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Biography. Konstantin Kryukov

A talented person is certainly talented inall. Konstantin Kryukov, the biography of the actor, his studies and hobbies confirm this expression. In addition to filming in films, this young man is engaged in producing and painting, and also with jewelery art professionally.

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Actor Konstantin Kryukov. Biography

Constantine comes from the most outstandingthe actor's dynasty. His grandfather - Sergei Bondarchuk - director. Grandma - Irina Skobtseva - an actress. His uncle - Fedor Bondarchuk - film director and actor. Aunt - Natalia Bondarchuk - film director and actress. A cousin is an actor Ivan Burlyaev. His mother, Alena Bondarchuk, is an actress, and her father, Kryukov Vitaly, is a doctor of philosophy. It would seem that Konstantin was destined for acting too, but everything turned out a little differently.

He was born on February 7, 1985 in Moscow.From the very childhood, Kostya was distant from the name "Bondarchuk" and from the capital in general. His parents moved to Switzerland when the boy was 5 years old, and returned when he was ten. The famous grandfather decided to protect his grandson from cinematography and taught him the basics of painting. Later the boy began to attend art school, which he soon left, but continued to engage in his hobby - constantly drew. After a while, Constantine went to Prague to continue his studies at the art school. His efforts did not go unnoticed - he was awarded in Europe a gold medal named after Franz Kafka for his serious contribution to the development of painting.

Kryukov in Prague has his own art workshop. And in 2009 he released his first collection of valuable jewelry.

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Biography. Konstantin Kryukov. years of education

He graduated from school at the age of fourteen, having passedexternal exams for the last two classes. The guy decided that you need to master a profession before the age of sixteen. And since his father was engaged in precious stones, Constantine decided to follow his example and try himself in this field. He enrolled in the American Institute of Gemology, whose representation was in Moscow. In 2001, Constantine received a diploma in the specialty of "gemologist". But this was not enough for him, and he decided to get a law degree, so in 2006 he successfully graduated from the Moscow Law Academy.

Biography. Konstantin Kryukov. Acting activity

At first, Constantine did not see himself as an actor, becausethat at that time he was interested in completely different things. But one day he was offered to take samples for the film "9th company", and then approved for the role. It was this picture that brought Constantine a huge success. They began to recognize him on the streets, new offers of filming began to arrive. In 2006, several other films with Kryukov's participation appeared. One of them was the film "Three Half-Graces", which received good reviews of film critics. After that, there was a film "Heat" and the series "Love as Love", and then the pictures "On the Hook", "Swallow's Nest", "Pick-up. We eat without rules "and" What men do ". The latter is one of the newest, as its premiere took place in 2013.

It must be said that each of the following roles of Konstantin Kryukov differs from the previous one. That is, he does not have a certain image, his characters are constantly changing.

Biography. Konstantin Kryukov. Personal life

With Eugene Varshavskaya, her future wife,Kryukov met at the age of 18. After four years of meetings, Constantine made a proposal to the girl. In 2007 they had a daughter, Julia. But at the end of 2008 the couple divorced.

In May 2013, Kryukov married for the second time, on his PR manager Alina Alekseeva.

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For the actor says his biography.Konstantin Kryukov, whose active position is prompted to take an example, is a man who at such a young age has reached many heights in a very different field: both as an artist, as a jeweler, and as an actor.