/ / Singer Talia: photo, biography, marital status

Singer Talia: photo, biography, marital status

The waist is known not only as a successfula Latin American actress and singer, she also became famous for a strange trick that surprised and even shocked many of her fans. About this and many other things you will read in the article.

Singer Waist: photo, height, weight

Mexican singer is one of the mostsuccessful stars of Latin America. She is famous not only for the performance of incendiary Latin-style songs, but also for her memorable roles in popular Mexican TV shows, in which Talia acts a lot.

Singer Talia
At 43, this beautiful pop diva looks amazing. She still has a slim figure with a very thin waist.

Gorgeous and good singer Talia:height, weight, respectively, equal to 167 centimeters and 50 kilograms. She has a lot of fans around the world: the albums have a circulation of 40 million pieces. Talia is the author of many songs with which she constantly tours. At home (in Mexico), she is considered the “Queen of Telenovelas”. Her first commercial was filmed when she was not even a year old. So the little future singer Talia began her television career.

Biography: childhood, adolescence

Her full name is Adriana Talia Sodi Miranda.August 26, 1972 - the day of her birth, place - the city of Mexico (capital of Mexico). Her relatives called her Yuya, and she was the youngest of 5 daughters of Ernesto Sodi Pallares and Yolanda Miranda Mendzh.

Singer Talia: biography

The Talia family is educated. Her father was a scientist, criminologist, writer and doctor of pathology, and his mother - an artist. Talia very hard endured the death of her father when she was only 5 years old.

At school she was a good student, and if notshe had a talent for singing, could be either a psychologist or a biologist. Waist in childhood was very playful, like a tomboy. But it did not last long. Her feminine features began to manifest as soon as she went to the School of Classical Ballet. From that moment on, a very young girl set herself a goal - to become famous, following the example of her older sister actress.

Already at the age of 13 she had two citizenships: American and Mexican. Living in the USA, Talia released clothes with the name of the collection under her own name, which immediately gained popularity.

Singer Waist: height, weight

In addition to dancing, Talia was engaged in music, visitingMusic Institute, where she received lessons in the class of playing the piano. From the age of nine, the very young future singer Talia performed at various music festivals, traveling around the country with members of the famous group Din-Din. The team together with her released 4 albums.

В 1984 году Талия снялась в музыкальной комедии Grease together with the popular Mexican group Timbiriche, to which the producer of this group, Luis de Llano, invited the young talent. Being in the team of this group, Talia recorded in 1986 in three albums.

Cinema success

Singer Talia was not only fond of music. She had another dream - to become a world-famous actress.

The first role the girl received in the series underLa Pobre Senorita Limantour, released in 1987. But her acting career did not stop there. Appeared numerous proposals from directors. 1988 is the year marked by the film Quinceanera, which left many viewers with an indelible impression of Talia as a very naive young girl.

Singer Talia: photo

In 1989, she starred in the film Luz y Sombra, simultaneously replacing the then popular singer Paulina Rubio in one of the concerts. After all these events, Talia began her solo career.

Los Angeles: increased skill

In Los Angeles, the singer Talia left only onOne year in order to learn English well, to improve his skills (dancing and singing) and to learn to play the guitar. For all this, she had to leave the group Timbiriche. Abroad, Talia was able to fully meet with all areas of musical art and improve their professional level of skill. Her assistant was a good friend and producer A. D. Ordaz.

Bike or the truth?

In the Latin American press began to go longa rumor that singer Talia had performed an operation to remove a pair of ribs for the sake of great form. And she herself willingly picked up this bike. In this way, the artist began to stir up a wide interest in her personality, occasionally mentioning this in numerous interviews.

Accurately confirming that its edges arereality has been removed, no. The last shocking video of the singer in an embrace with a jar, in which her ribs supposedly lie in a clear liquid, threw all her fans into amazement.

Singer Talia: children

Вполне возможно, что поп-дива просто-напросто decided to make fun of her fans. The fact that maybe it's just a joke, says another movie released after that, where the singer already eats fried ribs with appetite. Perhaps the singer thought better of it and decided to turn all these antics into a joke. However, many fans say that with a sense of humor she is not all right.

A family

Talia's husband is a famous producer Tommi Mottola. They live in New York.

Successfully combines his singing and actingwork with family affairs singer Talia. Children and family for her are of great (main) importance in life. She has both a daughter (Sabrina Saki) and a son. Talia tries to hide information about her personal life.


Thalia is popular not only in its homeland, but alsoabroad. Call her "the queen of the Latin priest." Adriana Talia - Mexican demanded singer and actress, young, talented, beautiful, seeking to work all the time and improve her professional level of skill, has always been and remains a patriot of her roots, of her nation.