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Writer Pierce Anthony: biography, books

Писатель Пирс Энтони известен многим любителям science fiction and fantasy. A distinctive feature of his works on space travel has been an excellent justification for events and phenomena. Such a predominance of "scientific" over "science fiction" is extremely encouraging to all thoughtful and serious readers, since it allows you to completely immerse yourself in a fictional, but such a real world.

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At the same time, the phenomenal popularity of the fantasy series of books is due to fresh ideas, interesting storylines, and, of course, an abundance of sharp humor.

Writer Pierce Anthony: Biography and Facts

Homeland writer was England, or rather the cityOxford. In 1934, Alfred Jacobs and Norma Sherlock became the parents of Pierce Anthony Dillingham Jacobs. During the first five years of life, Pierce Anthony was not at all in contact with his mother, as his nurse was engaged in his upbringing. However, the peaceful life was replaced by the chaos of the civil war, which forced the family to move to Spain.

After moving parents of the future writerengaged in charity, but in Spain they did not have peace. Franco and his regime, which came to power, dictated new conditions of life, under which the status of “suspicious foreigner” allowed arrest and expel people from the country. That is what they did to Pierce's father.

Life in America

Like many deprived and persecuted refugees fromEurope, the writer's family hoped to find peace and happiness overseas. Therefore, Pierce Anthony and his family found an opportunity to get out of imprisonment and in 1940 fled to the United States.

Here the future writer was adopted on creativecourses at Goddard University and graduated from them successfully. While he was studying, Pierce fell in love with his classmate, Carol Ann Mable, and after completing their studies, they got married.

Сложная политическая обстановка и послевоенный the crisis did not allow Pierce to find a decent place to work, and he decided to enlist in the army. He remained there until 1959, during which time he managed to become an American citizen.

Education and first job

After the service life has been exhausted, PierceAnthony settled in St. Pittsburgh Florida, where he worked for a short time as a draftsman. The company that hired him was engaged in the development of new communication systems.

Wanting to get a decent education, the writer became a student at the University of North Florida, from which he graduated as a certified teacher.

It would not be happiness, misfortune ...

For the first time, Pierce Anthony took the pen toExpress your emotions in connection with the unexpected death of your close friend - cousin. She was very young and, moreover, younger than Pierce. This seemed to him particularly unfair. However, the tragic events not only did not lead to the isolation and bitterness of the young man, but even contributed to the formation and flourishing of his literary style.

Having been shocked, Pierce began to perceive life.as a most valuable gift and tried to fully use all its capabilities. By the way, a peculiar protest against death was his commitment to vegetarianism.

Start writing

The first publication of the writer was the story, whichpublished on the pages of the magazine and was called "The possibility of repentance." However, popularity comes to him only four years later, as a result of a victory in a literary contest. The piece that brought Pierce into the world of recognized writers and brought him a prize of five thousand dollars was the novel Sos, nicknamed Rope.

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The basis for the book was the story writtenPierce as his thesis. Not stopping there, writer Pierce Anthony, his photo is located higher, in the same year he publishes another book in the science fiction genre.

In subsequent years, the mass of the most interesting novels, distinguished by an innovative, atypical plot, freshness and boldness of hypotheses, emerges from the writer's pen.

Popular Literary Series

The most famous writer brought cyclesbooks, united by a common plot, acting characters or a place of development of events. All he wrote about thirteen cycles. Some of them consist of only a couple of novels, others include a rather impressive number of books.

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Among them, it is worth noting the "Spell for the Chameleon" - the series, which in 1977 began to create the writer Pierce Anthony.

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The list of books in this cycle today has at least twenty novels. Among them:

  • "Source of magic".
  • "Demons do not sleep."
  • "Harpy time".
  • "Games of the Faun" and many others.

The place of action here becomes the magicala country called xant. For its inhabitants, magic and magic are not something out of the ordinary, as they are found at every turn. Bright, witty dialogues, intricate plot twists, as well as an abundance of unimaginable fantastic elements made Xant native and loved by many readers.

It is safe to say that this series has become one of the best examples of the genre, which today is called comic fantasy.

Collaborative Works

Some books published with the name of Pierce Anthonyon the cover, also contain the names of his partners. For example, the novel "Through the Ice" was published in 1989. Pierce wrote it based on an unfinished manuscript sent to him by one of his admirers. As it turned out, the author of the essay, Robert Cornwise, died tragically shortly after he sent the manuscript to the writer.

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Since 1970, Pierce hasFor several years he collaborated with Roberto Fuentes. Forty-year-old Roberto gave him the idea of ​​creating heroes wearing different belts and owning fantastic martial arts. The result was quite unexpected for both: despite his age, Roberto began writing, while Pierce began to study judo.

In addition, the literary series, created in collaboration with Roberto, has become extremely popular.

Currently, Pierce Anthony enjoys life and then successfully engaged in writing in Florida in the company of his wife.