First of all, in the "piano" design of the front side and silver membranes. Unfortunately, the framing of the latter is also performed in a budget version with cheap plastic.

Design Features

20 cm and mid-frequency diffusersthe speakers are decorated with cellulose, which, in turn, has a polymer coating. The polymer is made and the tweeter membrane, which is supplied with shelf columns Yamaha NS 6490 Black. Reviews also note a sharp contrast to the visual sense of the dimensions of the acoustics and the mass, which is only 3 kg. Maybe this is not bad, but weight reduction was not achieved in the best way - due to the use of thin material in the case and the complete absence of noise-insulating insulators. Sound signals for emitters correct two electrolytic capacitors of the type, which are represented by standard filters with a decay rate in the range of the order of 6 dB. Both paired speakers of the system have high-frequency heads, equally displaced to the right edge of the outer panel, which allowed for rational use of the area. All speakers are equipped with good quality magnetic screens.

Sound quality reviews

bookshelf speakers yamaha ns 6490 black reviews

Interestingly, most people have a first impression.users from this model is deceptive. And this applies to both positive and negative listening experience. But, despite the obviously modest technical implementation of the model Yamaha NS 6490, the feedback on the sound in the mass is positive. The acoustics demonstrate the clearest, clear and deep bass. Also, the model is observed maintaining good dynamics throughout the range. Positive emotions are also caused by the play of heavy rock with popular compositions. The owners of acoustics characterize the sound of such music as tough, bright and emotional. This applies to both percussion and electric guitar.

The situation with the classicrepertoire. In this case, the high-frequency spectral information is distinguished by hard shades, which often interfere with soft and quiet parties. Often there is the inclusion of the dynamic resource columns Yamaha NS 6490, which saves the situation a little. In general, users note that this is a bright and powerful acoustics, the abilities of which are enough to fill the rooms with an area of ​​up to 60 m2.

Acoustic Performance

For a start, it is worth noting a very high levelsensitivity, which can not boast of any model of this class. This characteristic is 93.5 dB, which largely explains a good bass and decent playing of heavy music. The medium-low-frequency section also looks good - although, as the frequency increases, it increases, causing the characteristic unevenness. Also, against the background of an increase in sensitivity in the range of 3000-6000 Hz, a feeling of reproduction brightness may also arise. It should be noted that the brightness of acoustics Yamaha NS 6490 amenable to effective adjustment by changing the location of the speakers. For example, orientation at a 45-degree angle eliminates unnecessary flash dynamics. At frequency levels of 3,000 and 5,000 Hz, specific effects of aftertreatment are noted. As for the distortions, they are practically absent on the bass - in any case, impedance is imperceptible for the listener. This also applies to other frequency levels, except for the resonant sections - only a high-quality amplifier will help to cope with them.

Revision of columns

yamaha ns 6490 revision

Although for its class the speakers are not badcope with the tasks of reproduction, many users are confused by the very simple design of acoustics. According to experts, it is possible to increase the existing audio potential by easily upgrading the Yamaha NS 6490 system. Refinement of the filter with updated capacitors should make the sound smoother and more stable, and adding damping material, according to users, eliminates the disadvantages on the lower band.

To implement this procedure, you need to purchase 400 V capacitors, cable for HF and MF, the cross section of which can be 1.04 mm2, as well as damping material.Accordingly, the calculation should be done on the update of the two columns. But before proceeding with the revision, it must be borne in mind that the effect may be disappointing. For example, from the improvements as a result of the upgrade, the bass is raised and the buzz is eliminated at maximum volume due to damping material. But we should expect unpleasant distortion in the middle spectrum. If you are satisfied with this result, then you can begin the revision of the AC Yamaha NS 6490. The body is disassembled traditionally - by dismantling the fasteners. Next, you need to ensure the connection of new elements by soldering with tin and silver - this also applies to the wires for the columns.

Column benefits

speaker system yamaha ns 6490

Система изначально обеспечивает неплохую music scene. Virtually no complaints about the bass and the lower level of the frequency-amplitude range. The middle of the notes also sounds good, although there are slight distortions during the transitions. Also to the advantages of three-way Japanese speakers include a combination of low mass and power. Despite the weak design, the acoustics draw even complex compositions, while providing certain detailing.

Column flaws

Almost all reviews with criticism note thinhull walls, the poverty of the internal content, the lack of quality insulation and the use of cheap materials. Oddly enough, these shortcomings do not have a significant impact on sound quality. Of course, we are talking about the class to which the Yamaha NS 6490 model belongs, since the high-level representatives of the three-lane speakers still come with a more decent filling. But there is criticism in terms of playing music. Much of the audiophile still believes that the speakers do not have enough bass. In order to improve the work with the lower level, the owners, in fact, update the system.

Model cost

The manufacturer managed to realize a very difficultthe task is to propose mid-level columns that will cost as low-end equipment. The price list of the model varies from 10 to 12 thousand rubles, which is very attractive for a device with such characteristics. Of course, in the lines of competitors there are similar options, but they lose the Japanese model in terms of sound. In turn, the acoustics Yamaha NS 6490 offers good musical ability, while having a body and components of poor quality. It was the savings on components and allowed to make such a cheap model.

What are acoustics suitable for?

bookshelf speakers yamaha ns 6490

Many users believe that there is a senseuse speakers in combination with low-cost audio systems from the initial segment. After completing the upgrade, you can increase the overall musical level, but you should not hope for a serious disclosure of the potential of powerful players. If we talk about genre directions, then popular music and rock are optimally combined with the capabilities of the Yamaha NS 6490. Reviews of audio amateurs mark a worthy theatrical front, but it is desirable to use such abilities of the speakers either with the products of the same manufacturer or with equipment of similar price class. In addition, the acoustics can perform the tasks of the subwoofer - of course, within the stated characteristics.


ac yamaha ns 6490 disassembly

Subject to the choice of a good amplifier modelable to provide an attractive sound background. As the popularity of compact soundbars grows, traditional systems gradually lose their relevance. Nevertheless, the Yamaha NS 6490 bookshelf speakers have been actively bought up by fans of volumetric sound “pictures” for years. In many ways, high demand maintains a low price tag for such a system, but the direct playback function cannot be ruled out. Acoustics broadcasts the bass in its entirety, and also processes complex musical parts with vocals. By the way, after the revision, many note an increase in the detail of speech and voice. The columns also have obvious drawbacks, but they can be reconciled, including thanks to the unusual external performance of the system. Styling under the retro design hides the shortcomings of a cheap body design and gives the acoustics a light aesthetic surroundings.